Welcome to the Brilliance in Commerce Affiliate Program

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Welcome to the Brilliance in Commerce Affiliate Program
Most poor people are employees, and most rich people own their ownDear New Ambassador of Freedom:

What a great joy to receive your affiliation with us. This will be a wonderful
new way for you to help build a better world with us.

WELCOME to the Brilliance in Commerce Affiliate Program! This is a
special Thank You from the management for joining us. Your reputation will be
enhanced by this; and it will multiply benefits for your referrals, for you, for us,
and for the world in general.

businesses and investments. As an Independent
Affiliate with Brilliance in Commerce, you are in your
own business. Further, the most successful people
do what they LOVE. So if you LOVE empowering
society to benefit from the crème de la crème of
freedom technologies, you are in the right place at
the right time with Brilliance in Commerce.

And, have you signed up for our general newsletter? Just being an Affiliate does
not necessarily automatically add you to the Master Newsletter list. To do that, click
here. Below are some resources of vital information from past Affiliate Newsletters.

YÉÜ lÉâÜ fâvvxáá? gttÇáxÇ Yt|ÜÅÉÇà

Founder, Administrator, Brilliance in Commerce

P.S. – – If you have ever received my personal phone number from me or anyone else,
do NOT publish it or give it out to prospects without my permission. Thank you.




We are gifted each year with a lot more strength, which is powerfully upholding

It is our great joy and fulfillment to share with you many years of victories and
more victories going on seven days a week, with rivers and waterfalls of amazing new
knowledge flowing in, dozens of powerful new alliances appearing, transformations of
our already world class state-of-the-art documents, building on our already 100%
success rate with new systems to greatly accelerate that success for each of you
materializing more easily, and much, much more.

and expanding the success of our customers and affiliates:

• Our Liberty dispute letter has been vastly improved, additional letters and documents
have been added to the system, and much new information has come to our attention,
including laws we didn’t know about before — which have now been incorporated into our
set of Liberty documents. New strategies for making it much less likely that a customer
will get sued, have been integrated into the system, as well as new components to make
Experian, Transunion, and Equifax maintain favorable credit reporting on our customers.

• In addition, we now have several new Victory Statements on our website. In case you
haven’t seen them, look on the home page on the left panel under where it says “Proof
that Debt Elimination Works”. You will see that one of them is from the IRS . . . clearly
showing “Cancellation of Debt”. This is absolute proof.

• We have new staff, a new affiliate system, many new affiliates, new affiliate marketing
resources in the back office, a new Liberty document set, a new Help Desk Ticket
system, new legal resources, new payment methods, new Liberty Victory statements,
new videos to watch, and much more. We have a LOT of new things developing.

• We have learned a lot about how to make the basic letters and administrative process
more powerful and effective. Thus the Liberty system is a LOT stronger now than it was
in earlier years. We have actually been coming out with various additions and revisions
every month. The latest most revised version is a lot more likely to accelerate decisive
wins for our customers.





Please watch and share these four videos
below about how private banks create the
attached out of thin air, while hard workers gave blood, sweat, and tears money to pay it

loan you WITH


1. The American Dream Film
2. Are You a Sleeping Debt Slave?
3. The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind
4. All Wars Are Bankers Wars




For customers of the Liberty debt cancellation system who are receiving
calls from collection agencies, we have a FREE BONUS powerful addition to
the Liberty system — “How
for Collector
Calls”. This set of documents shows how to collect $500, $1000, or more PER
CALL. All Liberty customers have the set automatically included in their
download of documents at their purchase of the Liberty system.

to Collect Monetary Awards



We have a powerful Legal Resources
Team. We are now frequently in communication, almost daily, with a few of the best
legal minds in America, one of whom is a most amazing non-attorney lawyer who has
never lost a case. And so the few of our customers who have been sued, now have the
benefit of this new knowledge and these new unbeatable legal professionals. Some
cases have been dismissed, and others are still in process, but NONE OF THEM HAVE
LOST – – unless the client failed to cooperate. In all cases where the client fully


cooperated, the win rate has been 100%. We expect to never allow any of our
customers to lose. We will go on providing state-of-the-art legal strategies until they win.

With the fabulous legal talent now in our Legal Resources Team brain trust, it is
extremely unlikely that any of our customers who get taken to court will ever get
railroaded into judgment. This is because these genius lawyers know how to force the
opponents to either disqualify themselves and dismiss, or answer what is in the Liberty
dispute letters . . . which they cannot do. They know court procedure. We always knew
legal truths, but it’s not enough to know legal truths. One must also know court
procedure. So now we have that strength on our team.

In case you haven’t already, go to https://brillianceincommerce.com/la-verite-legal-team .





A House of Freedom trust is an exception to the income tax filing and paying
requirements. It has no filing requirements, so it never files tax returns. It is easy to
make one’s business or one’s investment income tax exempt by moving them into the
trust. But what about employees? The salaries of employees can be transferred to the
trust if the employer agrees to it. The employee would continue doing the same work for
the same pay. The only difference is that the employer would make the salary payable
to the trust rather than the individual. The employer would have to replace the employee
contract with an independent contractor agreement. Then depending on the role one is
playing in the trust (settlor, beneficiary, manager, trustee, etc.), arrangements can
possibly be made in about one hour of paperwork, at no cost, for the independent
contractor to have his or her personal bills paid by the trust.

This entirely legal and ethical re-routing of the salary through an exempt entity is
similar to the example given by Judge Learned Hand in Washington D.C. He said there
is a toll bridge across the Potomac River, but a few miles down the river there is another
bridge that charges no toll. He said anyone is free to cross the free bridge rather than
cross the toll bridge. It is entirely the choice of the driver. In the same way, it is entirely
our choice as to whether to channel our commerce through an exempt entity or not.




We have an arrangement with our bank
from which we have paying United States-based
BIC affiliate commissions via direct ACH
deposit. So without even going outside our
bank, we just make internal payment orders,
electronically. All they need is your name and a cell phone number or an email address,
or better yet, your account number and routing number.





If they only have your email address, they will email you and there will be a link to
click on, which will take you to their website. Then it will ask you where you want the
money deposited and how you want it sent. But if you provide your checking account
number and bank routing number to us, the bank won’t need to inquire with you. They
will just ACH-deposit your commission payment to your account.

Remember that we pay commissions twice a month – – on the 1st and 16th of each
month. So . . . next time you are due for a commission, if you want to receive it quickly
instead of the slower email-and-response method, AND if you have not already indicated
this on your affiliate registration, then please write to us to let us know your bank routing
number and account number.

For affiliates outside the USA, we pay via crypto currencies, KaratCash,

PayPal invoices, and other methods.




Are you holding certain
foreign currencies waiting for the global currency reset so you can cash them in at the
revalued rate? If the Treasury takes a uniform tax rate off the top of the entire pool, then
that cannot be avoided. But you most certainly CAN make the currency exempt from
individual assessment for capital gains.


One correspondent wrote, “I have information through a trusted business partner
who personally knows a senior IRS auditor who specializes in auditing Trusts. The
auditor says that Trusts with very large sums of money conveyed into them, and an
execution date (start date) AFTER the RV date will with a high degree of certainty be
audited. His reason is simple: “Large sums of money with no track record DO raise flags
in the IRS Systems. They also know that thousands of Trusts have already been set up,
and they see bank accounts opening with small balances. They understand that this is
in anticipation of the RV [Revaluation of Currencies]. According to the IRS, THIS is the
expected and preferred way to deal with the windfall post RV.”

Did you understand what this is saying? It is saying that if you have your trust
execution (start) date BEFORE the RV, you won’t be audited. You will be audited only if
you start the trust AFTER the RV and then put large amounts of money into it. Then use
the “Template – Exchange of Foreign Currency to Trust – Beneficiary” or “Template –
Exchange of Foreign Currency to Trust – Trustee only” (depending on what role you are
playing in the trust). If you are a paid House of Freedom Trust client, these documents
are automatically included with the trust.



Do you host meetings? Participate in conference calls? Have contacts in radio or
other media? Brilliance in Commerce can offer Founder and Benefactor Taansen
Fairmont as a Speaker. See
the Speaker Profile of Taansen Fairmont at
https://brillianceincommerce.com/speaker-profile .


If you convey private trust, legal, or financial information
via the typical unprotected open domain email channels, it can
easily be read by snoops, hackers, and all kinds of abusers
and violators of decency. This can lead to invasion of your
privacy and the theft of your life secrets and assets.

Protonmail in Switzerland is one of the best, most impervious, most impenetrable
encrypted email services on the planet. You may want to get an address there. There is
no fee or cost. For more information, see brillianceincommerce.com/protonmail .


If you’re interested in descriptive background info about it, you can see the article
“The Only Email System The NSA Can’t Access” from Forbes at this link. It was also
published by The Sovereign Investor at this link. The service is as trustworthy as
Iceland’s unseen.is, but is more user friendly and easy to use.

As you may know, with services like that, the emails you send from it are only non-
interceptable if you send them to another Protonmail address. Likewise, the emails you
receive at your Protonmail address are only non-interceptable if you receive them from
another Protonmail address.

Pope Francis Declares International Year of Jubilee
Beginning Dec 8, 2015; Odious debt was forgiven! (This may look like old news, but it is
still tremendously significant . . . and the word should continue to be spread about it!)




By order of Pope Francis: All Bar Association licenses are extinguished

Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

End The Fed Movement in Germany

YouTube player
YouTube player
YouTube player

Chase Bank Ordered to Stop Collecting on 528,000 Accounts – Pay $50 Million to


Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 47 States and D.C. Take Action Against JPMorgan
Chase for Selling Bad Credit Card Debt and Robo-Signing Court Documents

The truth about the law – banks lend money they create out of thin air

The little case that threatened the entire Banking system.

Chase Bank and Bank of America Sanctioned by Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
– – “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau really went after the banks in 2015 for their
illegal collection tactics, including fining and ordering Chase Bank and Bank of America to pay
refunds to consumers.” – – YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahHuxGMiAO8

The Debt Strike as Credible Threat
(pdf email attachment available upon request – – email: <pchang@debt-elimination.net> </pchang@debt-elimination.net>

Bill in U.S. House of Representatives to End the Income Tax
House Joint Resolution 104 proposes

Four Superior Court Judges Unite to Ignite $279 Trillion Lien Against Cabal –

to end





To subscribe to our Brilliance in Commerce asset protection, debt elimination, and wealth


Two police officers are having coffee and chatting about their new recruits.
“You won’t believe how dumb my new constable is,” says one. “Oh, I bet mine is
worse than yours,” says the other.
So the first officer calls his constable. He comes in and salutes, “Yes, sir!”


creation newsletters, go here:

Newsletter Signup

The newsletter will come from noreply@brillianceincommerce.com. Thus please make

sure that address is white listed in your e-mail system, so it doesn’t go to spam.

“Here is a dollar, go and buy me a Rolls Royce.” “Yes, sir!” says the constable and
he goes out.
“That’s nothing,” says the other officer, and he calls his constable. “Go
immediately to my house and see if I am there.”
“Yes, sir!” says the constable and he goes out.
The two constables meet in the corridor and one says, “Boy, you won’t believe how
dumb my officer is. He gave me a dollar to buy him a Rolls Royce. Doesn’t he know it is
Sunday and the shops will be closed?”
“That’s nothing,” says the other. “My officer told me to go to his house and see if
he is there. Can’t he just make a phone call himself?”

STOCK MARKET REPORT – by Swami Beyondananda

! Helium was up, feathers were down.
! Paper was stationary.
! Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading.
! Knives were up sharply.
! Cows steered into a bull market. Pencils lost a few points.
! Hiking equipment was trailing.
! Elevators rose, while escalators continued their slow decline.
! Weights were up in heavy trading.
! Light switches were off.
! Mining equipment hit rock bottom.
! Diapers remain unchanged.
! Shipping lines stayed at an even keel.
! The market for raisins dried up.
! Coca cola fizzled.
! Caterpillar stock inched up a bit.
! Sun peaked at midday.
! Balloon prices were inflated.
! Scott Tissue touched a new bottom


About Your Portfolio of Marketing Documents

Your portfolio of marketing documents gives you tools to
publish our information far and wide and get it into the hands of
millions of people. We are here to support you in that.

In relation to radio broadcasting and networking, one of the
best ways to make big money with us is to find media magnates
and get Taansen Fairmont on their shows. We will make sure
you are commissionable on all of the orders they generate. That
means your link will be announced on the show, or, if the host
wants to be an affiliate, then we will make you the sponsoring affiliate and you will get
the Tier 2 overrides on all the orders generated. If the audience is in the six or seven
figures, this could result in substantial money. And think of all the people it will help.
You are commissionable automatically on both the Liberty Debt Elimination System and
the House of Freedom Natural Law Trust. Plus you can sponsor other affiliates and
empower them to make money with us. That gives you Tier 2 overrides on all their

We appreciate your good work in referring people and wish to encourage you to think
bigger and rise to higher levels. We offer many resources to help you make that possible. In
the Marketing Tools section, first read “Domain possibilities for affiliates”. Then it is
recommended to select the marketing tools that interest you, and replace the generic URL
with your affiliate link in them.

Included is the collection of banner ads which do not need to have your affiliate link in
them because they are designed to be placed on your website, or on websites where you are
advertising, and then they would be hyperlinked to your affiliate link in the coding hidden
behind them.

The “Domain possibilities for affiliates” article can provide several advantages. Instead
of your link being the one our system generated for you, it can be words of your choice. One
advantage to this is that you may have less instances of prospects going to the generic site
without your affiliate extension. For example, they could leave off the “/go/xxx”, and then we
would have no idea who the affiliate is. But if your site is www.freedomwithyourname.com,
for example, something like that, there is no extension for anyone to lose.

The other advantage is that on radio shows with big audiences, when the affiliate link is
recited on the air, listeners could much more easily understand and memorize or write down
a simpler URL than the one our system generated for you. Thus when Taansen Fairmont is
on a radio show that you arranged, he practically requires that your link be a custom words-


of-choice URL. Then you would just have the company that sold you the URL (Netfirms,
GoDaddy, etc.) point that URL to the one our BIC system generated for you. It is an airtight
system and it works very well.

Likewise, when you put your affiliate link into “How to Be an Ambassador of Freedom”
(at the end) and distribute that, it empowers you to give the affiliate opportunity to others.
When they register under you, you become commissionable on Tier 2 for all the orders they
generate. It is a win-win-win situation.

If you ever have technical questions about your affiliate business, feel free to email our
Manager of Affiliates Lawrence Wilson at <law.computerman@gmail.com>, or leave a voice
message for him at 360-200-7521. Or Skype: hightechenergy. He is offering a regular
webinar series for Brilliance in Commerce affiliates. </law.computerman@gmail.com>

If you have questions about the content of your advertising, or commissions or
monetary issues, contact Taansen at <taansen@brillianceincommerce.com>. Do NOT add
these email addresses to any group lists and do NOT give them out to others without
permission. </taansen@brillianceincommerce.com>

In addition, we are soon going to be adding a lot of other products and services, all of
which are aimed at successfully delivering more financial freedom to more people in the
channels that lead to the new alternative economy that the world is evolving into. The trends
that are on the frontier of this new economy will eventually be no longer “alternative”. They
will become the new mainstream. So we are helping people be free of the enslaving
influences of the old paradigm and developing new ways to help people harness the
liberating influences of the future. Our alliance with Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco
Management Group is providing a full concierge of financial products and services, along
these lines. Stay tuned!



to access your

Marketing Tools



How to put your affiliate link in the BIC marketing materials

The three main marketing materials you will be using are:

! The Natural Law Trust (eBook)
! How to Outright CANCEL 100% of your Unsecured Debts (eBook)
! How to Be an Ambassador of Freedom
! (plus any letters, articles, ads, or emails you may select from the marketing

resources zip file)


Do you use Microsoft Word? The importance
of using Word is why the Word versions of the
documents were
in your marketing
resources portfolio. Word is the most common
word processing program, used by both PCs and
Mac computers. Our Liberty system is in Word,
our trust is given to trust customers in Word, and
our marketing materials are in Word.

So, at the end of the eBooks, where the
access URL is given, all you do is replace the generic one with your own. Very simple.
You can check to verify if the hyperlink was encoded correctly by highlighting it and right-
clicking. Then click on “hyperlink”, and that will show whether your affiliate link (whether
it is the one generated by our system or your words-of-choice one) is in the encoding.

Then Save it in your Word documents. However, when you email a marketing
document to anyone, it should be in PDF, which is opened by Adobe Acrobat. The
reason for this is that Word can get distorted and have missing or misaligned information
across different computers, whereas PDF stays even, consistent, and uniform across
different computers. Plus, PDF is a lot harder for the recipient to change.

So, after putting your affiliate link in a Word document, Save it in Word and then
save it again (Save As) PDF. (The drop-down menu for formats appears in the Save As
dialog, and PDF is one of the formats to choose.) Choose PDF as the format. Save the
PDF version in your Adobe Acrobat files. That is the version that should be distributed to
your prospects. This gives you two different files – – the Word version in which changes
can easily be made by you; and the PDF which is the version to send out to others.

This is the procedure for all three documents – – the two eBooks, the “Ambassador”
invitation to be an affiliate, and any other marketing documents you plan to use into


which you will be putting your affiliate link.

If this is too complicated, confusing, and challenging for you, because you have little
or no experience with Word and Acrobat, then ask us to do it for you. First before doing
so, though, it is highly recommended to get your words-of-choice domain. Read the
document “Domain possibilities for affiliates”, which is included in your “BIC Affiliate
marketing documents” zip file. If you don’t know where that is, or joined before it was
available, feel free to click here to request it, and we will be happy to send the latest
version to you.

If you decide not to get your own words-of-choice domain, that’s okay. If you want
our BIC system-generated URL to be the one inserted in your marketing documents, fine
– – just click here to let us know.

But if you are going to get a words-of-choice domain, please don’t ask us to insert
your BIC system-generated URL in the documents and then after that, go and get your
words-of-choice domain. Why? Because that will have wasted our time! Your words-of-
choice domain is the preferred one to insert in your marketing documents. So we would
have to do it all over again. We would have to insert your NEW URL in the documents.

Thus . . . if you’re going to get one, get it now . . . get it first, and then if you need
assistance in inserting it in your marketing documents, ask us. The sequence is:

! Get the words-of-choice URL first;
! Point it to your BIC system-generated affiliate link; and
! THEN insert it in your marketing documents, or ask us to do it for you.

Thank you . . . and may your marketing élan spread its beneficial radiance far and
wide throughout the known world . . .


Use This Ad

Since this is an example of a jpeg image in your marketing resources zip file, it
requires Photoshop to modify it and put your custom affiliate link instead of the generic
BIC link. If you have Photoshop and know how to use it, just replace “house-of-freedom-
trust.com” with your affiliate link. If you don’t have Photoshop, contact us and we will be
happy to put your affiliate link into it. Once again, it is preferred and recommended to
obtain your words-of-choice domain first, and point it to your BIC system-generated URL.

Or, you can use one of these ads – – or both of them – – on your website or on any
website on which you have purchased advertising space. These ads have no URL in
them – – because they are intended to be clickable – – hyperlinked to your underlying
affiliate link:

Both of these ads and many others are in your Marketing Tools archive.

If you wish to create an ad of your own, get the approval of Taansen

Fairmont before publishing. If you use exaggerated wording that makes
unrealistic claims in an ad that you actually publish, it could get Brilliance in
Commerce – – AND YOU – – in big trouble. GET APPROVAL FIRST ! ! !


What Greater Gift Can You Give to Help People

Than the Ability to Create Freedom?

The purpose of creation is the infinite expansion of happiness, and the purpose
of human incarnation on Earth is to expand happiness through service to others.
Brilliance in Commerce (BIC) provides one of the world’s best asset protection
instruments for freeing people from many of the dangers and enslaving influences of the
global financial system – appropriately called the House of Freedom International
Natural Law Trust; and BIC provides America’s best unsecured debt cancellation
system, also appropriately called “Liberty”.

Hence by offering and sharing these two powerful tools, what greater gift can
you share with people? Freedom is the highest value in life . . . it is the essence of Love,
the only reason to live at all. As the “How to Be an Ambassador of Freedom” document
says at https://brillianceincommerce.com/affiliates, the benefits of being a BIC Affiliate

• Work smart, not hard
• Specialize in making VIP introductions to organizations with big audiences
• Allow us to be the experts and do all the explaining
• Very little training needed
• Leaves most of your time free
• Our information liberates people from many debts and taxes
• Our debt elimination system has had a 100% success rate since 2002
• Our tax exempt trust has had a 100% success rate since the 1980s
• Enhances your reputation and that of your referrals
• Be part of one of Earth’s greatest humanitarian social services
• Gain the satisfaction and peace of mind of spreading freedom to millions


3-Way Calls Available

One of
the easiest and most
professional ways to bring customers is to
engage in 3-way calls with your prospect,
Taansen, and yourself. Whether it is about
the trust or about debt elimination, after
your prospect has read
the eBook(s)
if s/he still has
questions or discussion about a particular situation unique to him or her, you can
introduce that person to Taansen on a 3-way call and Taansen will answer all his or her
questions with you listening. This accomplishes two things in one . . . it educates both
you and your prospect at the same time, and could result in a sale and a commission to
you. Phone appointments are available during afternoons Pacific time, and are set in
advance via email.

the website,

Even Better

Remember too that a third and possibly even
more profitable way to use these 3-way calls is by
introducing prospective affiliates to Taansen. If you
know of someone who has a large audience, or
readership, or is great in marketing, s/he can be a sub-
affiliate under you, giving you overrides on all the sales
s/he produces. If that person has read the eBooks and
the website and would like a conversation with Taansen
before proceeding, you can email us to set that up as well.

“Aha!” ~ “Wow – I didn’t know that!” ~ “Really?” ~ “Exciting!”


familiar with BIC partners Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco

Did you know that BIC has affiliate relationships with a couple of America’s

Have you read through our Testimonials and Endorsements page?
Did you know our Natural Law Trust has been endorsed by a corporate CFO?
Are you

Management Group?

greatest credit repair firms, for those who need credit repair?

Natural Law Trust, and that affiliates can use this to educate trust prospects?

Are you aware that customers of our Liberty DES who are victims of collector
calls can win $10,000 or $20,000 in court? And that the BIC legal team provides
professional help with the case?

Did you know that BIC broadcasts a monthly Zoom video webinar show on the

Did you know about The A.G.E. Pill?

How about one of America’s only methods that has a 100% success rate in
freeing people from the IRS and the income tax? Did you know that BIC provides
referrals to one of the nation’s best consultants on this bulletproof method?

All of these topics and many more have been covered in the BIC Newsletter
which comes out a few times each month – – whenever enough news merits it. If you
have not been on the mailing list during previous months and years, then as you have
https://brillianceincommerce.com/newsletter-archives .









~ Required: Read the Past Affiliate Newsletters ~

Especially Those from the Last Few Months

Click HERE for Affiliate Newsletter Archives

How to create your Affiliate Tracking Links

for specific parts of the website

As you know, you have ONE LINK that leads to the HOME PAGE of BIC – – and
that gives all newcomers the choice of choosing Liberty Debt Elimination on the left, or
the House of Freedom Natural Law Trust on the right. It is good to show all prospects
that both are available, usually.

But supposing you are marketing exclusively outside the USA? Or supposing
you are marketing to wealthy and high income prospects? In cases like this, you might
only want to send them directly to the trust page. On the other hand, if you are
specifically targeting debt elimination prospects, and you don’t want to distract them with
looking at the trust, you can send them directly to the debt elimination section.

So here is how to log into your affiliate back office and have our system generate
URLs that are affiliate-encoded to lead your prospects to either of those specific sections
of the website.

Watch this 1:44 minute video


Here is the Brilliance in Commerce Ambassador of Freedom

Affiliate Formula for Creating a Six-Figure Income as a

Professional Introducer

As Ambassadors of Freedom, all BIC Affiliates have the open invitation to manifest
thousands of dollars per month in residual income by introducing Taansen Fairmont as a
speaker on a radio or TV show, or online webinar, or conference call; or by inspiring
publications in the print media that have large readerships to publish Taansen’s written
materials on the trust or the debt elimination. Kindly consider the details below as part of
your process to proceed.

To make you commissionable, we can either give the audience or readers your
affiliate link, or if the show host or publisher wants to be an affiliate, we can make him or
her a sub-affiliate under you, so you get the overrides on all the sales.

In either case, the link we give out on the show should be a words-of-choice one, if
it is spoken verbally. That is described in the article “Domain possibilities for affiliates”,
which is included in your marketing resources section.

Or, the other way, of course, is if listeners are directed to the host’s website, or
your website. If we do it that way, then on the air, we have to tell the listeners where to
go on the website to find the “CLICK HERE” that hyperlinks to your BIC affiliate-encoded
connection to the BIC website. If that approach is elected, it is best to put a button, box,
section, or banner prominently near the top of the home page, at least for a few weeks
after the show is aired. Otherwise, many visitors will get lost in a maze of distracting
choices and won’t find it.

Because you already have all our marketing materials, you may already know how
to present what BIC offers. But in case you weren’t aware of it, there is a section of our
BIC website that is specifically for show hosts. It gives Taansen’s profile and a summary
of what he speaks about. The link is brillianceincommerce.com/speaker-profile .

He has been on many interesting shows. One good one, for example, is Mark
Emery’s interview of Taansen on his Lighthouse Law Club show. Perhaps you may
have seen it?

Playback link: “Wealth building with private banking and crypto currencies” with Mark
Emery – excellent webinar on Feb 27, 2018 (https://youtu.be/Dwd2h40GEzs)


That is another good way to introduce show hosts to what Taansen does, because
that one provides graphics.

Once a show host is interested and wants to proceed, then he and you can simply
notify Taansen and let him know. Things he has to decide include:

Whether he wants to ask all the questions or allow the audience to do Q&A with

Whether he wants to do the show live or pre-record any portions of it, or all of it, for later

How long he wants it to be – – typically good is 15 mins for debt, 15 mins Q&A, 15 mins
trust, 15 mins Q&A – – but many shows have been shorter or much longer

Whether he wants to do both trust and debt in one show or divide them into two longer

Whether it will be audio-only, as in radio, or video and graphics included

Whether the host will be a BIC sub-affiliate under you, or send listeners to your BIC link

Whether the host wants Taansen to include a section on offering the affiliate income-
generating opportunity to the audience as well . . . so they can become sub-affiliates

under you (or under the host)

Whether the host wants Taansen to include spiritual content, such as effortless
samadhi, eliminating fear, his 1976 trip to the future and the Golden Age that he saw
still coming now in this generation in the global timeline, etc. (For more info on this content,
click here).

On what date and time the host wants to schedule the interview . . . give Taansen some
options to choose from.

In all cases, what we would like to know is:

How large is their audience?

Of what type of demographic does their audience typically consist?

If you have further questions about any of this, contact Taansen directly. Please
do not publish his contact information – – and do not give it to product prospects. This is
for private BIC Affiliate 1-on-1 use only, for the purpose of scheduling speaking

Email: taansen@brillianceincommerce.com
Land line: 253-509-0011
Mobile: 253-905-1802


Thank you again for your interest, and if we can be of any further assistance in
Customer Relations, by all means contact us at any time.

Once Your Referral, Always Your Referral

The Lifetime Commissions add-on is part of the BIC Affiliate System. It links a customer
to an affiliate, allowing the linked affiliate to receive a commission on all future purchases
by the customer.

The Lifetime Commissions mechanism in our software is a huge incentive for any
affiliate looking to promote BIC’s products and services. Since the affiliate and the
customer are linked, the affiliate will still be awarded a commission even if the customer
clears their browser cookies or uses a different computer.


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