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Success in Marketing BIC



~ ~ $ $ $ And earn five to seven figures a year doing it

$ $ $ ~ ~

This is NOT about:

being a salesman or selling to one person at a time;
working hard;
having to write prolifically or speak eloquently;
persuading people;
working alone; or
depending solely on your own efforts.



Instead, this IS about:
marketing en masse to society at large;
working smart;
using plug-and-play tools that do the selling for you;
filtering ~ sorting ~ identifying those who already want it;
being supported by a team and a network; and

developing residual leverage by sponsoring centers of influence.

Keep in mind that the debt elimination product can only be marketed in the USA. The

All – – 100% – – of the really successful affiliates that BIC has had – – have had
audiences and media. That means teleconferences, webinars, radio shows, or other ways of
broadcasting a message to a group.

Some affiliates have earned a few sales by telling friends and family. That’s okay. But
they come and go and don’t produce much. The ones that have produced a lot, and that keep
producing year after year, are those who harnessed some kind of media to group audiences.

Therefore, the EASY way for you to approach success with this is to get our message

out on shows or mass print publications, and/or sponsor sub-affiliates under you who have
large followings or mass marketing prowess.

trust can be marketed worldwide.

List the affiliate opportunity in job banks that reach millions of people looking for jobs. It could
be listed as a sales and marketing job that is commission-only. There are categories for that. It could
bring in dozens or hundreds of ready-to-go sub-affiliates under you, on whom you would receive
overrides for all the sales they produce. Use Google (or your favorite search engine) to find the largest
and best networks for seekers of jobs, income sources, and business opportunities. Select from any of
the following words, phrases, and sentences to describe what you post:

“Help Wanted” – – “Job Banks” – – “Business Opportunities”

Freedom Technology Marketer

Ambassador of Freedom

Online Marketing Expert – Freedom Technology

Social Media Marketing Professional – Freedom Technology

Online Marketing Professional – America’s Best Debt Elimination System

Online Marketing Professional – International Natural Law Trusts



Affiliate Networks

Likeminded Businesses and Organizations

Post our banners on high-traffic websites. Post our ads and articles on social media. Get our
speakers on radio shows, podcasts, TV, webinars, and/or conference calls. Send email broadcasts.
Launch media campaigns. All sales of high-ticket products via your unique affiliate web link get
automatically commissionable to you, paid electronically twice a month to your designated account.
Recruit influencers with large followings in our robust 2-tier affiliate system and enjoy residual
overrides on their massive production. Six-figure income potential helping people get free of financial
problems without having to ever speak directly to any customer. Our plug-and-play tools do the
selling for you, and we provide complete customer service to the customers. Enjoy being supported
by an experienced team and a powerful network. Gain the satisfaction of knowing you are marketing
America’s number one debt elimination system and one of the world’s best asset protection trusts.

Locate databases and networks that list affiliate opportunities, and get a listing in them.

Instead of just selling one person here and there, imagine sponsoring affiliates that already have

an existing stream of customers or clientele that could use BIC’s products. For example, you could do
Google searches for:

• Accountants whose clients could use debt elimination
• Accountants whose clients could use the trust for asset protection and tax savings
• Lawyers whose clients could use debt elimination
• Lawyers whose clients could use the trust for asset protection and tax savings
• Banking reform activists who have large followings – they would support our products
• Writers and speakers on asset protection who have large followings
• Writers and speakers on personal debt issues who have large followings
• Book authors and journalists with large followings who try to help people find solutions to
financial problems
• Radio and TV show hosts who are looking for interesting speakers
• Freedom Philosophy and Freedom Technology Organizations
• NESARA / GESARA / GCR / RV Related Websites
• And so on . . . use your imagination!

Perhaps you know that a large percentage of high-traffic websites out there sport affiliate

banners from other companies. What if you could sponsor the owner of the website as a sub-affiliate



Collaborate with High-Traffic Like-Minded Websites

under you and get them to post BIC banners on their site? What if their site gets millions of hits per
month? Wow! Without spending a dime in advertising, you could hit a gold mine by sponsoring that
website owner. BIC would pay him or her commissions for the sales, but it would not be before the sales
manifest, as in most hard cash advertising. We would pay those commissions very happily . . . because it
would only come out of the sales income after it has already happened, meaning it is zero risk for BIC.
And the same goes for the overrides to you . . . those would get paid very happily to you because you
took the initiative to find the high-traffic website and convince them to post our BIC banner(s) on it.

Thus it is suggested to spend a little time at each website, to discover basically these things:
What common ground do they have with us and how are they likeminded with us?
How big is their audience (if it is possible to estimate) and how is the audience reached?
Do they publish a newsletter, have a radio or TV show, conduct conference calls, do live
conferences, present webinars, offer podcasting, maintain a blog, or what?

The goal is to have our message – – either on the debt elimination or on the trust – – or both – –
reach their audience – – via whatever media they have. That could include their posting ad banners,
articles, videos, audio links, and more. It could include their including BIC ads and articles in their email
newsletter that goes out to subscribers. And it could include having a BIC speaker on their radio show,
TV show, webinar series, or conference calls.

The super affiliates you can sponsor under you are people who are already highly successful
marketers. The greater their success, the better. Either they are independent self-made millionaires or
they have made millions for companies they worked for. They understand the latest changes in social
networks, the Internet, software systems, and communications media, and they have proven their ability
to quickly mass market products successfully.

Our products are in a niche that could be described as independent, libertarian, and freedom
oriented. When our Liberty system shows people how to cancel their credit card debts in the USA, it is
welcomed by people who are not afraid to mail letters to the banks alleging that they committed fraud.
When customers worldwide purchase our House of Freedom trust, it allows them to protect their assets
and operate internationally in privacy and independence. It affords them a refreshing degree of
sovereignty in their estate planning. This reduces their tax exposure.

This means that our products are giving people greater degrees of financial freedom. Freedom
is a value that transcends mere superficial commerce and extends into the humanitarian and spiritual
magnitudes of significance. Therefore, the super affiliates we are looking for would consider this more
than just a money making enterprise, but a mission and a passion. Indeed, a humanitarian project.

The ideal super affiliate would be adept at marketing and possess prowess in how to take any
product and mass market it successfully. Because this is the case, the ideal super affiliate would be


Find Super Affiliates to Collaborate with You


bored with most ordinary products, and would be looking for something to promote that is really
making a difference . . . that is world-changing . . . that can give them the fulfillment of knowing that they
have really contributed to the betterment of the world. This is what our business offers.

We feel that such people are out there right now who may be looking for exactly what our
company provides. Perhaps you know how to find them. In addition, you may appreciate contributions
of suggestions from our side as to where such candidates might be found. By working together, we can
help each other be highly successful in this endeavor. The goal would be to have at least one new super
affiliate join you per week.

You can communicate to these candidates that our business has the following:

Traction with proven marketing success when our message is given ample time
in front of the right audiences.

Proven products that have delivered genuine life-saving solutions to thousands
of people with a 100% success rate.

A robust online store infrastructure, including dynamite website with shopping
cart, merchant account, etc.

A rich library of educational materials, marketing materials, and ever-expanding
promotional tools.

An ever-expanding newsletter subscription list with over thousands of

The knowledge of how to quickly scale up for high volume.

No debts.

Imagine your BIC affiliate link being announced on the radio to hundreds of
thousands of listeners! Imagine thousands of orders pouring in, all commissionable to
you! And you didn’t even have to speak on the radio show!

Just get our speaker Taansen on the radio show. Here are the tools to succeed:
 Click HERE for the 79-page pdf eBook “How To Get On Radio Talk Shows All
Across America Without Leaving Your Home or Office”, by Joe Sabah.
 Click HERE for the spreadsheet database of over 800 radio talk shows to

That’s all you need! Just read that eBook, follow its instructions, and utilize Joe Sabah’s database
of radio talk shows. This is a GOLD MINE!


Utilize the Joe Sabah Network of Radio Stations



Proposal to Magazine, Newspaper, Print Media, and Online Newsletter

Send the letter below to the advertising directors of magazines, newspapers, email
newsletters, and other print periodicals. Customize the parts in red before sending, and change the
color back to black.
Subject: An advertising proposal
Dear [name of key decision maker – owner or advertising manager]:

Would you consider the possibility of an ongoing stream of residual commissions twice a
month as acceptable compensation for advertising space in lieu of upfront fees?

The company, Brilliance in Commerce — with which I am an affiliate, markets America’s
Number One debt elimination system, and the one of the best trusts — if not THE best — trust in the

NOTE THIS!! For illustration, let’s assume you have 5,000 newsletter or magazine readers per
month. VERY conservatively — if only 1% of them purchase our Liberty debt elimination system at
$450 each, that’s 50 customers. Brilliance in Commerce has had FAR higher response and purchase
rates in the past when its products were explained verbally to freedom-oriented audiences of trusted
associates — so it could be 10% rather than 1% — but let’s go with the low estimate and then be
pleasantly surprised if it is higher. And we’re talking just in the first month — if you send subsequent
magazines later, the sales and commissions could keep coming in continuously every month for the
next year. But again, conservatively, just for the first month, if we only estimate a 1% purchase rate,
you receive a commission of $103.50 for each of them, which times 50 is $5,175.
Then there is the Brilliance in Commerce House of Freedom trust, which is a $2500 purchase for
those in that echelon. The commission on that is $250. If only 0.5% of 5,000 people purchase that,
that’s 25 customers — times $250 is $6,250. Add that to the $5,175 in Liberty commissions, and it
comes to $11,425. And again, that’s just for the first few weeks. Once links to these products are on
your website and mentions of them continue to be repeated occasionally in the magazine, sales and
commissions will continue coming in residually month after month.

In addition, this will generate overrides for me, who introduced you to Brilliance in
Commerce. Brilliance in Commerce is not an MLM, but their affiliate system does pay on two levels,
just like insurance or real estate agents who get an override when another agent they referred makes
a sale. This means you would register as an affiliate under me, and you will receive overrides on all
the orders your newspaper or magazine generates.


Likewise, a third source of income for you — besides commissions on our two products — is
you can include in your magazine advertising that your readers can become affiliates as well — under
you. Then you will get an automatic override on 100% of the sales generated by the affiliates under
you. That could grow into another passive residual six figures!
Most importantly, think of how many people you will have just helped . . . by liberating them from
debts, if they bought Liberty, or liberating them from taxes and the risks to their assets, if they bought
House of Freedom.
· Our information liberates people from debts and taxes
· Our debt elimination system has had a 100% success rate since 2002
· Our nontaxable trust has had a 100% success rate since the 1980s
· This will enhance your reputation and that of your referrals
· Be part of one of Earth’s greatest humanitarian social services
· Gain the satisfaction and peace of mind of spreading freedom to millions
Are you ready for the tsunami? At Brilliance in Commerce, we are riding the growing Crest Wave
front and center . . . the absolute tsunami of global change now building to shift the world
permanently away from debts, debt-based currencies, taxes, and oppression, and towards assets,
asset-based currencies, charitable benevolence, and universal freedom and prosperity. A world of
peace and abundance.
If you would like to look into this more, go to my affiliate link with Brilliance in Commerce: [your
link here] To register as an affiliate, click on “Affiliates” in the upper left. It only takes a few minutes and
there is no cost.
After registering, you will see a gallery of display ads and banners, and sample text articles. If you
run the articles AND the ads, the results will be greater.

page “Hit Send – Get Referrals Ready-to-Use Emails” eBook.

Click HERE to access Thrive Academy’s Master Client Attraction video on page 4 of their 13-

Sincerely, For Your Success, [your name] ________________________________________

How to Manifest an Endless River of Referrals by Sending

Powerful Client-Attracting Emails


Marketing Training, Opportunities, Contacts, Resources

Ryan Eliason and Social Entrepreneur Empowerment – Are you familiar with Ryan Eliason? In case
you’re not, allow us to introduce you. We would recommend getting on his email list. Just about every
week he sends information on topics that sound perfect for exactly what would help our business
succeed. He is based in Santa Cruz, California, and is the founder of Ultimate Destiny University. He has
the “Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series” and specializes in helping “socially conscious
changemakers” be successful in their businesses. He combines higher spiritual consciousness with how
to be successful in any business that is helping make a better world.

Influencers Directory – There is a principle in marketing: “Find and build a working relationship with
a ‘Super Marketer’ who really believes in what we’re doing, is independently wealthy, highly skilled in
up to date marketing methods, and has the funds, time, energy and desire to run their own marketing
campaign promoting our products as an affiliate. They’d be doing this much more for the
mission/purpose than for the money, but of course they’d earn plenty too.”

Here is what to consider about the Influencers Directory: Some of the influencers have their own
shows, their own audiences, and their own messages to promote. They may or may not want us on their
shows, but they would be approachable for that purpose.

However, OTHER influencers may be marketing experts. Among those listed in the directory
may be many who are masters of media — which means promotion, advertising, marketing for ANY
product — not just theirs. They may or may not have existing shows — but they may have the prowess to
help any business increase 10X or 100X. Hence as you read through the directory, the suggestion would
be to focus only on the ones who seem to be masters of media — sales, promotion, advertising, marketing
of ANY product — not just theirs — and who appear to be offering invitations for collaboration and/or
resources on how any business selling whatever . . . can be more successful with their assistance and/or
information. Focus more on the ones who have shows and large followings — large audiences —
podcasts, radio shows, and can have me on as a guest speaker, or who can show us how to get us in front
of such audiences.

It would take a few minutes studying each one of the influencers listed to determine which
category each of them falls into. Comments welcome.
To access the Influencers Directory, CLICK HERE

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For Your Success and the Age of Enlightenment, Taansen and the Team at BIC



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