06/16/2019 – A New Keynote in the Music of the Spheres

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    June 16, 2019   
If you should wish to write to our Director of Customer Relations, 

  • A New Keynote in the Music of the Spheres
  • Time is running out before bankers vacation
  • $500M+ Bank Instruments Available from Top 5 Banks
  • Private Money Loans for Real Estate for Non-taxpayers
  • Playback of May 15 Trust Webinar
  • Put it on Your Calendar:  June 15 and July 10 Trust Webinars
  • Did You Ever Wonder?How does the invincibility of the Natural Law Trust work?
  • You are invited ~Trust Zoom Video Webinar on June 19
  • How to successfully attend Wednesday’s trust webinar
  • How to raise your hand to ask a question in the meeting
  • Debt Elimination – – the Victories Continue
  • For Americans with Credit Card Debt
  • Karatbars Gold News
  • Karatbars is Creating a New Global Monetary System
  • Lease Your Credit for Five Figures a Year
  • For Those Who Don’t Have a Natural Law Trust Yet
  • For Trust Clients from Countries Outside the USA
  • Attention:Customers of the Unactivated Trust ~ How to Upgrade
  • Breakthroughs in Credit Repair
  • What is a Revocation of Election (ROE)?
    News from Around the World
  • Resources to Save – Index of Important Links
  • Humor of the Day

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A New Keynote in the Music of the Spheres
    Dear [[firstname]],
         During the recent dark age, with 5000+ wars fought in 3000 years, Earth’s patient hosting of humanity has sounded like a sour note in the symphony of the solar system. In the human experiment with free will, the violation of natural laws has produced dissonance and disharmony in the concert of the cosmos.
         Now, however, the distortions of the spiritual music are climaxing and exhausting themselves, while a magnificent new keynote is starting to be heard. It is harmonious, euphonious, synchronous, enchanting, enrapturing, and exquisitely beautiful.
         It is the keynote of the dawn of a World of Light.
         The acceleration of the downward, destructive, and dissonant forces are simply the cracking of the egg, out of which the Light of Consciousness is emerging. Deep meditators and those established in heavenly perception see very clearly that all “bad” news is simply the collapsing of the old in order to make way for the new. Celebrate everything! 
          Simultaneous with all these are the positive observations of a Golden Age dawning . . . seeing that all the negative things are simply the necessary demise of the old, to make way for the new. Just as an old building must be torn down to make space for the new to be built, the Seers of the New know that the current destruction is paving the way for new creation.
         In fact, many of the dark agenda themselves have the same interpretation — with the exception that they possess an inaccurate idea of WHAT WILL REPLACE that which is ending. This is where it gets really interesting . . . because while many of the world’s largest monetary mechanisms are melting down, for example, the dark agenda, which engineered the meltdown in the first place, believes that it will step in and replace the old with their own version of the new . . . a much more tightly controlled global dominance system.
          What they don’t realize is that more compassionate and enlightened beings are rolling out superior plans, plans that are more in tune with the incoming cosmic energies. Because they are blessed with the support of universal law, they will take precedence over the old outdated dark age plans that the dark agenda have had in mind.
         The dark agenda know that those of the light have such plans, but they don’t recognize the light . . . they can’t see it; they don’t experience it; they are blind to it. And so they think that those of the light are merely ordinary human beings with egos and power trips of their own. They don’t realize that these “ordinary human beings” are egoless, and are in fact “hollow bamboos” — clear channels and pure conduits for invincible universal energies that are growing in power and peace exponentially more so with every day that passes.
          The dark ones may think those of the light are crazy, and that’s just fine. As Angela Monet once said, “Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.
         These and volumes of other evidences of what is presently unfolding will be included in my new forthcoming bookCosmic Renaissance ~ Enlightenment in the Arts.
          My friend, the reason for including this kind of information in these newsletters is that this is the over-arching context in which everything else in life should be considered.  Those who have been on the mountaintop of consciousness and have understood this high view of what is going on in the world, have had the best decision-making ability.  Hence it is supremely important to have the mountain-top view, not only for spiritual unfoldment, but also for worldly decisions. 
          When one knows that we are evolving very soon into a world with no debts and no taxes, one can more clearly see the wisdom of using BIC’s tools to implement that freedom right now, and to use thewealth-generating and wealth-protecting resourcesoffered by the various outsource affiliations we refer to throughout theBIC website
In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce
Time is running out before bankers vacation
Private Placement Platforms Stop Accepting New Clients Soon
If you have been thinking about participating in a platform, or referring someone to participate, think no longer and act.  The Compliance Officers are encouraging us to get people to move forward in June, because bankers go on holiday in July and August, making it very difficult for intake of new clients then.  This is especially the case with clients whose capital to commit is less than $100M. 
Those already accepted and proceeding on a contract will continue being paid during those months, but new applicants usually have a hard time finding an opening for new contracts until September.
Bank Instruments Available from Top 5 Banks
Via BIC-Associated Cutting House
        Bank Guarantees (BGs) and Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs) are available from Top 5 banks, via our own BIC-associated cutting house, one of the most prestigious in the world.  Minimum $500M.  We do not provide Medium Term Notes (MTNs), however, MTNs are accepted for monetizing for entry into BIIP trade platforms, if it is from a Top 10 bank.  We also accept BGs and SBLCs from Top 10 banks. 
         Our instruments are only for purchase, not for lease.  The price is the same as if you were to buy the SBLC/BG from your bank – FC 65+2.  CIS is already available; otherwise we will send our KYC.  If the client has POF then we will verify the funds bank to bank.  Once we receive client details we will start the due diligence process and also start preparing paperwork that will need to be signed by the client and returned.
         Client will first receive from us a NCND, FEE AGREEMENT. Once these are returned, client will then receive an agreement for the purchase, which will need to be notarized and returned within 24 to 48 hours.
No Up Front Fees
RWA and or RWA/ MT199
The contract starts with a minimum 500M.  No limit as a first tranche.  Also if a client only wants 500M, that is fine as well.
If the client purchases from us, we can also monetize and offer the trade program as well.
If client does not have POF, these are the procedures:
RWA and RWA/MT199 from client’s bank to Provider Attorney’s bank. The RWA can also be sent by email from the client’s bank with our sending instructions.  (This RWA can also be sent directly to the client and the client can send to the Providers Attorney.)
After we have received the RWA, the client will then receive a MT799.
The client’s bank will answer the MT799 with a bank undertaking.
We will then send the MT760 and the client pays.
Important: the money for payment has to be in the same account that is receiving the MT760, without change.
Consultation contact: Taansen Fairmont

Consultation contact:Taansen Fairmont

If You Wish to See Other Past Trust Videos,

Click onwww.brilliance-videos.comfor the entire menu

Next Zoom Video Trust Study Group – with Dominique Hackett
July 10, 2019 ~ 4:00 PM USA Pacific Time
(Requirement to attend: You must have purchased a BIC Natural Law Trust)

Click here to read the 4-03-19 BIC Newsletter from the archives.  That is the issue which first introduced and fully described the trust study group.

*  *  *   Watch for a future newsletter in early July with attendance links   *  *  *
Next Trust Webinar with Randall Hillner
June 19, 2019 – 4:00 PM USA Pacific Time
(open to the public)
See below for attendance links
Did You Ever Wonder? 
Just exactly how does the invincibility of the Natural Law Trust work?
How is it protected?  Is court enforcement possible or needed?
       This person’s question, and our answer, may be of interest to everyone. A correspondent recently asked, “My husband and I have had a long history in the finance world and have set up many trusts and private foundations in the past – none of which we want to use now as they all have a history and we feel do not offer the level of protection we are looking for. We have been researching Corporation Soles for some time and talking to people who have successfully set them up and using them – but all are in USA so we have been a little stumped as to how we might go in Oz setting one up. Then we started researching starting a ministry, charitable trusts etc.  Then we stumbled across your videos & website. My biggest concern with a Natural Law Trust is how we enforce it in this totally corrupt CaBAAL operated Statute Law system (albeit, not for much longer).  If we place a high value asset e.g.: a home in it – will it be recognized as a protected trust asset in the eyes of the law as it stands today or are we potentially setting up a big problem for our children down the track as part of our succession planning?
Answer:  Your wisdom, intelligence, and good fortune are appreciated for having come so far in your wonderful diversity of experience, knowledge, and study.  To have arrived at Brilliance in Commerce is more beneficial for you than you may have realized. 
          We too have long experience and study in all of the varied types of asset protection you mentioned. In fact, our trust writer also knows how to set up Corporations Sole, but 99% of the time, even for Americans, it is inferior to the Natural Law Trust.  The NLT can do everything that the CS can do, and more, without the disadvantages and limitations. 
          Your concern about enforcement is appreciated and we sympathize with the perspective you have on the corruption of the cabal-controlled courts. The good news is that our clients have stayed completely out of trouble and not a single one of them has ever lost an asset out of the NLT due to its design.  If they purchased shares of stock and the price went down, of course that is beyond the control of the trust and is not the NLT’s fault.  Same with real estate.  But no NLT has ever been penetrated or invalidated, and thus no asset has ever been lost due to any weakness of the NLT.  That’s a 100% success rate, spanning five decades – – three decades for those of us at BIC and two more decades for our mentors. 
       If enforcement of the rights of an NLT were ever to become necessary, it would be easy to achieve, even in today’s courts, by providing limited jurisdiction – – not over the trust itself, but only over the actions or transactions of its members.  Actually, it is more likely that the litigation would focus on the actions of parties outside the trust – – and therefore would never place the trust itself under a microscope.  The focus would be on other outside parties and their actions. 
         Even if enforcement were necessary to protect the assets in a NLT, such enforcement could be achieved under contract law.  The global trunk of the legal tree is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), which became operational worldwide in 1954.  While usually litigation does not cite the UCC laws directly, all the various statutes in federal, state, county, and municipal jurisdictions derive their commercial principles from the UCC.  They have to be in harmony with it in order to thrive in the global marketplace. 
         This means that it is virtually guaranteed that whatever jurisdiction your litigation may be in, will have statutes that could be invoked to protect the right of contract under which the NLT operates.  This is the best of both worlds, because the NLT itself still remains sovereign and outside the jurisdiction of any authority for its existence, but its right to asset protection is enforceable under the contract laws of any jurisdiction anywhere in the world . . . as derived ultimately from the UCC. 
        Further, it is of paramount importance for you to realize that the complete absence of any such litigation or court battles in three decades among our NLT clients – – as well as the total absence of any trust penetration or invalidation – – demonstrates that the proper operation of these trusts, administered according to our guidance, keeps our clients out of the arena of even the need to defend the NLTs. 
        In military science, that is considered to be the supreme ideal: to achieve victory before war, by preventing the birth of an enemy. 
         Hence our clients have been quietly enjoying their impervious asset protections and growing prosperity without having to shout it from the rooftops or defend it loudly in the crass and corrupt for-profit casinos and corporations disguised as courts of law. 
         Your question is excellent and your concern is legitimate.  It is equally true that any fears about this unsurpassed form of asset protection have no basis in reality.  Congratulations to you for discovering it. 
         We are also among a very tiny number of trust companies that allow our clients to choose whether:
       •         to be the trustees, themselves;
       •         to choose a friend as a trustee; or
       •         to have us provide a professional trustee. 
          Since the NLT is irrevocable, if we were to require that we be the trustees, and give no other choice, the prospective client would have a valid reason for concern and suspicion.  I myself wouldn’t do business with such a company!  But the fact that we offer, and even encourage, the client to be his or her own trustee, shows that one of the reasons for the great success of our clients is the peace of mind they achieve by having both legal and practical control over their trusts.  And of course the second best option we provide is for the client to choose a trustworthy friend as trustee.
          Certainly there are right and wrong ways to operate as trustee, and certain protocols must be followed to make it work properly, but suffice it to say, it isn’t difficult.  We provide ongoing monthly training webinars to furnish all the necessary guidance, as well as a bibliography of recommended books to read, and full one-on-one access to our trust writer at any time via phone, email, and Skype – – after one has become a paid client.  There are no further fees for this consultation unless it were to expand beyond the scope of the original trust purchased. 

You are invited:
Trust Zoom Video Webinar on June 19

The Fascinating Art of Sovereign Trusts

Online Webinar Series

June 19, 2019

Ascending Evolution of Trust Knowledge

Trust Indenture, what make it concrete ?

Trust Abstract, what makes it . . . well, abstract ?

7:00 PM USA Eastern
4:00 PM USA Pacific
1:00 PM USA Hawaii Time
– – expected to continue and to be announced thereafter – –
Expected length of each webinar –1 or 2 hours
(depending on questions & answers)

            For those who cannot make these times, playbacks will be available and announced in these newsletters.  The advantage to live attendance is the ability to ask your own questions live.

Enrollment Fee:  – – $0.00 – – (for now)
How to Attend

Video and audio:Click here to Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: 

One-tap on your mobile smart phone(Video and audio):

+16699006833,,598826804# US (San Jose)

+16465588656,,598826804# US (New York)

Or Telephone (Audio only):
From within the USA: 646-558-8656 

– – or – – 669-900-6833

When prompted, key in the meeting ID:598 826 804

    If you wish to dial in toll free from outside the USA, 
click here for international numbers available

How to successfully attend 
Wednesday’s trust webinar

      The Zoom video system is considered by many to be the top online meeting venue in the world, with some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings.  Thank you for your patience as we learn better how to master it!

If you would like to see the visuals of the webinar on your computer or smart phone screen, and if you have not already downloaded the Zoom software and installed it, it would help you to do that today . . . and it only takes 2-3 minutes, depending on your Internet speed and device speed.

The reason for doing it today, or as soon as possible before the webinar, is so that when the webinar begins, you won’t have to bother with it then.  Some people previously ran into glitches, confusion, and roadblocks in installing the software in the past.  If you’re trying to do that right when the webinar starts, then you may miss a lot of it.  So if you start the process well in advance, it gives you time to overcome those obstacles.  Then when the webinar begins, you can just click on the link and start viewing and listening.

The link is:  https://zoom.us/j/598826804

If you have already installed the Zoom software on your device in the past, then you’re all set . . . just wait until the time for the webinar to begin, and click on the above link.  But if you have not already downloaded and installed the Zoom software, then after clicking on the above link, it will prompt you to do so. Simply click through the prompts and follow what it says to do.  Complete instructions cannot be given here because it varies depending on what device you are using – – a PC, a Mac, Android phone, iPhone, etc.   Besides, the process is supposed to be completely automatic.

IF you run into any difficulties in this process, go to https://zoom.usand click in the lower right corner where it says “Help”.  That will open up a little window that says “How can we help?”  Type in “Chat” or “Start chat”, press Enter (Return), and that will get you into a chat with one of the Zoom support staff.  Then describe the problem you are experiencing and they will guide you to the resolution.  Their chat help is open 24/7 and is available to everyone.  Their phone help is only available to Zoom paid account holders.

This is why it is wise to do this today . . . or sometime early before the webinar on Wednesday . . . to give you time to get any roadblocks removed in advance.

If you don’t wish to bother with this, or don’t need to see the visuals because you plan to listen while driving in your car or something, then just use the telephone connection.  By telephone it can’t be any simpler . . . just dial the number, put in the access code, and you’re in.  No software to download.   All the details are repeated below.  See you on the webinar! 


Debt Elimination – – the Victories Continue
Note of reassurance:  We estimate up to 98% of our Liberty Debt Elimination System (LDES) customers never have to go to court.  The victories in court reported in these newsletters are the successes enjoyed by the few who did go to court.  Everyone else who implemented the LDES according to its instructions had their victories too – – administratively, out of court. 

What happens to all the loans that banks make?  Securitization, that’s what.

Securitization explained – 
Watch this 7-minute video

Our legal counsel is now recommending this video to all debt elimination customers.

If you haven’t read the eBook, click the image below. 

For Americans with Credit Card Debt
And Who Have Not Used BIC’s Liberty Debt Elimination System
Be Aware: It continues winning and remains undefeated for everyone who completes its easy steps.


Karatbars Gold News
#1   The Gold Independence Day on the 4th of July is right around the corner and will be here before you know it!  
Incentive qualification is over at the end of this week (Friday, June 21st, 2019)!
The Incentive Qualification (see attached document) will end on June 21st, 2019 @ 12 Midnight CET – Central Standard Time/3pm PST/6pm EST/12noon in Hawaii.  You still have time to be part of the Las Vegas Incentive and win tickets, Profit Packages, KCB Coins, and travel allowances.  Put forth the effort to qualify for these fantastic incentive prizes and be part of this historical event in Las Vegas.
#2    Changes to the Impulse K1 Phone Packages promotions that were implemented today (please read).
(From the Corporate Office under “Latest News” dated May 14th, 2019) 
We herewith announce that the content of the Impulse K1 Phone Packages will be changed as follows:
Starting June, 15th, 2019 noontime CET until July, 14th, 2019 noontime CET, 
we give the following bonuses on the Impulse K1 Phone Package #1 – #4: 

Buyer receives the value of the package in KCB – no Bonus KCB 

Seller receives 50% Bonus KCB on the value of the sold package

NOTE:  Starting July,15th, 2019 – all bonuses on all packages are removed.
Do the work right now to help others understand what Karatbars/Karatgold has to offer them to enhance their future.  You can make a positive difference in their lives.
Karatbars is Creating a New
Global Monetary System
Here is a Major Portion of the Global Currency Reset Already Happening – – Dynamically in Action Right Now
Watch these videos:
Karatbars is better than ever!  In the 85-minute training video, our friend Derek Wiersma explains some of the changes that have taken place in the last few months.  Derek has one of the largest organizations in the world in Karatbars, and works closely with the top management. 
Many changes have taken place with Karatbars gold, much more substantial than before, that has been created and implemented by CEO Harald Seiz.  The infrastructure has been designed for long-term success for anyone who wishes to take advantage of it (personal to you only) and/or implement it in his or her business (sharing it with others).  Both options are available. 
The information in the 3 videos may seem overwhelming, but if you join the BIC Karatbars community, we will help you understand the potential we see coming in the very near future.  Time is of the essence concerning the benefits available to you presently.
If another Karatbars member has already invited you to join, consult with him or her for further information.  You can also see the BIC full information on Karatbars at https://brillianceincommerce.com/karatbars-gold
“I want to create 20,000 millionaires in the next 2 years”
If you already have a sponsor, use that person’s link to join.
If not, click here to join Karatbars with Brilliance in Commerce.
(Available only in the United States at this time)
Lease Your Credit for Five Figures a Year
Credit Leasing Program
In short:  It has been paying as promised
For more information, see www.biccredit.com
For Those Who Don’t Have a Natural Law Trust Yet
He sees farthest who flies highest. 
Above the spiritually immature limits of statutory corporations, trusts, and LLCs, and

     Above the world of ordinary common law asset protection entities, is the rarified world of the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust.  Once having tasted this freedom, no one ever goes back to the former.


For Trust Clients from Countries Outside the USA
New Instructions for Trust Identification Number
Until recently, the “EIN Application Worksheet” document that came with all trusts was USA-specific. Trust clients outside the USA have been receiving information from Randall about obtaining this number in other countries on an individual one-on-one basis. But now the document has been revised for all clients.  It is now called the “Trust Identification Number for Opening a Bank Account – Instructions and Application Worksheet”.  
We added a section for the Canadians and a section “For Other Countries”. Then the USA instructions continue below those.  Trust clients from outside the USA who purchased their trust prior to June 11, 2019, and who still need instructions on how to obtain the number in their country, should write to Randall to request the revised document “Trust Identification Number for Opening a Bank Account – Instructions and Application Worksheet”.   All trust customers AFTER 6-11-19 will receive the new version of the document automatically with their trusts. 
Attention:Customers of the Unactivated Trust 
When you wish to pay your remaining balance and UPGRADE 
from Unactivated to Activated in one click, CLICK HERE
Breakthroughs in Credit Repair
Our BIC associate Anthony Gaalaas now has new techniques for wiping negatives off your credit report – – techniques that have exponentially accelerated the speed and effectiveness of cleaning up credit reports.  Mr. Gaalaas has already been our favorite credit repair professional, due to his high integrity, low prices, accessibility, responsiveness, excellence in communication, and generous customer service.  And his techniques all along have been reasonably good.  But now with his new methods, we have a breakthrough in the power and potency of credit wipe effectiveness.   For more information, see his website.
What is a Revocation of Election (ROE)?
A legal process established by the United States Congress 
that allows most state Citizens to be classified by the IRS as legal non-taxpayers.
According to the IRS and the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), filing a “Revocation of Election” notice with the IRS allows about 99% of all state Citizens to become “non-taxable” with no legal obligation to file a form 1040 Individual Income Tax Return or pay federal income taxes.
– – To read more, CLICK HERE – –
Click on the Titles
This is required education for anyone wanting to understand the direction of world wealth.  It is the story of the history of the secret societies, the banking families, how Ascended Master Lord Saint Germain dazzled the nobility of Europe with his miracles, how he originated the formula for the “bank roll programs” in the 1700s, gave it to the bankers, and knew that it would test them.  He knew that most of them would misuse it, and within a couple of centuries, it would overwhelm them.  “Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves.”  The few, on the other hand, who would use it wisely, would be rewarded beyond imagination.
Inspiring!  Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Hidden Heroes – Hidden cameras capture good deeds performed by heroes in action.  TV series on Amazon – 20 mins. Each – Can bring tears to your eyes!  

Resources to Save

Index of Important Links for Easy Reference(in alphabetical order)

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Anthony Gaalaas Credit Repair

BIC Customer Relations – click here to submit a Help Desk Ticket

BIC Liberty Debt Elimination System introductory eBook –  FREE at your referring affiliate’s link

BIC Liberty Debt Elimination System – to purchase – use the link of the affiliate who referred you

CTFO CBD – the best Healing Hemp Oil Products

Karatbars GOLD – 45-minute classic intro video 

Karatbars GOLD Join Link with BIC 

Mark Emery’s Avitance Consulting(for turning $2 million into $200 million)

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