04/08/2019 – Natural Law Trust Study Group Forming

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April 8, 2019
If you should wish to write to our Director of Customer Relations, 

  • Attention All Natural Law Trust Clients
  • Trust Study Group Zoom Series
  • Agenda for 2 hour Study Group
  • Trust Support Study Group Dates & Time & Topics
  • Books that will be studied
  • Facilitator ~ Dominique Hackett
  • Bonus Topics
  • How to Enroll
  • Playback of March 13 Trust Webinar
  • Resources to Save – Index of Important Links
  • Humor of the Day
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Attention All Natural Law Trust Clients
Esteemed [[firstname]],
If you are a client of the Natural Law Trust from Brilliance in Commerce, it is our pleasure to extend a cordial invitation for you to join a small group online, at no cost, who will be getting together once a month to study the House of Freedom Natural Law Trust, and go more deeply into an interactive educational experience. 
If you are not yet a trust client, become one soon and then you can participate in the study group described herein. 
The monthly webinars with Randall will continue, and this new study group will supplement those. Randall’s webinars are open to the public, whereas this study group series will only be open to those who already have a House of Freedom Natural Law Trust. 
In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion, 
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce
Trust Study Group Zoom Series
No Cost – – Two Hours Once a Month
The purpose of the Trustee Support Study Group is to pool our greatest and most precious resource, Human Capital. To Whom Much Is Given Much Shall Be Required. Our desire is to support and learn from each other, and any trustee/trust-operations questions we can not find the answers for amongst ourselves, we will present as well written questions via email to Randall for possible inclusion in future BIC free seminars. This study group is open to all BIC’s NLT clients, supporting life-long learning.
Agenda for 2 hour Study Group
Free Trust Support Study Group Dates & Time & Topics
All Dates on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Books that will be studied
BIC eBook – The Natural Law Trust – Asset Protection for Peaceful People. It is assumed that you have already read this, but the study group will go through it and discuss it more in detail. To have a copy on hand, it can be downloaded fromthis link Ideally, have a print shop print it out and bind it for you. 
Randall’sThe Trust Manual(included in your trust)
Charles Arthur Newsletters (available at http://passingbucks.com/newsletter)
Passing the Buck Volumes 1 & 2(available at http://passingbucks.com/vol1/index.html or on Amazon at this link)
How To Win In Courtat this link
Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition – Amazon link
Law of Trusts – George G. Bogert et al. Foundation Press, 2012 – Amazon link
Restatement of the Law – Trusts – American Law Institute, Vol. 1-5, 2012 – Amazon link
 Dominique Hackett, of Santa Barbara, California, USA, is 54 years young (as of 2019), and has five children. She is past CFO of two construction companies – a C corporation and an S corporation that she helped incorporate.
She has done cost-accounting for construction projects as large as $34 million. She runs her own California Limited Liability Company (LLC) that includes trustee services. 
She has installed double entry accounting systems and she is currently on the board of two statutory 501(3)(c) nonprofit corporations ~ one of which she helped to get started. Likewise, she is Co-Trustee of a Natural Law Trust (NLT) purchased from Brilliance in Commerce.
She is a California Public Notary.
She operates both Apple Mac computers and Windows PCs.
She is a weekly radio co-host on www.TeenSportsRadio.com in Santa Barbara.
Bonus Topics
As a bonus, Dominique plans to help students when needed with any business forms they need other than the forms Randall provided us as trust documents. She will teach basic accounting as needed, so everyone has a trust accounting spreadsheet set up correctly to be able to give a financial reporting. She will also recommend a document log to help stay organized.
She is also a Quicken Accountant so if it is needed, she can help people (separately) get set up on Quicken as well. When it’s very simple accounting, not many transactions, she sets people up on excel sheets/workbooks. Her motto is “keep it simple!”

How to Enroll
Please click HERE to send a Help Desk Ticket requesting enrollment. When our staff has verified that you are a Natural Law Trust customer, you will be sent further details. 
If You Wish to See Other Past Trust Videos,

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