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May 25, 2018
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  • An Important Personal Note to You from Taansen Fairmont

  • YouTube Playback Link for Trust Webinar 6: May 16, 2018
  • Good News for Liberty Debt Elimination Customers
  • Praise from an Ambassador of Freedom
  • It’s here!  Lighthouse has launched its Digital Nomad system
  • The Elite Turn to the Light – Recommended movie: Disney’s “Descendants”
  • Karatbars Opens World’s First Crypto Bank
  • Progress Report on the Defeat of the Deep State
  • YouTube Playback Links for the Last Trust Webinars
  • Resources to Save – Index of Important Links

Why Good News is Powerful and Important
Dear <<First Name>>, 
         Did you know that scientific research has proven that good news actually makes people good?  In one study, wallets with money in them were randomly dropped on New York sidewalks. At the same time, bad news was broadcasting on the radio.  People who found the wallets kept them.  Then the next day, more wallets with money in them were randomly dropped, but this time, good news was playing on the radio.  This time, a very high percentage of the wallets were returned to their owners. 
         This and many other studies have proven the famous principle, “What you put your attention on grows in your life.”  Or put another way, “Energy flows where attention goes.”  Comedian Swami Beyondananda said, “The way to avoid earthquakes is, if you find a fault, don’t dwell on it.”  
          So focus on the positive . . . and the positive will increase in your life. 

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce


May 16 Trust Webinar playback

May 16, 2018 – 1 hour 55 minutes
“How and Why the Benevolent Do It”

Next Trust Webinars in 2018 

                    + June 20 (one day before solstice)
                    + August 1
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Good News for Liberty Debt Elimination Customers
New dispute letters with powerful securitization additions
Victories should be coming much more easily and quickly now!
       This is also good news for those who have not yet purchased the Liberty DES (Debt Elimination System), but who have United States-based credit card debts or student loan debts and would like to cancel them.  If you have hesitated before, hesitate no longer!  An already unsurpassed system has just gotten better. 
        Newcomers may be wondering, well, if the Liberty system already has a 100% success rate, how could it get any better?  The answer is – – in MANY ways!  Remember, that 100% success rate is qualified on our website as being applicable to every customer who diligently followed all the instructions carefully, without deviating, and without giving up.
         While it has ALWAYS worked for those who fulfilled those conditions, and it has never been defeated by any bank or by any court, it has also been true that it often took far too long to get results. Sometimes customers have had to play the tennis match of letters going back and forth for up to a year or more. During that time, the bank (or its agent) was still trying to collect, and was getting more and more threatening. 
         In addition, many customers, we estimate about 10% to 20%, became victims of erroneous reporting by the banks to the credit bureaus, resulting in blemishes on their credit.  We have helped customers fight that too, both with added legal firepower in the letters themselves, as well as in the offer of our legal team to assist the customer with suing the bank or CRAs as plaintiff . . . and the offer of our recommended outsources of some of the best credit repair professionals in America. 
         Finally, around 1% to 2% of our customers have been sued by the pretender lenders or their agents after a year or more of letters going back and forth.  We also enjoy a 100% undefeated rate for those customers as well, who used our legal team’s documents and court procedures faithfully, and didn’t give up. In ALL the cases where a Liberty customer was sued and fully followed the guidance of our legal team, the cases were dismissed. 
         Nevertheless, surely no onewould like to be sued and have to fight back – – even if they WIN in the end.  What a hassle!  Why go through all that if it isn’t necessary?  That is where our latest greatest edition of the Liberty system comes in – – our May 21, 2018 edition.  Yes, we already came out with another upgrade on April 21, 2018 . . . just a month ago. We come out with upgrades several times a year, typically – – whenever changes are important enough to merit it. 
          Well, this May 2018 change may be one of the most important changes in the history of the Liberty system!  It should highly accelerate the withering away of the collection efforts, and it should vastly reduce the lawsuits against customers. We want ALL Liberty customers – – past, present, and future – – to get this new version as soon as possible. 
         Since 2002, our central theme, that the bank never loaned anything, and committed fraud by claiming that it did, remains unchallenged and undefeated to this day.  But in their arrogance, they thought they could still ignore that and come after their victims anyway.  Now, with this new securitization language in our letters, they will realize a lot more quickly that they’re caught. . . this is something no court can ignore. We expect they will give up a lot sooner and a lot more easily. 
         In case you’re curious, here is what the head of our legal team wrote about it: “My recent research involved securitization of credit cards. The process is quite simple and when exposed, should put a stop to any collection activity. Please review the attached dispute letter to find my recommendations that would add teeth to your disputes. I included the FDIC web link that is my source. I am now using this argument in my federal law suits.
         For you studious legal eagles out there, we would be happy to give you that FDIC link, but we don’t want to publish it in an open newsletter, in case it might fall too easily into the hands of any spies for the banking system out there who may be watching to see what tactics they can retaliate against.  At least if they’re going to discover what we’re doing, they’ll have to pay the price like anyone else. 
         The May 2018 upgrade of the Liberty system is available for free to all existing Liberty customers, as with all upgrades. Simply ask for it
here.  BE SURE TO FILL IN YOUR NAME AND DATE OF PURCHASE.  It will first be verified that the one requesting is a paid customer.  It is likewise available to any NEW customers immediately upon purchase of the system. 
         Besides, it’s not just the FDIC link that is the secret of success.  It is also knowing HOW to use that admission by the Fed itself to our benefit – – and thus knowing what wording to put into the dispute letters to use this federal explanation effectively as an “embarrassing issue” for the pretender lenders – – that they would rather avoid and drop like a hot potato (i.e. – zero out the customer’s phony “debt” and stop collecting).  
         That is now what is incorporated properly, prominently, and strategically in the May 2018 upgrade of the Liberty System. With the right use of this information, the pretender lenders are cooked!!! 


    Praise from an Ambassador of Freedom     


         This is some unsolicited praise from Caterina D’Amore, a BIC affiliate, which may warm your heart:
       “Your emails are detailed, incredibly helpful, and most of all pleasure to read. I love you for speaking with your heart. You will always have my respect.  Some of the guiding tips were your emails, which showed me how to speak to others with your heart. Never have I felt any other email such as your own.  With loyalty, I will always be on your team. Behind, in front, under, and on top. Doesn’t truly matter where. The point is I’m so grateful (therefore graceful) to be an affiliate.  
       “I have started actively taking charge in my life. I feel like I have more room to fill in my heart. What I mean is, I feel like I do not have an ego anymore. I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long.  Thank YOU, Taansen. Happy to share  
♥ ♥ ♥.”   – – Caterina D’Amore
And I responded: What a beautiful message.  You have revealed the inner splendor which is the foundation of the Golden Age.  It is this quality which is evolving in humans the world over.  What good is business and prosperity outwardly without the inner splendor to enjoy it, share it, and most profitably manage it?  I am unfathomably grateful for your profound recognition.  ‘It takes one to know one.’ 
This is the kind of consciousness that we at Brilliance in Commerce cherish.  The depth of wisdom and heart-light that are shining from you is what we wish to see blossom in everyone, and more.  You are very fortunate, and the fortune is open to all.  It is simply a choice.  Thank you for the wise choices you have made.  
The awakening to the fact that your Self is not the ego, and that your Self is indeed the universal Reality, is the best news we could hear. This is the kind of news that should be on the front headlines.  Instead of the flood of constant negative news we see today, mixed with trivia and mediocre nonsense, imagine news services in the Golden Age that announce ‘another being has just become enlightened’! 


It’s here!  Lighthouse has launched its
Digital Nomad and Global Entrepreneur opportunity
          Once again, more great things are happening to share with you.  It continues to be true that BIC’s affiliation and collaboration with Lighthouse Law Club (LLC) is progressing nicely.  LLC has completed the first rollout of what is becoming the world’s most comprehensive source of solutions for the perfection of individual freedom status, planetary wealth creation, financial privacy, and superior asset protection, in cooperation with BIC. 
6-minute intro video by Mark Emery, founder of LLC, heralds some of the benefits and features of the new system for affiliates. 

          As with Mark’s other 100+ videos on YouTube, it is extremely compelling.  After watching it, we were like, “Where do we sign up?”  

          Now BIC’s Lighthouse link Bic-lighthouse.com leads to a more expansive show of product offerings, which will only continue growing.  Likewise, take a look at www.freedom4all.biz/bic . . . which you can see offers a powerful business opportunity giving you the empowerment to launch a global entrepreneurial enterprise marketing all of Lighthouse’s programs and at the same time, building your own impenetrable financial fortress and elevated individual status. 
         As Mark has said, the Lighthouse system is designed to serve people on both ends of the economic spectrum.  One can join as an affiliate without any cost at all, and build one’s way to wealth.  Likewise, with LLC’s Monaco Management Group component, those who are already wealthy can find knowledge, mechanisms, and services in the fields of asset protection, preservation, expansion, and management, that are at a level of quality often not found even at some of the biggest and best wealth management institutions in the world.  The BIC-LLC combination of resources is unique and in some ways, unsurpassed.

Mark Emery writes:

You now have access to the industry-leading marketing and recruiting system that’s proven itself with astounding results for multiple decades! Just some of the amazing features you’ll have access to with your new Marketing System include:

  • Harness the power of the best conversion funnel available! The best high-impact, professionally-designed lead capture page, and a fully featured presentation site to “Wow” your prospects! Use these professionally designed “squeeze” page to convert quality leads into customers or new distributors, or both! 
  • Amazing Tracking & Alerts by phone, text, and email – instantly know when a Lead has watched a video, opened an email and more! 
  • Online Appointment Calendar – Never miss a follow-up, meeting, or anything! Group events are automatically added by your team’s administrator too! 
  • Online Contact Manager – Unlimited contacts! Track and manage your entire business from any computer. View your hottest prospects activities at-a-glance. Follow-up tasks and to-dos are always right at your fingertips! 
  • Manually Add Contacts – Add existing leads, prospects, and contacts. 
  • Add multiple contacts – Add multiple contacts at one time. 
  • Follow-Up Emails – Use preloaded email templates, add your own templates, or just create an email on-the-fly! 
  • Phone Scripts – Preloaded phone scripts for ease of prospecting, and you can even create your own! 
  • Assisted Lead Dialer (iiCallBlazer) – Dial phones, leave messages, send follow-up emails, and maintain perfect contact notes with one mouse click! (Available as an add-on service). 
  • Custom Web Forms – Create lead capture forms to put on any web page like blogs, social networking sites with cut-and-paste ease. 
  • Website Rotator Co-Op – Create a Rotator Co-op to share the cost of advertising with other people on your Team! 
  • Custom Autoresponders – Professionally written autoresponders deliver the right information at just the right time to engage, educate, and create new business. Use these preloaded campaigns designed to pique your prospect’s interest, edit preloaded campaigns, or create your own campaigns for a fully customized experience! 
  • Easy email broadcasting – Keep up communications with your prospects and team easily. Send any message, any time, to any individual or group either real-time, or for future delivery. 
  • iPhone/iPad and Android Apps – Easily manage contacts on-the-go using these mobile phone Apps! Get push alerts for recent activity, etc. Keeps your business at your fingertips.
  • Import Leads & Contacts – Import existing leads, prospects, and contacts from your address book or from a data file. 
  • Live Customer Care – Friendly and reliable U.S.-based customer support available by phone, live chat, and email. 

And if you want to gain an edge over the competition, you can select Premier to harness thesebusiness-boosting power tools: 

  • Be a Team Leader – Share your own customized contact categories, email campaigns, training and more. 
  • Personal Toll Free Number with Virtual Office – iTeleCenter delivers information and presentations to prospects with a turnkey preloaded “sizzle call” that’s sure to blow your prospects away. You can even set your own iTeleCenter number to forward calls to your landline or cell phone with complete privacy of your personal numbers! Publish your toll free Number on your website, flyers, Facebook, blog, etc. while protecting the privacy of your home and mobile phone numbers 
  • Media Library and Video Email – Embed cool videos, audio files, PDFs, and images right into your email, making them magnetic and impossible to resist! 
  • Live Chat – Actually “see” the visitors who are on your site and communicate with them in real-time! 
  • Conference Line – Host and record unlimited conference calls with up to 100 people with your own, dedicated, private conference line. Record, replay, and even download your conference calls! 

The Lighthouse Law Club Marketing System will now automate the whole recruiting process for you — from lead generation to a first class presentation and follow-up — your efforts will be magnified 100-fold. 
We’ve also included an affordable lead solution, too — so you can start seeing results right away. 
Everything has been thought out completely and is top notch quality all the way (our Tech partner company has serious experience with 24 years in business). Here’s just a sneak peek at some of the custom integration we’ve negotiated that you just have to see to believe.

         So if you haven’t already, go to Bic-lighthouse.com to shop from the menu of freedom technologies, and go to www.freedom4all.biz/bic to launch your global business building empire. 

The Elite Turn to the Light

Recommended movie:  

Disney’s “Descendants”

      Among those who study the turning wheel of worldly power, it is well known that many – – not all, but many – – of the “children of the elite” have defected. They have either silently and clandestinely rebelled against their parents, or they have publicly done so. Increasingly in the last decades, years, and months, more and more of the illuminati cabal’s younger generation have bailed out of the global enslavement agendas, and have aligned themselves with benevolent causes for the freedom, healing, redemption, upliftment, and transformation of humanity. 
        Among the elite insiders and their messengers, it is also well known that Hollywood has revealed hundreds – – perhaps thousands – – of the closely guarded secrets of the cabal in the bright light of the cinema, disguised as fantasy and fiction.  They figure people will just assume it isn’t real, so it’s okay to display in broad daylight . . . but increasingly the insiders are pointing to in-your-face demonstrations of previously hidden secrets, right out in the open in so-called “fantasy” films. 
       If you have been blessed to have had your own direct experience with any kind of supernormal reality in your life, as most of our readers have these days, you agree with the saying “truth is stranger than fiction”.  And so it is, that the Disney studios, which largely specialize in spectacular fantasies, have been a big source of “hidden in plain view” exposés of true facts about metaphysical realities.  Disney’s movie “Descendants”, which has already been out for three years, is one such example. 
       Those of purity and innocence of heart may not like the first ten or fifteen minutes, which show a lot of the children of the evil queen, dancing and singing “rotten to the core”, etc.  But stay with it . . . and you will see them gradually get transformed throughout the movie, until in the end, you see them totally won over by the Light . . . and not only that, but you see them become the only ones capable of defeating and removing their evil queen nemesis.  This is a perfect symbol of what is really happening in today’s world, here and now. 

Available for rent at Amazon, Netflix, etc.  Click here for the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) overview

Descendants (Disney – 2015 – Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Love Story – Dove Cameron, Cameron Boyce, Booboo Stewart) 


Karatbars Opens World’s First Crypto Bank 
CEO Harald Seiz writes:  We have acquired a fully licensed bank in Miami that will be fully operational by mid-June.  The name of the bank is Karatcoin Bank.  With this bank, we own the world’s first crypto bank – – and I repeat – – with a full license.
A Joint venture agreement was signed between the Karatgold Cooperation and the company about a precious metal mine in Madagascar. A total value of the mine of $5,900,000,000 was found and certified by auditors.
In the future we will use our Karat Gold Coin for gold transactions and as a means of payment.  This week we will be listed on Hitbtc – – one of the biggest Exchanges worldwide.

For more information about Karatbars Gold and Karatcoin:

Karatbars GOLD Join Link with BIC 

Progress Report on the Defeat of the Deep State

From Scott Mowry

Major, major events are now moving very quickly across the planet. There is a strong sense we are reaching some sort of climax with the exposure and ultimate takedown of the Deep State in America, and in other parts of the world. 
Fox News is now reporting the long awaited Office of Inspector General Report from Michael Horowitz will be released this weekend! The OIG report will expose the Deep State embedded within the FBI, Dept. of Justice, the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Obama administration. 
The OIG report will be so powerful and so devastating; it has the potential to trigger even further gigantic actions with indictments and arrests of various Deep State operatives.
Meanwhile yet another bombshell scandal has emerged of how spies were planted within the Donald Trump Presidential 2016 campaign, which is unprecedented in American political history. This new scandal now being exposed by the White Hats is another nail in the coffin for the Deep State.   
In addition, there are strong indications the Vatican is also in a very rapid state of collapse as many of its upper level hierarchy are being prosecuted, or being put on trial right now. Even Pope Francis is hinting it might be an opportune time to announce his retirement.  
We are clearly moving towards a massive paradigm shift, which will transform our world for the better, and it will be permanent! Stay tuned it is all about to get very, very dramatic, very soon!
Finally, we will also have other spectacular news developments from the nation of Italy, North Korea, Mark Taylor, and so much more.

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How to properly set up and operate a trust to maximize your asset protection

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