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May 3, 2018
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  • Personal Note to You from Taansen 
  • Trust Webinar May 16 instead of May 9
  • Playback of the Fabulous April 11 Trust Webinar
  • Why is the Natural Law Trust so successful?
  • April 2018 Edition of Liberty Debt Elimination System is Available
  • How to create your Affiliate Tracking Links
  • Formula for Creating a Six-Figure Income
  • Lighthouse Law Club – – Deadline Extended
  • KaratGold Coin – “sales have surpassed our wildest imagination!”
  • For Americans: Need an in-the-system Statutory Attorney?
  • Trust reading bibliography
  • Video Playbacks You May Enjoy
  • Employees: Get Withholding Stopped – Have a Pay Raise
  • Resources to Save – Index of Important Links

Dear <<First Name>>,
World consciousness is rising.  This month, several changes in dates and various other potent gifts of knowledge and information are enclosed herein.  If you are Self-referral, you will feel like a kid in a candy store in this compendium of Spring-blossoming newsbits and clues to greater freedom technology.  This is all for the continued expansion of the infinite source-substance of the Unified Field manifesting into an inevitable transformation of Earth.
In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

Trust Webinar May 16 instead of May 9
                  In our trust webinar of April 11, we announced that the next trust webinar would be May 9.  However, for a variety of business reasons, it has been rescheduled for a week later – May 16 at 4:00 PM Pacific Time.  Please note this on your calendar, and watch for another BIC newsletter between May 11 and 14 that will give the computer link and call-in number for it. 

Playback of the Fabulous April 11 Trust Webinar
                  It is our joy to congratulate everyone who participated in the April 11 Trust Webinar, and to express our gratitude and appreciation for the excellent questions and comments given by the guests who spoke.  Because we have gotten better with the Zoom technology, and because the questions and answers keep getting more interesting, it was one of the best webinars we have done.  They continue getting better!   Whether you want to watch it again or for the first time, or listen to it by audio while traveling in your car, here is the YouTube playback link:

Episode 05 – 2018-04-11 – Brilliance in Commerce Trust Webinar – 1:33:25

Why is the Natural Law Trust so successful? 

         One of the reasons for the great success of the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust is that it is based on the original law that was established before corporations became government.  This law cannot be changed, altered, or manipulated by government.  Nor does government want to challenge it, because the elite who have largely controlled and influenced government use trusts based on the same principles of design. This design therefore bypasses the vast body of onerous statutory requirements, and is not likely to be legislated against ever, or for at least the next several generations. 

For Customers of the Liberty Debt Elimination System

The April 2018 Edition is Available


          Once or twice a year, and sometimes three times, we revise the Liberty Debt Elimination System.  Errors and typos are corrected, new legal information is updated, wording is improved, and other changes are made that reflect the ever-evolving dynamism of the marketplace.
The last edition of the Liberty system was updated as of October 2017.  Now the April 2018 edition is out.  It has revisions such as the Q&A about the 100% rate, the Q&A about student loans, the recommendation to postpone debt elimination for people for whom their credit scores are more important than eliminating debts, and many other minor wordings that needed improving throughout the Instructions and the FAQ.
As of 4-27-18, this new version has been posted in the customer delivery section of the website for all new customers, and the eBook and website FAQs have been revised accordingly as well.
Liberty customers: If you purchased the Liberty system prior to 4-27-18 and are still currently using it, click
HERE to request that the April 2018 Revision be sent to you. It will be verified first that you are a paid customer. 

Affiliates: Please cease distributing the old Liberty DES eBook, and replace it with the new one.  You can download it from the Liberty section of the website.  Thank you.  We are always evolving and improving!   If you don’t have the skills to insert your affiliate link into it, click HERE to have a BIC staff member do it for you. 

How to create your Affiliate Tracking Links
for specific parts of the website

As you know, you have ONE LINK that leads to the HOME PAGE of BIC – – and that gives all newcomers the choice of choosing Liberty Debt Elimination on the left, or the House of Freedom Natural Law Trust on the right.  It is good to show all prospects that both are available, usually.

But supposing you are marketing exclusively outside the USA?   Or supposing you are marketing to wealthy and high income prospects?  In cases like this, you might only want to send them directly to the trust page.  On the other hand, if you are specifically targeting debt elimination prospects, and you don’t want to distract them with looking at the trust, you can send them directly to the debt elimination section.

So here is how to log into your affiliate back office and have our system generate URLs that are affiliate-encoded to lead your prospects to either of those specific sections of the website.  

Here is the Brilliance in Commerce Ambassador of Freedom Affiliate Formula for Creating a Six-Figure Income as a Professional Introducer

As Ambassadors of Freedom, all BIC Affiliates have the open invitation to manifest thousands of dollars per month in residual income by introducing Taansen Fairmont as a speaker on a radio or TV show, or online webinar, or conference call; or by inspiring publications in the print media that have large readerships to publish Taansen’s written materials on the trust or the debt elimination.  Kindly consider the details below as part of your process to proceed.

To make you commissionable, we can either give the audience or readers your affiliate link, or if the show host or publisher wants to be an affiliate, we can make him or her a sub-affiliate under you, so you get the overrides on all the sales.

In either case, the link we give out on the show should be a words-of-choice one, if it is spoken verbally.  That is described in the article “Domain possibilities for affiliates”, which was included in your marketing resources zip file.

Or, the other way, of course, is if listeners are directed to the host’s website, or your website.  If we do it that way, then on the air, we have to tell the listeners where to go on the website to find the “CLICK HERE” that hyperlinks to your BIC affiliate-encoded connection to the BIC website.  If that approach is elected, it is best to put a button, box, section, or banner prominently near the top of the home page, at least for a few weeks after the show is aired.  Otherwise, many visitors will get lost in a maze of distracting choices and won’t find it.

Because you already have all our marketing materials, you may already know how to present what BIC offers.  But in case you weren’t aware of it, there is a section of our BIC website that is specifically for show hosts.  It gives Taansen’s profile and a summary of what he speaks about. 

Since that profile page was put up, he has been on some additional shows.  One good one that we haven’t gotten around to adding to the profile was Mark Emery’s interview of Taansen on his Lighthouse Law Club show.  Perhaps you may have seen it.  

      That is another good way to introduce show hosts to what Taansen does, because that one provides graphics.

Once a show host is interested and wants to proceed, then he and you can simply notify Taansen and let him know.  Things he has to decide include:

  • Whether he wants to ask all the questions or allow the audience to do Q&A with Taansen
  • Whether he wants to do the show live or pre-record any portions of it, or all of it, for later broadcast
  • How long he wants it to be – – typically good is 15 mins for debt, 15 mins Q&A, 15 mins trust, 15 mins Q&A – – but many shows have been shorter or much longer
  • Whether he wants to do both trust and debt in one show or divide them into two longer shows
  • Whether it will be audio-only, as in radio, or video and graphics included
  • Whether the host will be a BIC sub-affiliate under you, or send listeners to your BIC link
  • Whether the host wants Taansen to include a section on offering the affiliate income-generating opportunity to the audience as well . . . so they can become sub-affiliates under you (or under the host)
  • Whether the host wants Taansen to include spiritual content, such as effortless samadhi, eliminating fear, his 1976 trip to the future and the Golden Age that he saw still coming now in this generation in the global timeline, etc. (For more info on this content, click here). 
  • On what date and time the host wants to schedule the interview . . . give Taansen some options to choose from
         In all cases, what we would like to know is, how large is their audience?  And of what type of demographic does their audience typically consist?

If you have further questions about any of this, contact Taansen directly.  Please do not publish his contact information – – and do not give it to product prospects. This is for private BIC Affiliate 1-on-1 use only, for the purpose of scheduling speaking engagements:

Email:  taansen@brillianceincommerce.com
Land line: 253-509-0011
Mobile: 253-905-1802

Thank you again for your interest, and if we can be of any further assistance in Customer Relations, by all means contact us at any time. 

Lighthouse Law Club – – Deadline Extended


          If you’ve had the intent and desire to join the Lighthouse Law Club (LLC) or upgrade but just couldn’t make the deadline of May 1, we have good news for you!  The new program being worked on, to roll out soon, is so robust and so detailed, that the LLC developers were just unable to meet the May 01 deadline that was set for them.

Bad news there may be good news for you.  CEO Mark Emery announced that the LLC has extended the classic membership offer now until May 15.  You now have almost an additional 2 weeks to get in position to get ALL the membership benefits for one low membership donation.

If you have any desire to get the most benefit from the LLC as possible, make your move for the Constitutional Commando membership where most everything in the LLC arsenal will be yours for one low entry. 

To join, STEP 1 – click here:

STEP 2 – click

For further information, click
HERE to read the 4-17-18 BIC newsletter, if you haven’t already.  The Subject was: Only 13 days left for discounted package deal on Lighthouse membership. (Now today on May 3, there are only 12 days left for the new deadline.)

KaratGold Coin – “sales have surpassed our wildest imagination!”

Offer extended due to server down time

CEO Harald Seiz writes:

Dear Karatgold Community,

The coin sales have surpassed our wildest imagination!  We felt there would be great excitement at the release of our KaratGold Coin but to our surprise there were far more people than we initially expected who wanted to be obtain their KBC coins.

Due to the demand, we now have many orders that are showing as “Awaiting” or “In Process”.

Now, this is a good thing, because this means that the demand for the Karatgold Coin is extremely high!  With such high demand we anticipate soaring values of our coin at crypto exchanges in the months ahead.  Unfortunately our servers could not process all the orders right away so we are going step by step to prevent downtime in the future.
If your order status is still showing as “Awaiting” or “In Progress” we must ask for your patience over the course of the next 2 weeks.  We will be confirming and granting all the tokens from EVERY single order placed. Rest assured we will be processing your orders as quickly as we can without creating issues with our server.

So please bear with us if your order status has not changed by May 20th, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We will be happy to assist you!!

We are sorry for all the inconvenience that might have caused. However we want to thank you for your big support and that’s why we are giving you another chance to buy coins with 40% Bonus at 0.01 US $ per Coin.

We want to make sure that our servers will be working fine in the future and extending our offer until May 2nd 11:59pm EST.

Happy investing!

Note:  The above news from Harald Seiz only just came.  Since this newsletter is arriving to you after “May 2nd 11:59pm EST”, don’t worry – – it’s not too late.  He might extend the deadline again, but even if he doesn’t, that is only referring to the Initial Coin Offering period during which the tokens for 200 KaratCoins have been given for each 1 gram of KaratGold purchased – – and during which a 40% bonus was added as an incentive.  If you get in after the ICO period has completed, you can still purchase the KaratCoins at whatever very low price still exists.  They still have unlimited upside potential.

For further information, click HERE to read the 3-27-18 BIC newsletter, if you haven’t already.  The Subject was: Why demand for KaratCoin ​​​​​​​can only go up

For Americans: Need an in-the-system Statutory Attorney?

Consider Legal Shield

$25 Per Month Versus Thousands of Dollars

Since 2014, occasionally we have mentioned this to our readers; so here once again is the reminder. If you are in the USA and you need help getting free from abuses of government and banks – – including most debts and taxes, FORGET using most Bar-licensed attorneys and accountants in the statutory system!  Most of them are ignorant, scared, compromised, and brainwashed.  They are afraid of truly going up against governments and banks in any genuinely effective way.  Even the few that are aware and supportive of freedom technology can almost never give their clients any total liberation, without risking losing their licenses.

However, if you have issues that are NOT debts and taxes, such as merchandise disputes, personal injury, marriage and divorce, questions about contracts, or anything else that requires an expert in the mainstream statutory system, then instead of paying thousands of dollars for their consultation or representation, you can pay $25 a month for LEGAL INSURANCE.  This then gets you greatly discounted rates with the best attorneys in America, with many legal services included for free in the $25 per month.

Go HERE for more information

Trust reading bibliography

*   1.  Art of Passing the Buck – Vols. 1&2
Charles Arthur Enterprises Trust (click
HERE to order)

2. Cases and Text on the Law of Trusts., 9th edition 2012
George C. Bogert, Dallen H. Oaks, H. Reese Hansen, Stanley D. Needleman
Foundation Press, Thomson Reuters

3. Restatement of the Third Law,  Vols. 1-5 2008 edition
The American Law Institute at Washington Law Institute, Washington, D. C.

4. Trusts, Edward C. Halbach. Jr. 13th edition 2008
Gilbert Law Summaries, Thomson West

5. Wills, Trusts and Estates    8th edition   2009 Wolters Kluwer Publisher
Jesse Dukeminier, Robert H. Sitkoff, James Lindgren

Video Playbacks You May Enjoy

Beat the Bankers – Eliminate Debt – (Mark Emery and Taansen Fairmont)


“Taansen Fairmont: The Divine Right of Financial Sovereignty! Part 1” – 1:36:51 – on “Galactic Connection” – interview by Alexandra Meadors – – Originally published March 15, 2016. Updated March 27, 2018.

“Taansen Fairmont: The Divine Right of Financial Sovereignty – Part 2” – 1:40:12 – on “Galactic Connection” – interview by Alexandra Meadors – – Originally published March 15, 2016. Updated March 27, 2018.

For Americans: Are You an Employee?

Get Withholding Stopped – Have a Pay Raise
No Up-Front Fee – – Pay Only Out of Pay Raise

The outsourced associate of BIC, whom we will refer to here as B.B. in Texas, has seen a 100% success rate thus far in helping clients exit the income tax system in their individual capacities.  His Revocation of Election (ROE) is his own enhanced version of an ROE that others have used with mixed results.  B.B.’s results have been flawless, with no failures so far, due to improving the document and knowing which government agencies to which it should be sent.

Since most newcomers are skeptical about this, he offers to employees whose salaries have been reduced by W4 withholding a document filing service that stops the withholding.  In a private message, B.B. recently wrote:

           “Ms. [name withheld] just got her paycheck with no state or fed W-4 withholdings deducted from it = about a $405 pay raise per month for her.  I like to get someone’s W-4 withholdings stopped before doing their ROE – because they see their ‘pay raise’ when all withholdings are stopped and they are ‘stoked’ and then have more $ to pay my ROE fee. If they want to do a ROE and are ready to go on this – I still have to get their W-4 withholdings stopped – so why not do the W-4 process first which shows results in about two to three weeks – when their next paycheck comes.

“When you talk to people who have W-4 withholdings being deducted from their paychecks, refer them to me as getting this deduction stopped is not difficult for me and this positive result shows up in their next paycheck – so they know what I did worked, and then they would probably be more receptive to doing a ROE – for those who might be too intimidated initially by the ROE concept of confronting the IRS.

“Also, I would have no problem not charging them an up front fee for getting their withholdings stopped when I know they will see positive results in 2 to 3 weeks and then being happy to pay me a fee for this after they have received their ‘pay raise’.”

For further information, click HERE.

Resources to Save

Index of Important Links for Easy Reference (in alphabetical order)

* Note: If you already have a referral affiliate for any of these programs, use their link instead)

A.G.E. Pill – founders intro
A.G.E. Pill – more YouTube videos

* A.G.E. Pill – to purchase or become a distributor
Anthony Gaalaas Credit Repair
BIC Customer Relations – click here to submit a Help Desk Ticket 

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BIC Liberty Debt Elimination System – to purchase – use the link of the affiliate who referred you

BIC Newsletter – to subscribe
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BIC Trust advanced educational newsletter – “Passing Bucks” 

BIC Trust introductory eBook – For Sale at this Amazon link (or FREE at your referring affiliate’s link)
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Financial Education Services (FES) (for credit repair and more) 
Karatbars GOLD – 21-minute classic intro video 
Karatbars GOLD Join Link with BIC 
Lighthouse Law Club & Monaco Management Group 
Mark Emery’s Avitance Consulting 

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