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April 17, 2018
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  • Personal Note to You from Taansen 
  • Major Lighthouse Law Club Announcement
  • Membership Has Its Benefits
  • Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group
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Dear <<First Name>>,
        In our January 30 and February 21 BIC Newsletters, you may remember we introduced you to Mark Emery, and gave you links to connect with him.  Now a reorganization of his Lighthouse Law Club is underway, in which newcomers have until April 30 to join.  After that, the discounted package deals in the two lower membership levels will end, and the new a la carte menu of freedom technologies will end up costing more, if purchased each individually.  See more details below. 

     Incidentally, in case you missed the Presidents Day (Feb 19) Beat the Bankers show hosted by Mark Emery, on which he had me as a guest speaker on debt elimination, you can access the YouTube playback at this link.  You will see many new graphics and visuals in it. 

     Also, highly recommended – – see this video made by Mark Emery:  Beat the Bankers – Eliminate Debt.  It is a court scene where a banker is on the witness stand and you get to see for yourself how he is forced to admit that all bank loans are fraudulent.  That is why our invincible Liberty Debt Elimination System successfully cancels them.  For more information on that, click on the link to our Brilliance in Commerce website given to you by the person who introduced you to us. 

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

Major Lighthouse Law Club Announcement
As you may have read in past newsletters, Brilliance in Commerce is in collaboration with Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group, both directed by Mark Emery. 

The Lighthouse Law Club will be closing the doors to new members coming in at the Pathfinder and Constitutional Commando membership levels as of midnight April 30, 2018.  This means:

In place of the all-encompassing benefit packages which have been included in the memberships offered currently, Lighthouse Law Club (LLC) shifting to a more focused product and service oriented program to meet the specific needs that people are having. 
This is going to help the people we serve get a clear focus on addressing their immediate needs and objectives and setting their sights on solid accomplishments. 
Typically, the cost for a given ‘training module’ ordered ‘a la carte’ will be less than what the membership is now and will help people get moving to solve specific problems with less financial strain.  The new service modules will address those immediate needs and the results will be tangible.
However, bear in mind, that the best value overall is still the inclusive membership benefits packages as they are now and will be through April 30.   For that reason, if you have any desire to get the most benefit from The Lighthouse Law Club as possible, make your move prior to April 30 for the Constitutional Commando membership where most everything in our arsenal will be yours. 

Click here for further information and to join. 
We hope to see you as part of our Freedom Loving Community!


Pathfinder Benefits


1.  26 weekly training sessions.  These are structured to get you started on a wide variety of important topics and are delivered via email once a week for 25 weeks.  The subject matter covers most of the issues raised on our website.  Follow this course and you’ll be ready to elevate your game to the big leagues!
2.  Strategic Planning Concepts.  Explore and evaluate the strategic options for creating a personal roadmap to achieve freedom based on your unique circumstances.  
3.  Video-On-Demand workshops. In your weekly training, you’ll get various video workshops at no additional cost. These include: 
   –  Escape the Matrix
   –  Private Traveller
   –  Previous Taxpayer
   –  Stop Withholding
   –  Change Your Legal Status – Practical Matters
4.   IRS Freedom Course.  Learn once and for all how simple it is to eliminate these criminals from your life.
 5.  Cash Flow Generation.  Complete A to Z, step by step guidance on generating additional cash flow in your own internet business. 
Constitutional Commando Benefits
You’ll have access to all of the Pathfinder Group benefits ……

Plus:   advanced research, recon and tactical training which will enable you to successfully; 
– destroy lawsuits and attempted charges planted against you for any ‘alleged’ non-compliance.
– turn back bogus attempts at foreclosure and get paid for the credit you created for your mortgage
– eliminate fraudulent, enemy creditors
– escape the prison camp of ‘US citizenship’ and correct your legal status to put you in the safe zone
– safeguard your assets and keep them beyond reach of any attackers. 
– travel safely in occupied territory
– deal effectively with foreign operatives
– flip your relationship with the IRS to one which only involves sending a Christmas card every year   
  (optional) and nothing more!
– Replace your traceable, taxable, seizable paycheck with multiple streams of private revenue you can  
– Disappear in plain sight.
….and much more!
As a part of your training and tactical preparation, your Commando Boot Camp will also include:
 Advanced Training Libraries:
Each of our Advanced Training Libraries contain various folders of high level intel, cutting edge research and advanced methods of legal and spiritual combat in the following categories:
Beat the Bankers – advanced tactics for taking on all creditors, collectors & fraudulent foreclosures.
IRS Freedom – The title says it all.  Learn proper methods for making a ‘clean escape’.
Becoming a Secured Creditor Using a non-UCC Process – Shift from being ‘Debtor’ to be the ‘Creditor’
Legal Status Correction –  Your papers please!  U.S. citizen?  Oh, I see.  ‘Creditor’.  Have a nice day!
Commercial Liens – Intense training on these high powered legal munitions
The Contractual Business Organization aka ‘Business Trust’ – Secrets of the Super Wealthy
Spiritual Renewal – You are never alone on the battlefield when you can call in your ‘Army of Angels’
      Books, White Papers, Blueprints & Documents:
          You have access to an extensive list of digital books and papers which you can ‘borrow’ as you
           like.  These contain detailed blueprints and ‘how to’ tactics and strategies provided by experts
           in their field. Each category has its own lengthy list of publications.
           Here are the current categories: 
Asset Protection
Business, Banking & Finance
Common Law
Contracts & Commercial Law
Courts & The Law
IRS & Taxes in General
Legal Status
Right to Travel
Self Defense & Survival 
The PT Lifestyle, Preparation & Escape from the corporate treadmill

New materials are added regularly! 
     The Commando Mastermind Group ‘Centcom’ (central communications center)
          This is a closed online forum where qualified commandos meet, get debriefed, share intel and
        communicate with each other.  This is often used to gather intel before going out on a mission
        and is a great venue for debriefing the details of successful missions so all members can increase in
        their knowledge and training and get direct benefit.
Private Consultations
        If you have an urgent need for direct personal guidance and consultation beyond what you can get from our Skype support group or members forum, that is available at an additional nominal cost.  This will give you a solid second opinion on your perspectives & plans and could possibly help steer you in the right direction to keep you on the right track.  Success is measured in degrees.  1 or 2 degrees off the mark could make all the difference.       
       This is the power of teamwork in a Mastermind Group!

Global Entrepreneur Benefits
This is our elite level membership geared entirely to move our members into advanced business and financial strategies in the international marketplace.

The focus is on; asset protection, privacy, business security, wealth management and growth for effective long term financial planning.   The net result is an expansion of business and financial capabilities, spreading risk through diversification, living the ‘PT’ lifestyle, and ultimately gaining more freedom and prosperity.

As a means of introduction, watch this 17 minute video.
If this idea appeals to you and you want to dig into more detailed information and drill down, we have a complete video series designed to educate, inform and help you to do your due diligence.  To access that video series, 
Click Here

This membership level is intended for those who are concerned about securing successful wealth management in the event that they’ve already achieved it, or are serious about creating it.
If you are NOT already a member, the complete package, which includes all the benefits of Pathfinder Mastermind Group, Constititional Commando and Global Entrepreneur member benefits with access to the PAMS (Private Asset Management System) which also includes a rock solid international business trust is a steal at $3950. 
Benefits for the Global Entrepreneur include, but are not limited to multi-media training, tools, templates, contacts and discussion on; 
…asset protection strategies
…financial privacy strategies
…domestic and international business structures
…trust creation, operation and management
…international banking
…alternative asset classes
…implementing the 5 flag ‘PT’ concept
…use of the private, members only Private Asset Management system
…and many related topics and issues
The training and support members receive is NOT traditional ‘in the box’ type of thinking which is offered by ‘credentialled’ professionals who are mere extensions of the ‘status quo’. That type of guidance is easy to find, is very expen$ive and is as commonplace and boring as it is ineffective in accomplishing any ‘real results’.  
Rather, ‘Global Entrepreneurs’ will learn special insights from long time practitioners who have learned and created proprietary methods which in most cases are completely ‘out of the box’ and way beyond the ‘status quo’.  But don’t worry.  They are entirely safe, secure and unviolable being based on universal maxims of law, contract and commerce which are respected everywhere.  
You should not  become a ‘Global Entrepreneur’ unless or until you are prepared to break the barriers that have held you back and move to a new level of higher ground from which to direct and build your personal empire!  This membership is for serious, business minded and forward thinking individuals who understand the risks associated with doing ‘business as usual’ and are ready to ‘move on’ to a higher level of understanding and management. 
Once you’ve been through the VIMEO video series linked above and are ready to get started, you can fill out our online questionnaire to start the process. 

To join any of these levels, click here: Bic-lighthouse.com


Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group

                  Beyond merely cancelling your unsecured US-based debts through our BIC Liberty system, and/or setting up your BIC House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust and enjoying its benefits, there is a whole world of further intelligence and power you can gain in more advanced knowledge of individual legal status, personal sovereignty, offshore diversification, the privacy side of asset protection, multi-million dollar project funding, accelerated wealth creation, superior wealth management, and more.
                  All of these advantages and many more are now being offered to you at 

                 We are pleased to share with you now the relationship BIC has been developing over the past year with Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group.  These firms and several others are under the expert leadership of Mark Emery.  Mark is both a customer of our BIC House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust and an affiliate with BIC.  In addition, we are now in discussions regarding working more closely in a mutual collaboration.


                  Mark Emery is one of the greatest masters of asset protection, individual sovereignty, personal legal status, estate planning, investment management, international diversification, and freedom technology in the western world.  As you know, I have been around this field more or less full time since 1990, and have become acquainted with thousands of teachers and service providers in the freedom arena.  Mark is right up there in the top 2% or 1%, and on top of it all, he’s a nice guy . . . something even more rare . . . especially in the battle-scarred legal circles.
                  I have personally seen him helping solve people’s legal problems, delivering them from struggle and victimhood.  He has mastered the “PT” private legal status and is a living example of its benefits, living in spectacular homes overlooking the ocean, enjoying true freedom, and sharing it with others.  “PT” stands for Perpetual Traveler, Permanent Tourist, Prior Taxpayer, Passing Through, Prepared Thoroughly, and so on.  This is an international status that utilizes multiple passports so that wherever one happens to be, one is a tourist, and thus not subject to the local taxation laws.
                  Mark Emery has a broad background in international business and finance. He has a degree in Business Administration specializing in International Business and Language Area Studies.  He has lived in the USA, France, Costa Rica and now Panama and has been involved in international business, marketing and finance since 1975. He speaks 3 languages.
                  He is an author, an educator, an entrepreneur and a financial consultant teaching advanced concepts in business and finance. He established a credit union in Sweden from scratch with international clientele starting with minimum accounts of $100,000 or more. He was also involved in setting up a bank in Bahrain.  He is the author of books such as “One Freeman’s War in the Second American Revolution”, “How I Beat Satan and the IRS”, and various teaching texts, websites, and seminars.
                  He was the top Forex trader in Latin America for Kerford Investments International where he managed a trading office and taught trading to clients in addition to professionally managing client accounts for growth. He is the creator and developer of the PAM (Private Asset Management) system. Currently he is also the director of the Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group.  In November 2017, he named yours truly as a Member of the Board of Advisors of Monaco Management Group.
                  Major project funding and high net worth tax reduction are described in Mark’s 28 minute YouTube video about Avitance Consulting 
at this link This is of particular interest for wealth managers.   You can also meet Mark online and speak with him via the events announced at bic-lighthouse.com

                  Monaco Management Group is more for specialized consultation for high net worth individuals, customized for their needs in the fields of wealth preservation, state of the art privacy methods, international business strategizing, and world class asset protection. 
                  If you are a networker and would like to join as an affiliate, you can get that procedure as well.  If approved, you would be an affiliate in the BIC group for Mark’s concierge of projects in his multi-tier affiliate system. 
            Joining his Lighthouse Law Club is facilitated through that link, and the benefits include perfecting the sovereign mindset, higher levels of legal status, privacy, freedom from taxation, wealth expansion, and internationalized asset protection.  



Resources to Save
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