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February 19, 2018
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Dear <<First Name>>,
      This is a reminder of the message I sent you on February 15.  Did you receive it?  It said that Mark Emery, founder of Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group, is hosting me as a guest speaker on our Brilliance in Commerce Liberty Debt Elimination System, today – – February 19.  The details are below. 

     Hence if you know anyone who might be interested in canceling their U.S.-based unsecured debts, refer them to this conference.  If you are a BIC affiliate, be sure to replace the two affiliate links herein with your own, before forwarding.  (Do not replace the attendance registration link.)

     If you are not an affiliate but have U.S.-based unsecured debts that you would like to cancel, and have not already purchased the Liberty system, and if you already have an affiliate who referred you to us, then please honor that affiliate by using his or her affiliate link when you purchase.  Many thanks. 

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce


<<First Name>>,

You’re Invited to a Very Special 
Web Conference Event


Beat the Bankers
Eliminate Debt

As a valued subscriber we want to invite you to a special web conference event in which Mark Emery and Taansen Fairmont, CEO of Brilliance in Commerce will be discussing the key elements and long history of success in eliminating almost all forms of debt with the LIBERTY DEBT ELIMINATION SYSTEM.

The event is Monday night, Feb. 19 at 9:00 PM EST (6:00 PM Pacific)

By now you should be well aware of our video series on the Lighthouse Law Club YouTube channel called Run Bankers Run.  If not, look it up.  This special event is in support of our efforts to expose the fraudulent money system perpetrated by the Fed and to free people from its bondage.  Follow the breadcrumbs we’re leaving for you and you can be, DEBT FREE!  

Taansen has written an extensive ebook on this subject which we’ll make available to you for free.  You would be well advised to get the ebook and read it before the conference.  

Then Register to attend this  one time special event.

We’ll see you Monday night at 9:00 PM EST!


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