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February 3, 2018
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  • You can now receive commissions electronically
  • How to put your affiliate link in the BIC marketing materials
  • Use This Ad
  • What Greater Gift Can You Give to Help People Than the Ability to Create Freedom?
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  • Glowing Professional Endorsement of our BIC Trust by Corporate CFO
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  • Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group
  • Finally – High Quality Credit Repair For You
  • Financial Education Services (FES)
  • Anthony Gaalaas
  • 10% Unactivated Trust Clients – How to Upgrade to 100% Activated
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Dear <<First Name>>,
        We trust your last few months have been beneficial and transformational.   WELCOME to the many new affiliates who have joined us!  And to the seasoned partners who have been referring customers to our Freedom Technology consistently, THANK YOU.

       Apologies for this newsletter being sooooooooo long!  It’s because SO MUCH FABULOUS information accumulated to share with you.  If you subscribe to the non-affiliate general newsletter and read the January 29 issue, then you will see a repeat of some of that material in the second half herein.  Feel free to skip through and read just what interests you, and save the rest of it for reference later.  But the first half contains NEW material of key importance to your Ambassador of Freedom affiliate position and success.   We will also be sending more details on some of these topics in shorter newsletters in the near future.  So much is happening!  Enjoy . . . 

      Herein we have much to share with you regarding commissions, affiliate links, ads, the House of Freedom trust, the Liberty Debt Elimination System, and the dramatic and unprecedented changes happening in America and worldwide.  Let’s start with your commissions . . .

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

You can now receive commissions electronically
                  We now have an arrangement with Pop Money, because this company is in contract with the bank from which we have paying the BIC affiliate commissions.  So without even going outside our bank, we can now just make internal payment orders, and the bank will pay our affiliates electronically via Pop Money.  All they need is your name and a cell phone number or an email address.  They will either text you or email you.  In the text or email there will be a link to click on, which will take you to their website.  Then it will ask you where you want the money deposited and how you want it sent. 
                  Pop Money deposits the money electronically in your account via ACH, so it is instantaneous once they initiate it.  Receiving your commission this way will get the money to you in one or two days from the time that you respond to the notification, instead of four or five days for the paper check-through-the-postal-mail method of sending it to you, and it will also save you from having to get in the car and drive your check to the bank for deposit.
                  Remember that we pay commissions twice a month – – on the 1st and 16th of each month.  So . . . next time you are due for a commission, if you want to receive it via Pop Money instead of the slower check-through-the-mail method, please
click here to let us know.  This will generate an email to us in which we will ask you whether you would prefer to be notified about your commission via email or via text.


How to put your affiliate link in the BIC marketing materials


                  The three main marketing materials you will be using are:
  • The Natural Law Trust (eBook)
  • How to Outright CANCEL 100% of your Unsecured Debts (eBook)
  • How to Be an Ambassador of Freedom
  • (plus any letters, articles, ads, or emails you may select from the marketing resources zip file)
       Do you use Microsoft Word?  The importance of using Word is why the Word versions of the documents were included in your marketing resources portfolio.  Word is the most common word processing program, used by both PCs and Mac computers.  Our Liberty system is in Word, our trust is given to trust customers in Word, and our marketing materials are in Word.
       So, at the end of the eBooks, where the access URL is given, all you do is replace the generic one with your own.  Very simple.  You can check to verify if the hyperlink was encoded correctly by highlighting it and right-clicking. Then click on “hyperlink”, and that will show whether your affiliate link (whether it is the one generated by our system or your words-of-choice one) is in the encoding. 
      Then Save it in your Word documents.  However, when you email a marketing document to anyone, it should be in PDF, which is opened by Adobe Acrobat.  The reason for this is that Word can get distorted and have missing or misaligned information across different computers, whereas PDF stays even, consistent, and uniform across different computers.  Plus, PDF is a lot harder for the recipient to change.
       So, after putting your affiliate link in a Word document, Save it in Word and then save it again (Save As) PDF.  (The drop-down menu for formats appears in the Save As dialog, and PDF is one of the formats to choose.)  Choose PDF as the format.  Save the PDF version in your Adobe Acrobat files.  That is the version that should be distributed to your prospects. This gives you two different files – – the Word version in which changes can easily be made by you; and the PDF which is the version to send out to others.
      This is the procedure for all three documents – – the two eBooks, the “Ambassador” invitation to be an affiliate, and any other marketing documents you plan to use into which you will be putting your affiliate link.
      If this is too complicated, confusing, and challenging for you, because you have little or no experience with Word and Acrobat, then ask us to do it for you.  First before doing so, though, it is highly recommended to get your words-of-choice domain.  Read the document “
Domain possibilities for affiliates”, which is included in your “BIC Affiliate marketing documents” zip file.  If you don’t know where that is, or joined before it was available, feel free to click here to request itand we will be happy to send the latest version to you.
     If you decide not to get your own words-of-choice domain, that’s okay.  If you want our BIC system-generated URL to be the one inserted in your marketing documents, fine – – just
click here to let us know.
        But if you are going to get a words-of-choice domain, please don’t ask us to insert your BIC system-generated URL in the documents and then after that, go and get your words-of-choice domain.  Why?  Because that will have wasted our time!  Your words-of-choice domain is the preferred one to insert in your marketing documents.  So we would have to do it all over again.  We would have to insert your NEW URL in the documents.
        Thus . . . if you’re going to get one, get it now . . . get it first, and then if you need assistance in inserting it in your marketing documents, ask us.  The sequence is:
  1. Get the words-of-choice URL first;
  2. Point it to your BIC system-generated affiliate link; and
  3. THEN insert it in your marketing documents, or ask us to do it for you
       Thank you . . . and may your marketing élan spread its beneficial radiance far and wide throughout the known world . . . 

Use This Ad



         Since this is an example of a jpeg image in your marketing resources zip file, it requires Photoshop to modify it and put your custom affiliate link instead of the generic BIC link.  If you have Photoshop and know how to use it, just replace “house-of-freedom-trust.com” with your affiliate link.  If you don’t have Photoshop, contact us and we will be happy to put your affiliate link into it.  Once again, it is preferred and recommended to obtain your words-of-choice domain first, and point it to your BIC system-generated URL. 


What Greater Gift Can You Give to Help People Than the Ability to Create Freedom?

               The purpose of creation is the infinite expansion of happiness, and the purpose of human incarnation on Earth is to expand happiness through service to others.  Brilliance in Commerce (BIC)  provides one of the world’s best asset protection instruments for freeing people from many of the dangers and enslaving influences of the global financial system – appropriately called the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust; and BIC provides America’s best unsecured debt cancellation system, also appropriately called “Liberty”.
               Hence by offering and sharing these two powerful tools, what greater gift can you share with people?  Freedom is the highest value in life . . . it is the essence of Love, the only reason to live at all.  As the “
How to Be an Ambassador of Freedom” document says at
https://brillianceincommerce.com/affiliates, the benefits of being a BIC Affiliate include:
Work smart, not hard
•             Specialize in making VIP introductions to organizations with big audiences
•             Allow us to be the experts and do all the explaining
•             Very little training needed
•             Leaves most of your time free
•             Our information liberates people from many debts and taxes
•             Our debt elimination system has had a 100% success rate since 2002
•             Our tax exempt trust has had a 100% success rate since the 1980s
•             Enhances your reputation and that of your referrals
•             Be part of one of Earth’s greatest humanitarian social services
•             Gain the satisfaction and peace of mind of spreading freedom to millions

For Affiliates: 3-Way Calls Available

               One of the easiest and most professional ways to bring customers is to engage in 3-way calls with your prospect, Taansen, and yourself.  Whether it is about the trust or about debt elimination, after your prospect has read the eBook(s) and/or the website, if s/he still has questions or discussion about a particular situation unique to him or her, you can introduce that person to Taansen on a 3-way call and Taansen will answer all his or her questions with you listening.  This accomplishes two things in one . . . it educates both you and your prospect at the same time, and could result in a sale and a commission to you.  Phone appointments are available during afternoons Pacific time, and are set in advance via email.
Click here to send the telephone appointment email request.

Even Better

Remember too that a third and possibly even more profitable way to use these 3-way calls is by introducing prospective affiliates to Taansen.  If you know of someone who has a large audience, or readership, or is great in marketing, s/he can be a sub-affiliate under you, giving you overrides on all the sales s/he produces.  If that person has read the eBooks and the website and would like a conversation with Taansen before proceeding, you can 
Click here to set that up as well.



If you have not subscribed to it, please do so


Glowing Professional Endorsement of our BIC Trust by Corporate CFO
         Following is an unsolicited endorsement we received from a recent customer of our Brilliance in Commerce (BIC) International Natural Law Trust:
         I have been a business woman for over 30 years:

* co-owning two S-Corp construction companies as founding member and CFO,
* Treasurer for a small non-profit,
 *co-founded my own non-profit,
* a “stint” as a stockbroker/insurance agent for the disappeared AGEdwards company,
* as well as being a California Notary for a few years, and
* performing business consulting on large construction contracts – last one was $34 million.

 I want you to know that your Brilliance in Commerce International Natural Law Trust is the best trust document I have ever seen.  I Deeply appreciate the care with which you have written this trust agreement and the way you have packaged it with manual and a few accompanying documents to render the greatest service to your customers with simplicity of using common English instead of the Very confusing language of most statutory law agreements – – “thereto, forthwith, henceforth” . . .
 Because I’ve read LOTs of contracts and been involved in a lot of statutory law governed events, I started doing my homework on asset protection trusts, Googling and buying books. My copy of the book you recommended, “The Art of Passing the Buck Volumes 1 and 2”, should be arriving this week.
 Customer Appreciation:  I want to tell you specifically, the way you have written this trust is Very easy to read, and you have covered all the various important points I was hoping would be addressed, from my short study of common law trust over the past few months (since November 2017).  I intend to be a Very knowledgeable Trustee for other trusts, and by using all the documents you have provided, I have confidence that My Trustee will be able to successfully perform the duties of this position.
 It gives me confidence to release complete control of my assets. Because we must all understand the documents which we sign, the use of common English instead of lawyer-legalize-language enhances our personal ability to make agreements with each other, with transparency of intentions and accountability described with clarity.
Sincerely, DH, Santa Barbara, California

Note: Dear <<First Name>>, if you have questions for D.H. and would like to connect with her,
click here to send us an email requesting it and we will pass it on to her. 

YouTube Playback Link for the Last Trust Webinars

International Natural Law Trusts

How to properly set up and operate a trust to maximize your asset protection

Click on the playback that you want:

January 17 webinar – 1 hour 59 minutes

December 5 Webinar – 1 hour 38 minutes

Main menu of BIC videos

Next: February 7, 2018 – 4:00 PM Pacific time –
 Join via computer or smart phone: https://zoom.us/j/860139371
Join via telephone: US: +1 669 900 6833  or +1 646 558 8656 ;  Meeting ID: 860 139 371

         Those are the basic details to save for Feb 7.  More elaborate details are coming in a future newsletter. 

Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group

                  Beyond merely cancelling your unsecured US-based debts through our BIC Liberty system, and/or setting up your BIC House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust and enjoying its benefits, there is a whole world of further intelligence and power you can gain in more advanced knowledge of individual legal status, personal sovereignty, offshore diversification, the privacy side of asset protection, multi-million dollar project funding, accelerated wealth creation, superior wealth management, and more.
                  All of these advantages and many more are now being offered to you at 
.  We are pleased to share with you now the relationship BIC has been developing over the past year with Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group.  These firms and several others are under the expert leadership of Mark Emery.  Mark is both a customer of our BIC House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust and an affiliate with BIC.  In addition, we are now in discussions regarding working more closely in a mutual collaboration.


                  Mark Emery is one of the greatest masters of asset protection, individual sovereignty, personal legal status, estate planning, investment management, international diversification, and freedom technology in the western world.  As you know, I have been around this field more or less full time since 1990, and have become acquainted with thousands of teachers and service providers in the freedom arena.  Mark is right up there in the top 2% or 1%, and on top of it all, he’s a nice guy . . . something even more rare . . . especially in the battle-scarred legal circles.
                  I have personally seen him helping solve people’s legal problems, delivering them from struggle and victimhood.  He has mastered the “PT” private legal status and is a living example of its benefits, living in spectacular homes overlooking the ocean, enjoying true freedom, and sharing it with others.  “PT” stands for Perpetual Traveler, Permanent Tourist, Prior Taxpayer, Passing Through, Prepared Thoroughly, and so on.  This is an international status that utilizes multiple passports so that wherever one happens to be, one is a tourist, and thus not subject to the local taxation laws.
                  Mark Emery has a broad background in international business and finance. He has a degree in Business Administration specializing in International Business and Language Area Studies.  He has lived in the USA, France, Costa Rica and now Panama and has been involved in international business, marketing and finance since 1975. He speaks 3 languages.
                  He is an author, an educator, an entrepreneur and a financial consultant teaching advanced concepts in business and finance. He established a credit union in Sweden from scratch with international clientele starting with minimum accounts of $100,000 or more. He was also involved in setting up a bank in Bahrain.  He is the author of books such as “One Freeman’s War in the Second American Revolution”, “How I Beat Satan and the IRS”, and various teaching texts, websites, and seminars.
                  He was the top Forex trader in Latin America for Kerford Investments International where he managed a trading office and taught trading to clients in addition to professionally managing client accounts for growth. He is the creator and developer of the PAM (Private Asset Management) system. Currently he is also the director of the Lighthouse Law Club and Monaco Management Group.  In November 2017, he named yours truly as a Member of the Board of Advisors of Monaco Management Group.
                  Major project funding and high net worth tax reduction are described in Mark’s 28 minute YouTube video about Avitance Consulting 
at this link This is of particular interest for wealth managers.   You can also meet Mark online and speak with him via the events announced at bic-lighthouse.com

                  Monaco Management Group is more for specialized consultation for high net worth individuals, customized for their needs in the fields of tax haven utilization, state of the art privacy methods, international business strategizing, and world class asset protection. 
                  If you are a networker and would like to join as an affiliate, you can get that procedure as well.  If approved, you would be an affiliate in the BIC group for Mark’s concierge of projects in his multi-tier affiliate system. 
.   Joining his Lighthouse Law Club is facilitated through that link, and the benefits include perfecting the sovereign mindset, higher levels of legal status, privacy, freedom from taxation, wealth expansion, and internationalized asset protection.  


Finally – High Quality Credit Repair For You (USA only)
          Hundreds of our readers have inquired about credit repair – – how to get negative entries removed from credit reports and raise one’s credit score.  In the past we have either referred readers to reputable companies or even collaborated with a few of them as a BIC service; but all of them proved in the end to be inadequate and lacking in performance.  It has been hard to find good and effective professionals in this field . . . apparently because it is a difficult and challenging task to be good at it.
         Finally now in early 2018 we are pleased to announce that we have identified no less than two excellent services to share with you.   One of them is Financial Education Services (FES), and the other is Anthony Gaalaas, The Credit Expert.  BIC has now partnered with both of them to expand the services available for members of the BIC network.   First, let’s look at FES. 

Financial Education Services (FES) (USA only)


         For $89 a month, FES offers both removal of negative entries as well as attorneys to sue the credit agencies on your behalf if needed.  Plus, FES offers a whole concierge of services:


FES PROTECTION PLAN – Protect Your Financial Future 
(that’s the one with the credit repair)
       However, this is our BIC warning:  If you enroll with FES Protection Plan, steer clear of LifeLock.  LifeLock supposedly protects you from identity theft, but due diligence on it indicates the following:

Experian sues LifeLock, alleges fraud
LifeLock founder a shady identity thief?
LifeLock dinged $12 million for deceptive business practices
LifeLock Founder Resigns Amid Controversy
Identity-protection firm LifeLock is still in trouble with the FTC
Hacked: LifeLock CEO spanked by identity thieves … 13 times
LifeLock to Pay $100 Million to Consumers to Settle FTC Charges it Violated 2010 Order
The shady past of LifeLock 

Therefore, if you are a customer of LifeLock, or are considering becoming one, you may want to reconsider.   You can access the other benefits of FES without enrolling in LifeLock.  (Please know that LifeLock is an outsource of FES; it is not part of it)

MY CARE PLAN – Essentials for Life’s Uncertainties
Includes Last Will, Living Trust, Healthcare Power of Attorney and Financial Power of Attorney.

BIC warning:  Steer clear of the Living Trust.  It is statutory and has only a tiny fraction of the benefits that our BIC House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust has.  Living Trusts involve attorney fees, filing requirements, tax reporting, bureaucratic paperwork, complicated legalese, and many other disadvantages, none of which our BIC trust has.  So consider this and manage your actions according to your own inner guidance. 

ULTRA SCORE – – Understand Your Credit Report
MERCHANT SERVICES – – Accepting Payments
SMART CREDIT – – Credit Scores and Credit Monitoring
SECURE CARD – – for raising your credit score when you can’t get unsecured credit.  The First Progress Platinum MasterCard® Secured Credit Card is a full-feature Platinum MasterCard® with a credit line based on a security deposit rather than on a credit score.
LIFELOCK – – STEER CLEAR – – see references above.


                  To enroll in FES or to get more information, see BIC’s FES affiliate link: 


Anthony Gaalaas (USA only)

        These days your credit is checked for everything – buying or leasing a home, a car, getting insurance for auto, home, health, and even life insurance, getting a job or promotion, opening a bank account, and the list goes on…!
        If you have fair to bad credit it could be costing you THOUSANDS of dollars each year not to mention the lost opportunities to leverage your credit to build wealth!!!
        Anthony Gaalaas is familiar with FES and the other credit repair companies out there, and distinguishes himself with a more personal touch.  He has created one of the best credit repair services in America by delving more deeply than most of the others into the inner workings of what it takes to honestly fix credit reports by quickly and effectively removing negatives and using the most legal, ethical, respected, safe, reliable, proven, authentic, and lasting plans of action for raising one’s score and keeping it high.
         He has won the praise and support of thousands of clients by maintaining honesty, openness, generosity, and going the extra mile to create satisfaction.   He shares some of the following statistics:

          Anthony’s company offers a two-tiered approach to Improving & Maintaining an EXCELLENT Credit Profile & Scores:

Part 1 – Credit Restoration:

The first part of his process involves helping to remove inaccurate & derogatory accounts from your credit report.  You will have a professional who understands the 200+ laws under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Billing Act, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, etc., writing dispute letters on your behalf.  He can LEGALLY challenge the validity of derogatory remarks and if not proven, PERMANENTLY REMOVE remarks, which will ultimately improve your credit!

Part 2 – Credit Education:

Second, he will teach you the rules of the “Credit Game” including a FREE Lifetime Coaching one-on-one with a certified Credit Coach.  He wants to educate you on what a credit score really is, what factors raise and lower that score, how credit card use affects your score, and many others tips that you won’t find anywhere else.  This will ensure that you are doing all you can do to help improve & maintain your overall credit profile to ensure the highest Credit Scores possible!
“Why wait for 7 to 10 years for the credit bureaus to remove derogatory items from your report when we can get them off now!“

Request a FREE Phone Consultation HERE.


10% Unactivated Trust Clients – How to Upgrade to 100% Activated


  1. Go to your referring affiliate’s Brilliance in Commerce link
  2. On the home page, below “House of Freedom Natural Law Trust”, click on “LEARN MORE”
  3. In the middle of the page, click on “Click HERE to Get Your Trust Now”
  4. Next to “PURCHASE OPTIONS”, click on “CHOOSE AN OPTION”
  5. In the drop-down menu, click on “Balance Payment”
  6. It will show $2,250.00
  7. Click on “ADD TO CART”
  8. Complete the shopping cart process from there.                   
     Or, if you don’t have $2250 but wish to pay $250 per month on the trust installment plan, that will put you on track to have your fully Activated trust in nine (9) months. (That’s 9 times $250 + the 1 $250 you have already paid.)   We have a subscription plan with our merchant account, which will automatically bill your credit or debit card for $250 once per month for 9 months, at which time then your VIP Activated trust will be delivered.  Let us know if that is what you wish to do, and we will arrange to call you to register you for the subscription by telephone. 

     (If you don’t have a referring affiliate, you may use this direct link to upgrade)

House of Freedom
International Natural Law Trust News

Watch Taansen on the 21st Century Superhuman Show ~ Trusts

           Show title: “TRUST – BEST Asset, Financial Protection & How to Get Yours!” – 21st Century Superhuman Show, Cary Ellis, Hostess – – link:
https://youtu.be/YU5pugz6788 .  Share this with your friends and family so they too can enjoy the benefits of a trust.

Many Have Asked for it – – Here it is – –
the Fascinating Art of Sovereign Trusts

           Many customers and prospective customers of the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust have asked for more extensive education around the whole topic of natural and common law trusts. 

          Our House of Freedom trust revolutionized the trust field by becoming simple and user-friendly – – omitting the huge amount of complicated legalese and pages of text stuffing that run up trust costs. We thus freed our clients from the extra expenses that ensure a lucrative career for lawyers and trust consultants.  Our trust brought the cost down to make it unnecessary for clients to go on hiring professionals to interpret and augment the trusts.  And it did all this while maintaining the unsurpassed bullet-proof strength of its asset protection shielding.  That is one of the reasons House of Freedom trusts have been considered among the best in the world.

           Nevertheless, many of our clients have wanted more education.  Beyond the manual that comes with the trust, many have wanted to understand the mechanics, the history, the reasons, the intricacies, the strategies, the variables, the diverse uses, the possibilities, the philosophy, and the other many nuances of the whole trust concept.

           We have thus identified a source of literature that provides the education you have been asking for . . . from an organization that does not write or sell trusts.  The Charles Arthur trust group out of Los Angeles, California, is presently providing our House of Freedom Trust clients the strategic, technological, legal, and philosophical education behind the crafting and operation of our trusts.


          Charles Arthur and associates provide one of the more rare and excellent streams of general education on the whole concept of sovereign trusts.  Further, they do not pose any competition to us because they do not offer any trust creation services themselves.  This was the perfect formula for cooperation and collaboration.

           We are thus pleased to recommend the book “Passing the Buck, Volume 1”.  You can order “Passing the Buck Vol. 1” at this link.  It is also available on Amazon.

          In addition, here is a link to a newsletter to which you can subscribe.  It is called Charles Arthur’s Passing Bucks. 

          Charles Arthur is also offering a free teaching series of newsletter articles they’ve previously published to those who are interested. All you need to do is click here to send an email request.   You will receive an email every few days.  We advise that you keep up with your reading since each article will build upon one other. You can opt-out at any time.

Interactive Educational Webinar Series

            Why is our House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust the best in the world?  Why is its type of design kept hush-hush by the elite?   Why is it so little understood by attorneys and CPAs? 

            These and hundreds of other questions – – including yours – – are being answered in our trust webinar series which began in December 2017.  We are very fortunate to have agreed to host one of the world’s few truly master teachers on this state-of-the-art trust design – – our very own Director of the Brilliance in Commerce Trust Department – – Randall Hillner.  See the webinar dates, times, web links, and telephone numbers inter alia in this newsletter and in future newsletters. 


Need a Professional Trustee?

           Having difficulty identifying whom you would like to play the role of first trustee or co-trustee on your House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust?  And are you not trained in how to be a trustee yourself?  Do you need someone trustworthy who is knowledgeable, experienced, reliable, and professional in the trustee role?
          If so, we can refer you to qualified specialists who understand and use this type of trust and who provide professional trustee services for reasonable fees.  If you are an existing trust client, feel free to contact our trust writer for referral to a professional trustee.  If you are not yet a trust client, then inquire about it when you place your trust order.


Many Have Asked – – about the Trust

Q:             How long does it take to set up a Natural Law Trust?
A:             Usually one or two business days, from the time that the trust writer receives the order.  Typically it can be one business day, but it depends upon questions he will ask you, your answers, his work load, how fast you respond, what special documents may be needed, customizations, unique arrangements, etc.  For example, he might make you settlor (grantor) and beneficiary, or he might make you trustee, depending on your particular use of the trust, intended relationship, and availability of friends or family members to fill any of those roles.  Sometimes a client is asked to find someone who is willing and qualified to play the role of trustee, and sometimes clients can take longer than expected to negotiate that arrangement with their friend or family member.  So that timing depends upon the client, not upon our trust writer.  If the client plays the role of trustee, then a decision has to be made as to who will fill the roles of settler and beneficiary.  This is all arrived at in one-on-one discussions with the trust writer, and then it is up to the client to decide.  Once all this is clear, the trust writer can basically produce the trust documents within one day.

Q:             What is the difference between trusts and other legal entities based on natural law, and ones based on statutory law?        
A:             Statutory law consists of millions of laws.  They change every year and are so numerous and complicated that they require well paid lawyers to keep up with them.  They have created a whole industry of lawyers that parasite off society because of it.  Such laws are generally designed to benefit the few at the expense of the many — the lawyers, the politicians, the big corporations, and the cabal’s favored interests.  Legal entities set up under statutory law are subject to those millions of laws, and require expensive and complicated legal expertise to defend them.
           Common law, by contrast, has been around for millions of years, and will continue to be around for millions of years.  It rarely changes.  It’s basically, “Don’t lie, don’t steal, and don’t violate the rights of others.”  It is the closest thing to natural law, or universal law, that is active in human affairs.  It was the basis of the US court system until 1938.  It is still the underlying authority, and is now returning in force.
           Trusts and legal instruments that are created under natural law have far greater freedoms.  They are subject only to the natural law, and are thus sovereign and immune from the ever-changing statutory laws.  They can go on generation after generation, well into the Golden Age, and flourish, because they’re based on what is timeless.

Q:             Please explain what is the Protector, Creator, Trustee, Beneficiary?
A:              The words Creator, Grantor, and Settlor refer to the same person . . . the person who has the trust created and who places assets into it.  The Trustee is the person in whose care and stewardship the trust is placed . . . who assumes the responsibility for the safety and proper administration of the trust’s assets.  The Beneficiary is the person (or entity) for whom the assets are being held, for distribution at a later time.  The Protector is the person appointed by the Creator and/or the Beneficiary to hire and fire trustees.  Not every trust has a Protector; whether one is appointed is the sole choice of the Creator and/or the Beneficiary.  See further information in chapter 18 of our book “The Natural Law Trust – -State of the Art Asset Protection for Peaceful People”, starting on page 19, entitled “Roles of creator, trustee, and beneficiary”.  The book is available from your affiliate or on our website.



Liberty Debt Elimination System News
Watch Taansen on the 21st Century Superhuman Show ~ Debt Elimination

           Show title: “Feel Good About Debt Elimination & How To Cancel Yours Legally” – 21st Century Superhuman Show, Cary Ellis, Hostess – – link: https://youtu.be/XHEWs47HSIw .  Share this with your friends and family so they too can get free of their debts.

Do You Have the Latest Version of the Liberty System?

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Interesting Article

NY Times: Student Debt Getting Wiped Out by Fraudulent Claims of Securitization

Want to Win $10,000 or $20,000 in Court?
Would you like professional help with the case?

          Annoyed by collector calls?  Are you receiving pesky phone calls from pretender lenders and their agents trying to get you to repay a phony credit card debt or a student loan debt, or any other unsecured signature line of credit?  Well, the Liberty Debt Elimination System comes with a free bonus zip file called “How to Collect Monetary Awards for Collector Calls”, as you know if you are a customer of Liberty.
          It describes how many people have won $500 to $1000 per collector call.  One man won $20,000 in one month in court from this.  He said, “I hope they keep calling – – I need the money!”
          However, most people feel intimidated by the learning curve needed to study the material and litigate the case.  If you would like assistance, it is available.  One of the lawyers on our legal team is available for filing suit for collector call violations.  His fees are very low.  If you were to win the absolute minimum of only $500 for one collector call, it is likely to more than cover the lawyer fees.
          If you are a Liberty customer and are interested in this, fill out and submit the form at our
Legal Resources page.  We will be happy to get back to you with the lawyer’s contact information.


The A.G.E. Pill


To supplement all the financial information herein that BIC normally specializes in, this is one health topic that has become just too good NOT to share with you.  What good is wealth without your health?   Many of our readers have already long since been involved with this fabulous new product which just came out in the USA last July, so if you’re already enjoying its benefits, congratulations!  But if you’re not, watch for another newsletter coming soon, which will go much more in depth about it.   I’ve been wanting to share this with my readers for a couple of months, so I’m good, but I’m not always fast!
For now, suffice it to say, short of having St. Germain’s White Elixir of Gold or his Atomic Accelerator Chair, the A.G.E. Pill is the greatest single thing thousands of us have ever come across for rapid restoration of perfect health, without having to spend thousands of dollars for Maharishi Ayurveda Panchakarma or millions of dollars for some long-suppressed Star Trek type technology or Jared Rand’s Med Beds which aren’t even accessible to most people yet.  The A.G.E. Pill is available right now and is producing unprecedented rave reviews by everyone we know who has tried it.
Every good health supplement out there has its testimonials, so that’s nothing new.  What is different about the A.G.E. Pill is that the testimonials are vastly greater both in sheer number and in the wide-ranging results people are reporting.  They’re simply off the charts!
Listen to Founder Tom Mower’s July 1, 2017 
introduction here (He calls it the “Fountain of Youth”
Good YouTube videos on it are 
at this link
It is an MLM, so if you have already heard about it from someone else, please honor them and use their distributor link to purchase the product or sign up as a distributor.  But if this is your first time hearing about it, you can use this BIC-associated link: 

Coming soon: A crypto currency company that is producing millionaires

Other  News
The endgame scenario to take back America from the Deep State/NWO agenda is now coming into full view.
High level sources have informed us a great deal of very revealing information is about to come out regarding the two-century-long plot to take over America.  This is VERY GOOD . . . because exposure means implosion acceleration, clearing the way for the Real, the Good, and the Enlightened.
Some of this information will be released in the form of audio and video recordings, which clearly demonstrate evidence of high treason against the entire US government and the President. The depth and breadth of these revelations will be like no other we have ever seen before and will shock the American people to the core.
As a result of the release of all of this incriminating evidence against the Deep State, we have been warned there may be some increased turbulence ahead for America as the magnitude of this information makes its way down through the masses.
Regardless, there are so many significant developments being pushed forward by the White Hats that are in a high state of motion right now, a major backlash is formulating against all of traitors to America. In essence, the purge of the Deep State has now shifted into high gear. 

Eliminate IRS Liens Quickly! (USA only)
If you have tax liens placed against you and wondering what to do about it, breathe easy – – we can refer you to an associate who has a method of eliminating liens that works usually within about 90 days.  This associate is a 40 year experienced mentor who understands the tax code inside and out. If you need help, 
get in touch with him.  He will review your situation for the best solution.   


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Humor of the Day
Swami Beyondananda’s State of the Universe Address
Cosmic Comic Pundit Swami Beyondananda Calls for Evolutionary Upwising
“Either we will have an awakening, or there will be a wake.”
– Swami Beyondananda


Greetings, Mirthlings!
Welcome to the state of the Universe — which is of course, everchanging, same as always.
Here we are once again in the here and now, just like last year at this time.
So … are you finally ready to live in the now?
Good.  We have been waiting for you.  What took you so long?
With time rapidly becoming a thing of the past (the calendar’s days are numbered, you know) people are living in the now like never before. Listen, I know. I was a futurist in a past life. But now, I have no time for time. I am living all the time in the Timeless Now. I think they call that All-Timers.
Meanwhile, here on Earth — or as it is known throughout the galaxies, the Comedy Channel — a critical mass of the heretofore uncritical masses are awakening to a serious truth.  There’s something funny going on.
Take politics — please.
America’s two political parties spent $4 billion on the last election and it worked — the American people were soundly defeated.  Once again the Golden Rule was overruled by the rule of gold, and the Constitution overrun by the prostitution.  The result is government in greedlock and rule by a one-party system where we the people haven’t been invited to the party.
We don’t exactly have a name for this new system, although I think Futilism describes it pretty well.  Thanks to government for hire, voting has devolved into an act of futility.  Whether we vote Democratic or Republican, we seem to end up with Dempublicrats running things.
Now some mystics — pessimystics they are called — would look at this situation and see a glass 95% empty.  As an optimystic I take the exact opposite position. I see a glass 5% full.
Yes, there is good news.
An evolutionary upwising is afoot, and left and right are coming front-and-center around a new common sense consensus.
In Colorado and now two other states, this has meant legalizing cannabis.  So what does this mean, other than in the Mile High State you can now legally get a mile higher?  For one thing it means a blooming economy selling transcendental medication.  Science is now finding that humans have THC receptors in the part of the brain called the “hippiecampus”.  When this area is stimulated, people see farce fields and laugh at invisible jokes.
There’s an old saying — and I know it because I myself made it up many lifetimes ago — the truth shall upset you free.  Once again, inconvenient truths exposed convenient lies. For example, now everyone knows our government is spying on us, and Public Enemy Number One appears to be none other than — the public.  Maybe the NSA needs to be balanced out by another three-letter organization, the ICU — Independent Citizens United, where citizens who intensively care about the rule of law can say, “I see you” and begin to oversee what we have until now chosen to overlook.
From Monotheism to Stereotheism, and a REAL Conspiracy
There was another sign of the upwising.  Pope Francis took a stand for social justice, making the Catholic Church more non-dominational.  And boy, are those purebred dogma breeders upset!  It just goes to show that maybe you CAN teach an old dogma, new tricks.
Maybe monotheism is evolving into stereotheism, where the same truth comes from multiple speakers, in many different languages, and some with no language at all.
After all, there is no harm in harmony, and no sin in synergy.  And in the end, every dogma must answer to the same Master.  Maybe if religions evolve in this way, John Lennon could imagine “no religion too” becoming “all religions true.”
And for those of us who want peace in the Middle East?
Let us first try peace in the Middle West.  A first step is to quiet our own barking dogmas, and listen to the silence.  Instead of just following the herd, follow the unheard … right into your own heart.  Imagine, Americans from all tribes coming into the same space of silence, and breathing together.  Now that would be a REAL conspiracy, and could expose and help us overgrow the con’s piracy we have now.
The evolutionary upwising calls on people everywhere to rise above the identity issues that each side serves up as dogma chow, and instead focus on the identical issues we face now — like being passengers and crew on Spaceship Earth, citizens and denizens of Gaia.
So, come on you Gaians!
Time to show your species’ pride.  And time to evolve from children of God to adults of Good.  Yes, I know.  We are collectively in this awkward tween phase called addled-essence.  Our essence has been addled by obsolete myth-conceptions.
A Three-Step Plan to Launch the Upwising
So, how do we un-addle our essence?  How do we launch this upwising to turn the funk into function, and leave the junk at the junction?
I’m glad I asked that question.
I have created a three-step program that is mathematically proven to work four times faster than 12-step.
If we want to have an upwising, we must wake up … wise up … and show up.
We must wake up to the awful truth and the awesome opportunity.  Yes the world is in serious condition, largely due to our conditioning to be serious.  Seriously.
And if the problem is serious, then the solution has to be humorous, right?  So we wake up laughing as we recognize that we’ve been running around in circles, chasing our tales.  These tales usually tell us that happiness is somewhere “out there”. It’s a sure sign of the upwising when those who’ve been in hot pursuit of happiness get struck by enlightening and realize, “Gee, I must have run right past it.”
And in this moment of fool-realization, we fully realize our foolishness and laugh in our own face.  This is called self-facing laughter, and it helps us illuminate our world from the inside out.  People ask me all the time, “How can I uplift humanity?” I take one look at their doomy and gloomy expressions and I say, “You can begin by uplifting the corners of your mouth in a smile.” When you feel the levitational pull giving you a natural face-lift, you are literally overcoming gravity.
Hearty laughter brings us from the static of the head to the ecstatic of the heart, and we take the second step to upwising — we wise up loving.  It has been said that the more we expand our hearts the less we will need to shrink our heads.  Beliefs lie in our head, love lives in our heart.  So … are you going to believe those lies?  Or live that love?  When you sacrifice being happy for being right, you know what they call it?  Smartyrdom.
With laughter and love helping us wise to the occasion, we take the third step.  We show up, living and giving.  Each of us has been given a special gift, just for entering.  So you are already a winner.  We are all here to let our light fully shine — the enlightened ones call this full-filament.  It is true that the unexamined life is not worth living, and equally true that the unlived life is not worth examining.  To “show up” means to live life fully, and foolly, laughing all the way.  Make a bucket list of all the undertakings you wish to undertake before being overtaken by the undertaker.  Express your unique love in the world, and make your life a work of heart.
Bring your gift to the party, and show up for the greatest show on earth — REALITY!  You know, reality.  That’s reality TV without the TV.  What a movie we’re in!  A cast of 7 billion, and all of humanity is in the hero’s role.  And the whole world is on the edge of its seat.  Will we achieve critical mass before we reach critical massacre?  Will there be an awakening, or a wake?
As the great baseball player / philosopher Willie Mays once said, “That’s what we’re going to play the game to find out.”
I end this State of the Universe with good news.  When it comes to transformation, we have all the time in the world. And that time is now.
May we wake up laughing and leave laughter in our wake.


 © Copyright Steve Bhaerman.  All rights reserved.
If you’d like to wake up laughing, why not enroll in the Wake Up Laughing class?
Swami Beyondananda is a noted social uncommontator and spiritual political pundit (If anyone punned it, Swami punned it first) and is the alter ego and brainchild of author and humorist Steve Bhaerman.  Steve and Swami can be found at 
www.wakeuplaughing.com and on Twitter @swamibe.

Copyright © 2018 Brilliance in Commerce, All rights reserved.


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