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December 16, 2018
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  • How to Access the Brilliance in Commerce Endowment
  • Global Currency Reset – Webinar on January 9
  • A Compassionate Private Placement Platform
  • New Wealth from Leasing Your Credit
  • The Circle Society – High Returns on Bitcoin
  • More Good News on the Tax Freedom Program
  • Debt Elimination– The Victories Continue
  • Recommended Book – Living Free . . . As a ‘PT’ 
  • Major News is Breaking Out All Over the Place
  • YouTube Playback Links for the Last Trust Webinars
  • Resources to Save – Index of Important Links
  • Humor of the Day

How to Access the Brilliance in Commerce Endowment
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Awakened <<First Name>>, Warm Greetings to You,
    The Brilliance in Commerce Endowment is the ever-growing network of investors, lawyers, wealth managers, financial consultants, and professionals in asset protection who all have one thing in common: we may not be perfect, and we are as human as anyone else, but we all favor peace and abundance for all humanity.  We have identified a few of the greatest wealth-creating, freedom-giving, and happiness-expanding systems in the world, and we’re always looking for more.  Our mandate is to share them with everyone who is sincerely interested and who has only harmless motivations. 
      Our only “no” is to “no” itself, meaning that we are 100% YES to seeing happiness, abundance, and enlightenment expand for all people, and the only exceptions to the “abundance” wish are those who are harming others.  Those who are destructive and harmful also need love, happiness, and enlightenment, even more than everyone else; but they should not be in charge of wealth and power until they have been quarantined and given the right spiritual practices to heal and awaken them.  Once they demonstrate sufficient transformation, then they can resume their rightful places in society, serving in whatever capacities their vibratory frequencies are most attuned. 
       For all those who are already peaceful, harmless, and life supporting, everyone at BIC is at your service.  We have dedicated ourselves to disclosing and delivering a few of the world’s most beneficial programs for liberation from old-paradigm enslavement, and for building whole new planes of freedom, happiness, and prosperity. 
        The Phase Transition between the dark ages and the Golden Age has endured a lot longer than most people expected, and it is still in full dramatic display.  Out of chaos, stars are born.  3D Earth is the place where anything can happen, and usually does. If you have had transcendence in deep meditation, then you know this is just a phase.  You have tapped into the timeless universal consciousness, and you are patient for the outer events to play themselves out. 
        While contributing to the global awakening in your own way, you may as well be free from debt, pay minimum taxes, have asset protection, enjoy freedom, and command greater and greater monetary wealth for the fulfillment of your ground crew mission.  All of these gifts are yours from Brilliance in Commerce.  If you have every one of these, you are already among a very small percentage of the world’s population. 

       In addition, sometimes these newsletters bring you unusual breakthroughs in health as well, and sometimes we offer information on powerful spiritual practices that open one’s awareness to the infinite as a direct bodily experience. All of these are important for fulfillment to be whole and complete.
       In today’s newsletter, we will disclose
How to Access the Brilliance in Commerce Endowment through the continuing success of our debt elimination and Natural Law Trust legacies PLUS a few more amazing announcements.  Enjoy . . .

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce


Special Webinar ~ January 9, 2019
Global Consciousness Reset => Global Currency Reset


                  Those who have watched this newsletter for years may realize this is the first time we at BIC have chosen to actually address the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and the RV (ReValuation of Currencies).  The Time Has Come for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that a large number of our trust and debt elimination customers are following the news about the reset and have asked us many questions about what we know about it. 
                  Hence when we resume our monthly Natural Law Trust webinars with Randall Hillner on January 9, 2019, we will devote the entire webinar to this topic.   Spread the word!  Another BIC newsletter closer to the time will announce the exact call-in or login coordinates, but now you can already put 7:00 PM United States Eastern Time / 4:00 PM United States Pacific Time, Wednesday January 9, 2019, on your calendar for this event. 
                  The humane distribution of boundless supply can be accomplished via millions of different channels.  These include the rise of crypto currencies, the ethical use of the blockchain, the Basel III mandate for a global asset-based monetary system, Saint Germain’s World Trust Prosperity Programs, NESARA-GESARA, the Swiss-Indo project, the Global Currency Reset (GCR), the correct implementation of Universal Basic Income, the mass funding of humanitarian projects by trading in bank instruments by those of enlightened intent, and ultimately the release of advanced technologies such as replicators which will create so much abundance that money will become obsolete. 

                  Books such as The Treasure of El Dorado by Joseph Whitfield disclosed the vast wealth from ancient Golden Ages that has been waiting for the right moment in mankind’s evolution to be safely released, when enough ego-centered evil has dissolved and humanity has matured spiritually enough to handle the power safely and responsibly.  In the meantime, the GCR is the inevitable outcome of rising world consciousness and improving integrity in commerce. 
                  For those who don’t know what the GCR is, we’ll keep it brief, because that’s not the intent of our January webinar.  In a nutshell, when the global monopolist cabal was running amok in previous decades advancing their dark agendas, one of their techniques was to forcibly devalue the currencies of many nations, in order to redirect those countries’ valuable assets to their own black operations projects. This is an old technique well known to warmongers.  Iran, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe are among the most devalued countries, but there are many others as well. 
                  With the rise of world consciousness and awakening integrity, the forces of light have been building momentum towards righting the wrongs done to these countries, and those on the right news lists have been seeing volumes and volumes of actual proof that many years of real events have already occurred to accomplish this.  Naturally the old paradigm lords of darkness have fought tooth and nail against this rectification of global economics.  That is why it has been taking so long. Intense power struggles have been going on behind the scenes.  Many times the world almost reached a breakthrough, and a new planetary monetary system was about to be announced, only to have more attacks, violence, distractions, murders, black magic, psychotronic interferences, atmospheric disturbances, and other delays foisted by the dark lords and their minions.  But despite these setbacks, those working for the light have been gaining ground by leaps and bounds. 

                  Most of the news about all this can be found somewhere in publicly available news sources.  It’s just that only a small number of reporters have been able to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle to reveal the true causes and reasons behind the events. In other words, the impending reset is not speculation and is not opinion.  It is proven fact, based on hundreds of already accomplished major events building up to the reset.  The efforts by the good people to bring benevolence, compassion, healing, and restoration to the most abused countries, and by extension to the whole world, have yielded historic progress in the last few years. 
                  Those who follow this topic calculated that if they buy the currencies of these countries for pennies on the dollar now, then when they revalue, they would be overnight millionaires.  It is estimated that anywhere from 5,000,000 to 20,000,000 people worldwide have purchased these currencies and are following the RV news. Those who understand this process properly can clearly see that this is not profiting on the suffering of the abused countries at all.  On the contrary, it is investing in their countries and helping the whole world by redistributing assets away from former dark agendas and instead into benevolent humanitarian projects. 
                  So being, hundreds of the blogs and message forums have been overflowing with discussions about project plans people are writing, to feed the poor, bring clean water to villages, cure diseases, bring solar power, and countless other global relief efforts.  A very positive consequence of this huge focus on humanitarian projects and the expectation of great wealth has been millions of people redefining and re-envisioning themselves as co-creators of a Golden Age. It has been at once a great spiritual evolution as well as one of the largest crash courses in prosperity consciousness in history in recent years. 

                  The downside is that a pretty high percentage of the RV followers have become repeatedly depressed when the RV didn’t come when certain prognosticators predicted it.  They became helplessly hypnotized by the prospect of the future and lost cognizance of the here and now.  Some quit their jobs and sold their homes, and then used up their remaining assets in the waiting game, thus downgrading themselves to poverty and extreme frustration. Many elders have passed on to the other world waiting, and many others have ended up in the hospital with serious illnesses. 
                  Hence the prospect of such a planetary change has stimulated a catharsis of stress for those in lower states of consciousness, and a constructive evolution of prosperity planning and self-training in wealth mastery for those in higher states.  
                  At BIC we are not into preying on people’s desperation for the dark night to end and the sudden “announcement” to be made. Surely you have seen hundreds of messengers out there who are doing this.  They will say anything to paint rosy pictures of what to expect by this coming Tuesday or next Thursday, and they gain big followings by giving hopium. Some of them profit financially from this by selling their related trusts or books or whatever.  Others just get inflated egos because of all the attention. All of them created false urgency. 

                  Although there is an overwhelming amount of evidence proving that such a GCR is inevitable, it is not our role at BIC to get into that argument.  Whether planetary peace and abundance arrives via the RV and GCR, or whether it comes some other way, we simply see it coming, and developing already.   We are not here to give dates, to sell hopium, or to make promises.  We are simply acknowledging that global transformation is underway, and we are crystal clear that it is positive, divinely guided, and destined for a universally benevolent outcome. 
                  We are also among the only ones we know of commenting on this who are acknowledging that the new system may be a blend of crypto currencies, government currencies, and the rumored Quantum Financial System.  This is another reason it has all been taking so long.  Not only has there been a powerful war waging between traditional bloodlines and the Bringers of the Dawn, but there are also many groups engaged in intense competition for what the new system will be.  It will most certainly not be merely devalued currencies being restored to their rightful values and newly asset-backed.  The worldwide forces are quickly evolving new computerized systems for money and economic administration, in lock step with the steadily rising collective spiritual consciousness. 
                  Thus our January 9 webinar will focus on practicalities . . . such as knowing the few SURE things that everyone should be doing regardless of what the new system turns out to be, and how long it takes to show up.  Some of these SURE things include knowing exactly why the Natural Law Trust (NLT) is the best instrument for asset management, why having it set up and operating BEFORE the RV is imperative, how to exchange the title of ownership of the currencies into it, how that frees the currencies from capital gains taxes, why this approach to asset protection is superior to “skeleton trusts” or other statutory entities, why the NLT type of trust design has been the choice of the elite for wealth management for many generations, how to structure layering for greater invincibility, considerations on estate engineering, and other things the seasoned rich as well as the nouveau riche need to know about being responsible stewards.  Thus even for those who have no interest in the RV or the GCR, the webinar is equally beneficial because it pertains to all types of wealth protection and management. 

Finally – A Compassionate Private Placement Platform for $100 Million and Above

         From 1992 to 2000, I did part time consulting in Bank Instruments Investment Programs, the ones that require $100 million minimum to participate in.  Bank instruments of this nature represent the crowning culmination of the monetary system, as it has traditionally existed to date. It transcends, embraces, oversees, and includes all other forms of finance and economics.  It is this that interested me about it in the 1990s, and which attracted me to become a consultant in it from 1992 onward. 
         It was the problems inherent in the industry – – the secrecy surrounding it, the denial of its existence in Forbes Magazine in 1998 by the very bankers who created it, the resulting smokescreens, the widespread disinformation, the daisy chains, the brokers claiming to be principals, the outright scams, and even when legitimate programs were identified, there were the problems of intermediaries circumventing other intermediaries and misdirecting the payment of commissions.  So I learned a lot, but was never privileged to develop a friendship with any of the true masters of the industry.  Until now.
         True masters would be defined not only as those who are creators of the actual instruments and overseers of the reserve accounts and zero risk trading programs, but who are also those who are in tune with universal law . . . those who are sans ego, who have no dark agendas, who are interested in the equal welfare of all humanity and all life, who practice honesty and integrity, and who keep their promises.  These are the ones whose word is golden.  Likewise, these are the ones who make sure that the funds thus generated really go to life-supporting humanitarian projects that are actually relieving suffering and making the world a better place. 
         This is what we have available now.  The industry has come a long way.  The world power structures have been getting cleaned out. The swamp has been getting drained. Former bad players have either been removed or have turned to the light and cleaned up their acts.  Now we have a direct relationship with at least one, and possibly two, genuine sources of the instruments at the highest levels, and the programs that trade them. 

         Readers of this newsletter who need nine and ten figure fresh cut Bank Guarantees or MTNs or other bank instruments, or a Private Placement Program (PPP), and have the funds to pay for them; or readers who know people of this caliber to introduce, are welcome to get in touch and we can talk. 



New Wealth from Leasing Your Credit

$200,000 to $600,000 Free and Clear with No Repayment

         Anyone with a documented American-based cash flow of $80,000 a year or more, and an Experian credit score of 750 or higher, may qualify for $200,000 to $600,000 free and clear with no obligation for repayment. This is the credit leasing program that was announced in the November 15 BIC newsletter.  This program is working successfully and those who responded and qualified are already on their way to getting their funding. 
          There is no cost, no risk, no fee, no investment, and no downside.  It is a win-win-win situation for everyone.   This is basically a self-liquidating loan.  Once the program is completed and the client has received all of his or her money, the client’s credit score will have gone even higher, and then s/he can enter the program again and receive even more funding all over again. 
         In addition, those with qualifying corporations can do the same thing in the corporate name and receive seven figures. It is one thing for a corporation to borrow capital and be able to use it profitably for good investments.  But if the capital has to be repaid in full plus interest, it doesn’t hold a candle to this program.  In this credit leasing program, no repayment is ever required. 

         Thus if you missed reading the November 15 newsletter, go back and read it.  It contains the full explanation and the invitation for response for those who are interested.  If you subscribed to this newsletter after Nov 15 and thus never received it, then click here to be taken to the archives of back issues. Then click on the Nov 15 issue to open it.  The subject of the newsletter was “Due Diligence Done: New Wealth from Leasing Your Credit“.



The Circle Society – High Returns on Bitcoin

         The Circle Society offers returns like 12% in 11 days, 55% in 12 days, 38% in 13 days, 75% in 14 days, and so on, all in bitcoin.  New investors can only get into it by invitation, and I created a domain forwarding for my affiliate link, which is www.bic-circle.com.  In other words, it is “For Members Only – By Invitation Only”. One can only enter via another pre-existing member. 
          Other members have earned big money with it.  I am only a recent member, so I am still testing it to see how it performs.  If you have bitcoin and would like to experiment with it, visit www.bic-circle.com and see what you think.  If you would like a copy of a letter of endorsement from an attorney firm and some other information about the Circle Society, send me an email and I will send these items to you. 


     For Americans


More Good News on the
Freedom from Income Tax Program

Authorized by Congress:
You Can
Become Personally Exempt


         We provided BIC Newsletter readers with introductions to this program earlier in 2018 and 2017.  If you are a taxpayer and didn’t respond, then that’s up to you.  Feel free to ignore this and keep supporting the international crime syndicate.  But if you didn’t respond because of fear, doubt, distrust, skepticism, disbelief, or procrastination, here is another chance to overcome those obstacles.  
          If you have seen other methods for freedom from income tax fail, then it might have made you distrust ALL approaches to it.  The special customized Revocation of Election (ROE) process to which BIC has been referring its readers should not be confused with the other majority of methods that have had less than perfect success.  Thus far, this particular ROE still enjoys a 100% success rate to this day. 
Click here to read the April 5, 2018 BIC Newsletter
           Click here to read the May 3, 2018 BIC Newsletter, and/or
Click here to read the September 22, 2018 BIC Newsletter

        In each one, you will find articles about the ROE, with the contact link to get further information and sign up for it. 

         Here is a message from Brent Bersbach, our BIC-associated consultant on the ROE:
Good news!
All is going perfectly with the ROE process and I have some good news to report to all past ROE filers in the ROE Club. 
I have learned that the IRS has no plans to challenge my / your ROE documents. I think it is best for all of us ROE filers for me not to go into great details of what I’ve learned recently, however, it is appropriate to discuss my findings in general.
The IRS has never put anything in writing to any of my ROE clients that says the IRS has removed the ROE filer from their taxpayer databases. We all understand that the IRS will never do this as then ROE filers would share this written notice from the IRS with their friends and family and this news would go “viral” and then millions of people would be submitting their ROEs and leaving the IRS’s Tax Club and the IRS’s racketeering scam would soon come to an end.
All ROE filers who sent the IRS their ROEs in the beginning (2014) and to date, know their ROEs have been positively acted upon and accepted by the IRS as no ROE filer has received any kind of challenge or opposition from the IRS since we began doing ROEs.  I’m now positive this trend will continue.
I now firmly believe, based on new information about the IRS, that our ROEs will never be challenged or opposed by the IRS. The IRS, on two different occasions, did send a letter to two of my ROE clients about two years ago that were “form” letters that basically said that the IRS didn’t understand their (ROE) “correspondence.” The ROE AFFIDAVIT is hardly a “correspondence,” but that’s what the IRS called it – in their “form” letter.
So, in a sense, these two IRS letters could be called “soft” challenges, but they were not really challenges. I responded to these two “soft” letters from the IRS and to date, these two ROE clients have not received another letter from the IRS and about two years has passed since the IRS received my responses.
The fact that the IRS took no further actions on these two “soft” ROE challenges can only mean that the IRS has no intentions to challenge my ROE documents, or they would have done so a long time ago. Also, why would the IRS only send out two of these “soft” letters and not to all of the ROE people I’ve assisted? The IRS is a very strange organization. 
I never heard from my two ROE clients after I drafted their response letters to the IRS, and I had forgotten all about this until I recently stumbled across the letters I wrote for them over two years ago. When I ran across their letters I contacted them and both confirmed that they hadn’t heard from the IRS since they sent my response letters to the IRS, and this is when I realized that the IRS has no intentions to oppose my / our ROE documents.
A correctly written ROE sent to the correct IRS office will get a person removed from the IRS’s Tax Club and they will never have to file another tax return or pay income taxes. For all you ROE filers who know the ROE works, tell a friend or family member so they can also leave the IRS Tax Club. When 2019 rolls in, we will be going on five years with no IRS opposition to our legal “non-taxpayer” tax status. The IRS is actually complying with the income tax laws passed by Congress, that allow us to be legal non-taxpayers (form 1040).
Happy Holidays!


For Americans


Debt Elimination– The Victories Continue 

Note of reassurance:  We estimate up to 98% of our Liberty Debt Elimination System (LDES) customers never have to go to court.  The victories in court reported in these newsletters are the successes enjoyed by the few who did go to court.  Everyone else who implemented the LDES according to its instructions had their victories too – – administratively, out of court. 
What happens to all the loans that banks make?  Securitization, that’s what.

Securitization explained Watch this 7-minute video

                  Our legal counsel is now recommending this video to all debt elimination customers.

If you haven’t read the eBook, click below. 

Watch for a near future BIC Newsletter for the announcement. 


Recommended Book

Living Free . . . As a ‘PT’


Living Free . . . As a ‘PT’: A first hand account of life as a ‘Previous Taxpayer’ and ‘Permanent Tourist’, by Mark Emery.

Paperback – just came out December 7, 2018.

         Most people lacking financial independence, wealth, or political power, aspire to one or more of these things, thinking that it will bring them freedom and happiness.  But most of the people who HAVE achieved these things have discovered that they are still plagued by the bonds of more sophisticated forms of slavery.  They discover a whole myriad of octopus tentacles seeking to tax them, steal from them, dominate them, control them, scam them, blackmail them, brainwash them, and sometimes even kidnap them and hold them for ransom, or kill them to get the insurance or take their estates.  In fact, billionaires and heads of state have been some of the MOST mind-controlled and abused – – making them some of the LEAST free or happy people. 
      Hence if even the wealthy and powerful are rarely FREE or happy, then what is the solution?  In “Living Free . . . as a PT”, Mark Emery has laid out the formula.  In the process he tells his own story, showing that this is not mere theory.  If you’re going to learn and master something, it is best to learn it from someone who is a living example of the success of it.  Here is that rare author who has lived it for four decades . . . who is living it successfully and still improving and expanding it every day. This is that rare knowledge which can give freedom to anyone – – of any country, of any status, of any economic level. 
      Studying this knowledge and putting it into successful practice in one’s own life is one of the surest ways to create a life of freedom and happiness known by only the few on this planet.  By doing so, one will have benefitted not only oneself, but the rest of society . . . by redirecting resources away from the enslaving and destructive globalist control syndicates, and towards life-supporting humanitarian causes.  In the process, one becomes a better person, more in harmony with nature, with humanity, and with the divine. 

      Mark Emery Writes

I’ve just released my brand new book ‘LIVING FREE…AS A ‘PT’.  This is the third in the ONE FREEMANS WAR series, and if you liked the first two, this one tops them all by a longshot. 

I’m giving away three $100 cash prizes to help with your Christmas if you get the book and give me a review on Amazon.  
Here’s how to win…!
Get the book and be one of the first 20 people to write a review on Amazon.  You can do both on this page.  You’ll find the button for ‘Write a Customer Review’ when you scroll down to the bottom of the page.  Email us immediately upon submitting your review and include the content so we can recognize the correct reviewer and can contact you if you are a winner.

Once 20 reviews have been submitted, 3 numbers will be drawn randomly from a hat.  Each number will represent the number of the review as listed in Amazon in chronological order.  

Get the book…and you’re a winner no matter what! 

Win an extra $100 for your review and we hope the extra cash will bless you. 
Proceeds are helping desperate people and animals with unimaginable suffering in Venezuela.   See what we are doing there. Click Here
You will be delighted with this book you’ll be helping others at the same time who will be delighted by your support.   Make this a meaningful Christmas. 

If you’d like to do more to help those suffering in Venezuela, Click Here and may God bless you! 
We can make this the best Christmas ever by giving the gift of love to those in need.   Your time and attention with someone who needs it can mean much more than money ever will.  Look for those opportunities to give and feel the joy which you will create for all involved!
Merry Christmas!
Mark Emery



BREAKING NEWS!!! Congress Demands FBI Probe and the Arrest and Prosecution of Hillary Clinton, Obama 
We’ve been hearing for years about the “sealed indictments”, but this is the first time we’ve heard that they’re starting to UNSEAL them . . . IT’S STARTED – BREAKING: DC DISTRICT COURT partially unsealed hundreds of indictments

Trump Lays Groundwork To Ban Mandatory Vaccinations Across U.S. 
Above Majestic – #1 on Amazon and #1 on iTunes – just-released disclosures on the secret space program by David Wilcock, Corey Goode, et al.  For rent on Amazon for $4.99.  
The Event Trailer – Sci-Fi ‘cover’ for the Secret Stargate program – hiding it right out in the open 
Time to upgrade our vibrations . . . our defenses. This company gives away iPhones for $1. Do not get this IPhone. There is something in it to control people 24 hours a day, even without WiFi.  All the new phones made in China are coming with it. – – Junebox – iPhone XS
Secret service foils Mossad assassination attempt on Trump at White House Christmas tree lighting ceremony – the cabal is going bonkers 
Ohio became the first U.S. state to accept tax payments in the form of cryptocurrency 

Why Santa Claus is REAL and the Father of the Deep State is Dead – High State Uprising 
California WILDFIRE: David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching TRUTH, Exclusive Interview [Part 1/3] – Truth is ohooooo sooooo much stranger than fiction


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