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December 1, 2017
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  • Major discovery – impressive so far – please help us evaluate
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Your Assistance Requested

For Americans only, for now

Dear <<First Name>>,
            My good friend, partner, and General Manager of Brilliance in Commerce, Lawrence Wilson, and I wish to request your assistance in evaluating a very unusual opportunity.  The bad news is we have been burned before, and even shared a program in early 2016 with our readers that bombed (the mortgage refund program).  It cost our company a lot of money and cost some of our readers whatever fees they volunteered to put into it.  The good news is that experiences like that have made us that much more cautious, careful, discerning, and committed to preliminary due diligence.  Adversity, if used wisely, only makes us sharper.  We have thus become less likely to make such mistakes again.  We truly and deeply care about our readers, and we have become so extra-cautious that some say we have passed up opportunities we should not have.  So be it.  As the saying goes, “once burned, twice shy”.
            Now in the last few months, we have been in the early stages of evaluating one of the other most interesting looking opportunities we have seen out there.  The first thing you should know about this one is that there are no fees.  That’s right – – they’re not asking for your money.  It’s not an investment, and it’s not a product or service to buy.  Thus it’s not something that has any financial risk.  That is the prime reason we felt the risk is pretty low in going ahead now in sharing the information with you, before we have fully completed our due diligence.  What we have learned thus far is intriguing enough to merit opening it up to you now, so that if you wish, you can assist us in evaluating it.
            Our impressions are positive, but not conclusive.  We suggest that you take a look, do your own due diligence and act according to your own decisions.  We welcome your feedback and input.  If you prefer to stay back and just observe for a while, that’s fine too.  We will be happy to keep you informed as our investigation 
In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce


Financial Alchemy: Make 6 figures a year using your credit
Major discovery – impressive so far – please help us evaluate


  • Stop using your credit as debt.  Let us show you how fast and easy it is to use credit as a vehicle to profit.
  • Receive money from your FICO score — See if you qualify and receive a minimum of $10,000 if you are approved.  The goal is to take you into $100,000 and beyond. 
  • After personal funding via a credit joint venture, the next step is corporate funding at $1,000,000 and above.
  • New clients can get started with all this with zero out-of-pocket expenditure.
  • This is not an investment.
  • It’s not anything that asks you to pay anything.
  • It’s not a prelude to an upsell.
  • There are no products to buy.
  • You don’t have to already have a high credit score.
  • No requirement to sell anything.
  • No requirement to refer anyone.
  • No requirement to perform any services.
  • Obtaining the benefits does not require one to treat this as a job or a business.
  • There is no “catch”.
  • It’s not like anything ever offered before.

For too long Americans have been taught to use credit to create liabilities.  For YEARS our FICO score has been used to manipulate us into terrible financial decisions. We are then forced to work today to pay down debt for tomorrow. It’s no wonder why 2/3 of the population struggle with poor credit.  68 Million Americans have slow to bad credit.

MISSON: Referral Wealth Builder

I would like to introduce to a company called, Referral Wealth Builder (RWB). The mission of RWB is to help all Americans learn the power of their FICO score by first repairing their credit and then providing their students an opportunity to then utilize that new 700 to 800 credit score as Credit Joint Venture Partner (CJVP).


Referral Wealth Builder teaches its students how to use credit as a cash-producing asset instead of creating liabilities that enslave most Americans.  By joining the RWB platform a student can enhance their credit, and by doing so become a Credit Joint Venture partner and quickly position themselves to receive passive monthly income and lay a the foundation for creating real wealth. All by helping the student first repair their credit. 



The General Partner will provide the following benefits on a best effort basis to the General Partner JV Partner under the terms and conditions of this agreement:

  • General Partner is to lease, rent, and utilize of JV Partner’s credit and pay a monthly fee to our JV Partner for that utilization. At the end of 36 months a balloon payment is paid to our JV Partner.  Our minimum target amount for the balloon payment is $200,000.
  • As part of the partnership we offer debt elimination. (Optional)
  • A trust set up to reduce taxes by 98% or more. (Optional)
  • Passive income in the form a Life Insurance Strategy. (Optional)
  • We do credit repair as a way to bring in partners and enhancement when needed. (Optional)



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