11/15/2018 – Due Diligence Done: New Wealth from Leasing Your Credit

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November 15, 2018
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New Pathways Available for Empowerment
<<First Name>>, Warm Salutations to You,
    Most everyone in the world agrees: banks and government are corrupt.  The classic archetype of “the banker” in movies is a greedy, cruel, and insensitive person.  The entire money and banking system seem to be completely stacked against the general public.

During this ending dark age, everyone has observed that the entire banking and monetary system in place constantly steals from the masses, from those who cannot afford to help themselves, and keeps it in the hands of the wealthy. In the system, as it is designed today, once you make a mistake with money or credit, you are sentenced to a lifetime of hell. Everything from insurance to credit cards to auto loans and even secured mortgages will cost you multiple times of what it would if you never made a mistake and had perfect credit.

Fortunately, now world consciousness is rising fast. Accordingly, improvements in distribution are indeed appearing.  On the highest level, more enlightened beings are walking among us than ever before, most of whom never handle money personally.  They transcend money in their personal lives because they function from a higher level, whereby they either use the power of materialization directly, or magnetize the distribution needed to fulfill their missions.

More wealth and prominence are being manifested by enlightened masters now than have been for thousands of years, which in turn results in exponentially greater opulence for all mankind.  This process will culminate in a smooth evolutionary transition beyond the confusion and chaos of the scarcity of the dark ages.

Books such as The Treasure of El Dorado, by Joseph Whitfield, chronicle the reawakening to the undeniable facts of our actual vast and awesome inheritance from past Golden Ages.  And even within the remaining monetary system, more people are becoming millionaires than ever before.  It is logical that as world awareness rises and we draw nearer to a return to universal free energy and an enlightened reward system, access to wealth within the existing monetary system is becoming available to greater and greater proportions of the masses of people.  This has been appearing in the form of advancements in the ways money is distributed.

That is exactly the theme of today’s newsletter.  Why fight the darkness or complain about it?  Just BRING THE LIGHT!  HERE IT IS!!

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

For countries outside USA ~ this could work ~ please inquire

Due Diligence Done:
New Wealth from Leasing Your Credit

How to Get Unprecedented Access to Massive Credit
and Capital for the Average Business or Individual

Including the Option for 6-and-7-Figure Self-Liquidating Loans
Non-Repayable – – Non-Recourse
Tested and Proven – Relationship Established – Integrity Confirmed

No Cost – – No Up-Front Fee – –
No Out-of-Pocket Fee – – No Investment

     We at Brilliance in Commerce are pleased to announce that over one year of due diligence has been completed on a company that specializes in self-liquidating capital funding from a credit leasing program for both businesses and individuals.

This means for corporations with the right credit profile and income, one to two million dollars can be realized that does not have to be repaid, because it is part of a larger amount of credit issued which is invested with sufficient returns to cover the debt service and interest.  The client is guaranteed under contract to have no liability for such repayment.

Likewise for individuals who have a 750+ credit score and $80,000+ per year in verifiable income, six figures in funding can be obtained via the same process described above, with no need to repay.   Therefore here is a formula to create wealth fairly quickly even for individuals who at present may not have such a corporation at present.

     There is no up-front fee or cost to enroll in this program.  The company’s fees are taken out of the profits generated, so it is a zero-risk proposal for clients.  This can work worldwide as well, although arrangements in each country vary on a case-by-case basis.

The most important part of our due diligence was in referring clients to this service and watching to see if it worked for them.  It did.  They got funded.  We have seen the proof and it is verified.  In addition, we have spent over one year investigating many other aspects of this service, and developing a relationship with the CEO.

If the capital is used correctly, for life supporting purposes, it is a positive and evolutionary use of the capitalist system that is in harmony with universal law and is beneficial to the world at large.  This is what we call “good debt” in our debt elimination eBook.  Sovereign individuals have the right to use this system ethically and still maintain their status. 

Therefore, BIC is now in direct collaborative partnership with the CEO of this company, under independent contract, to refer clients to its credit leasing program.

For those who don’t have the required qualifications, you need not feel left out.  You can partner with us as affiliates, and receive commissions for qualified referrals.  Thus no one can say that there is anything unfair for anyone about this proposal.

More information follows below. 

For countries outside USA ~ this could work ~ please inquire

No fees to pay
Not an investment
Not a product or service to buy
Not something that has any financial risk

Financial Alchemy: Make 6 or 7 figures a year using your credit

•          Stop using your credit as debt.  Instead, use credit as a vehicle to profit.

•          Corporations:  Upon approval, lease your credit and receive typically seven figures – – $1M to $2M and more.  This is paid in installments.

•          Individuals:  If you are approved, lease your credit and receive a minimum of $10,000.  The goal is to take you into $100,000 and beyond. Many individuals have received $200,000 to $600,000 and more.  This is paid in installments.  After personal funding via a credit joint venture, the next step, if you wish, is to get set up for corporate funding at $1,000,000 and above.

•          Get started with all this with zero out-of-pocket expenditure.
•          This is not an investment.
•          This is not a job to work at or a business for you to run.
•          It’s not anything that asks you to pay anything.
•          It’s not a prelude to an upsell.
•          There are no products to buy.
•          Already existing high credit score helpful, but not required.
•          No requirement to sell anything.
•          No requirement to refer anyone.
•          No requirement to perform any services.
•          There is no “catch”.
•          It’s not like anything ever offered before. 

For too long Americans have been taught to use credit to create liabilities.  For YEARS our FICO score has been used to manipulate us into terrible financial decisions. We are then forced to work today to pay down debt for tomorrow. It’s no wonder why 2/3 of the population struggle with poor credit. 68 Million Americans have slow to bad credit.
MISSON: Credit Lease Program
We would like to introduce you to a Credit Lease Program.  Its mission is to help all Americans learn the power of their credit score by providing their clients an opportunity to utilize that 750 to 800 credit score as a Credit Joint Venture Partner (CJVP).
This Credit Lease Program teaches its students how to use credit as a cash- producing asset instead of creating liabilities that enslave most people.  By joining the Credit Lease Program platform a client can become a Credit Joint Venture partner and quickly position himself/herself to receive passive monthly income and lay the foundation for creating real wealth.

Question:  Since we at Brilliance in Commerce publish information on how to eliminate debts, and teach that bank loans are fraudulent, why would we appear to be interested in favoring the use of credit? 

Answer:    Read our eBook, if you haven’t already – – “How to Outright Cancel 100% of Your Unsecured Debt”, particularly the section “The Difference between Good Debt and Bad Debt” (pages 4-5).  The short answer is, bad debt is what we teach people how to cancel.  Good debt is when you enter into it voluntarily for good investments that multiply your money and lead to wealth.  That’s what the Credit Lease Program does. 

The General Partner will provide the following benefits on a best effort basis to the General Partner JV Partner under the terms and conditions of the agreement:

General Partner is to lease, rent, and utilize the JV Partner’s credit and pay a monthly fee to the JV Partner for that utilization. At the end of 36 months a balloon payment is paid to our JV Partner.  The minimum target amount for the balloon payment is $200,000.

            As part of the partnership, debt elimination is offered. (Optional)

A trust set up to reduce taxes and enhance estate planning. (Optional)

Passive income in the form a Life Insurance Strategy. (Optional)

Credit repair is offered as a way to bring in partners and enhancement when needed. (Optional)

This program has the ability to turn the personal credit of qualifying clients into six figures in income to the client, with no requirement of funds of any kind from the client.  They don’t charge any fees and they don’t want your money.  You cannot invest money with them and so you can put away your wallet, your credit cards, and your checkbook.  They also do not require that you perform services, sell anything, refer anyone else, or turn this into a business, in order to receive the financial benefits.  All they need is what big lending institutions want – – evidence of sufficient already existing income, and a decent credit score.  That’s it.  Then they work their magic and have delivered payments to a growing number of clients in the last few years.

Their magic is achieved by first applying powerful credit enhancement techniques, if necessary, to raise one’s credit score even higher.  Then they get lines of credit issued on your behalf into the six figures.  They are partnered with a hedge fund that has the 20 to 1 leverage ability that big banks do.  Hence the loan capital they source based on your credit is increased 20 to 1, and entered into high-speed low-risk trading.  The profits from the trading create the company’s percentages, the payments to you, and commissions to the affiliates who referred you.

They are contractually obligated for 100% of the paydown of the credit utilized.  In other words, the client is never responsible to pay back the debt.  It is paid back automatically by a portion of the returns on investment, and is totally the responsibility of the General Partner, not the JV Partner (the client).  It is a win-win-win situation for everyone.

The fast track with the Credit Lease Program is available to those who already have incomes of $80,000+ and FICO scores of 750+. However, the Credit Lease Program has programs to take people from any level.  Those with scores and incomes lower than that are furnished with steps, courses, and services to bring them up to those levels.  Hence it is a true wealth creation plan for anyone at any level.

First Class Client Experience

The Credit Leasing Program offers two distinctly different customer experiences, for two totally different types of customer. Entrepreneurs come to this because it has a dynamic and unique way of arranging LARGE volumes of credit capital to assist them in starting or growing a new business. For this Credit Consulting Service a consulting fee is charged that would be a percentage of the total loans achieved.

Then there is the other type of customer who would be an individual or entrepreneur looking for monthly cash flow in the form of income. Those individuals are offered a Credit Lease. The customer that participates in a credit leasing program will receive monthly lease payments for use in their credit profile.

The Credit Leasing Program can either provide business start up funding, and/or help you recapitalize and grow your existing business—OR the Credit Leasing Program can put you in a beneficial position with passive residual income based on the total credibility you have.

The entire process, from evaluation to satisfied client, will vary. Many clients are able to go through the credit program and become a benefiting customer in under four weeks. Those clients with any credit repair or income tax challenges could take up to six months.

The Ideal Client

The ideal client for the Credit Leasing Program would be someone who has an income upwards of $100,000 annually and a credit score close to 800. In addition, this person should have a minimum of 4 actual credit lines or loans on his or her credit report.

So how does this work in terms of what you would go through as a customer? Let’s take a look at both paths of customer experience to be had. Right before we get to that let’s review what will be necessary for a customer to go through our review and qualification process. As the first step, a potential client would be instructed to go to www.creditchecktotal.com and buy the basic Credit Reporting Package at $29.95 and give access to it. If there are any challenges with setting up that account, the client may also use www.experian.com. This combined with his or her net income from line 37 at the bottom of their tax return on form 1040 page 1 is all that is required to do an in-depth assessment.

Credit Consulting Clients

Credit Consulting Client: As stated, the ideal client for this avenue would be someone who has an income upwards of $100,000 annually and a credit score close to 800. In addition, this person should have a minimum of 4 actual credit lines, or loans, on his or her credit report. The Credit Leasing Program consultants do have the ability to do credit repair on clients in the 700-800 credit score range and fix the credit of a client if the need arises. This must be reviewed on a client-by-client basis and it is done free of charge. The cleaner someone’s credit is, the more credit or money their credit profile will be worth. Repairing credit is a challenge to do correctly and it takes time.

Once this client’s credit report and income have been properly reported and cleaned up, the next phase is the on-boarding process, done by the underwriters. They will sit down and have an explanatory conversation on exactly how the loans will then be applied for and how the cash will flow to the client.

Ultimately, as the loans are completed and funded, the client will have his or her money.  The Credit Leasing Program ONLY takes its consulting fee at the end of delivering on all of the promises.  This should demonstrate to you that all the risk is on their end – – and so they are highly motivated to make sure you succeed!  The consulting fee varies from ten to twenty percent of the gross loan amounts.

Credit Profile Leasing Clients

Credit Profile Leasing Client: As with the previous situation, the ideal client for this avenue would be someone who has an income upwards of $100,000 annually and a credit score close to 800. In addition, this person should have a minimum of 4 actual credit lines, or loans, on his or her credit report.

Once this client’s credit report and income have been properly reported and cleaned up, the next phase would be the on-boarding process, done by the underwriters. They will sit down and have an explanatory conversation on exactly how the loans will then be applied for and how the cash will flow to the client.

This is where the programs differ. Since this is a Credit Lease, the Credit Leasing Program will be making a lease payment to the client. Much in the same way General Motors receives a lease payment when you lease a car, or if you are renting an apartment or home, it works the same way. To come upon the value of the monthly credit lease payment that will take place for 36 months, the total value of someone’s Credit Profile is taken, and one percent of the total value of all of the money their credit profile can borrow will be paid out at the credit lease. If someone is able to borrow $500,000 then his or her monthly Credit Lease Payment would be $5,000 a month.

The monies from the Credit Lease are transacted as follows: there will be checks or transfers from the lending entities to the client for each loan. For each round of funding, when all monies are received by the client, they will be sent instructions by the Credit Leasing Program on how much to retain towards the first months of payments and how much to forward as the Lease Consulting Fees. For the subsequent months, the Credit Leasing Program will be sending the monthly payments at the same time the client is also receiving their monthly income, for the remainder of the thirty-six-month contract term.

In the end, this type of client will experience 36 months of passive residual income as well as having their loans all paid off. Then, post a 90 day cooling off period, that will allow for the credit reporting agencies to catch up with all of the loans being paid off as agreed, the client could then again enter the program as a client.

     If you have the credit score and income qualifications, or if you know of people or corporations that might, and wish to be an affiliate for this, feel free to go ahead and click here to send an inquiry to us about this.  We will be happy to discuss it with you and obtain answers to your questions.

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