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October 4, 2018
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Co-Creator <<First Name>>, 

Well how about that!  With so many thousands of global reset predictions having never been fulfilled in the last ten years, finally one was – – yesterday. 

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) tested the sending of a short notice to all cell phones in America on October 3.  I saw it myself on my own phone, as did other friends.  It came exactly as predicted, at 2:18 PM Eastern Time.

What does that have to do with the reset?  Plenty . . . but that is beyond the scope of this newsletter.  If you follow the reset news, you already know.  It is a step in the long chain of requirements to overthrow the old rule of darkness, and replace it with a more sane, humane, and universally harmonious global administration. 

Scott Mowry wrote: The real purpose behind testing of the Emergency Alert System is to ensure President Trump has the ability to reach the American people as he is about to be banned across all social media platforms including his Twitter account.

The swearing in of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court was another milestone achieved to restore a Constitutional Court and pave the way for the 51,000+ indictments to be unsealed and acted upon.  So this is all good news for the evolution and ascension of planet Earth. 

On October 10, on our 10th Zoom trust video webinar, our Hawaiian trust writer extraordinaire, Randall Hillner, will be continuing the discussion on the curious topic of understanding the short but essential manual that comes with the Natural Law Trust.  It will expand on September’s disclosures and supplement them.  You are invited to join us.  Details are below. 

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

You are invited:
Trust webinar 10 on October 10

The Fascinating Art of Sovereign Trusts

Online Webinar Series

Trust Webinar 10:  October 10, 2018

Ascending Evolution of Trust Knowledge

The importance of the trust manual – Part 2


Times on all dates will be: 
7:00 PM Eastern – 4:00 PM Pacific – 1:00 PM Hawaii Time
Next: Wednesday October 10, 2018

– – expected to continue and to be announced thereafter – –

Times on all dates will be: 
7:00 PM Eastern – 4:00 PM Pacific – 1:00 PM Hawaii Time
Expected length of each webinar – 1 or 2 hours (depending on questions & answers)

            For those who cannot make these times, playbacks will be available and announced in these newsletters.  The advantage to live attendance is the ability to ask your own questions live.

Enrollment Fee:  – – $0.00 – – (for now)


How to Attend
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When prompted, key in the meeting ID: 912 280 592

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How to successfully attend Wednesday’s trust webinar
      The Zoom video system is considered by many to be the top online meeting venue in the world, with some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings.  Thank you for your patience as we learn better how to master it! 
       If you would like to see the visuals of the webinar on your computer or smart phone screen, and if you have not already downloaded the Zoom software and installed it, it would help you to do that today . . . and it only takes 2-3 minutes, depending on your Internet speed and device speed.
       The reason for doing it today, or as soon as possible before the webinar, is so that when the webinar begins, you won’t have to bother with it then.  Some people previously ran into glitches, confusion, and roadblocks in installing the software in the past.  If you’re trying to do that right when the webinar starts, then you may miss a lot of it.  So if you start the process well in advance, it gives you time to overcome those obstacles.  Then when the webinar begins, you can just click on the link and start viewing and listening.
         The link is:  
         If you have already installed the Zoom software on your device in the past, then you’re all set . . . just wait until the time for the webinar to begin, and click on the above link.  But if you have not already downloaded and installed the Zoom software, then after clicking on the above link, it will prompt you to do so. Simply click through the prompts and follow what it says to do.  Complete instructions cannot be given here because it varies depending on what device you are using – – a PC, a Mac, Android phone, iPhone, etc.   Besides, the process is supposed to be completely automatic.
        IF you run into any difficulties in this process, go to
https://zoom.us and click in the lower right corner where it says “Help”.  That will open up a little window that says “How can we help?”  Type in “Chat” or “Start chat”, press Enter (Return), and that will get you into a chat with one of the Zoom support staff.  Then describe the problem you are experiencing and they will guide you to the resolution.  Their chat help is open 24/7 and is available to everyone.  Their phone help is only available to Zoom paid account holders.
        This is why it is wise to do this today . . . or sometime early before the webinar on Wednesday . . . to give you time to get any roadblocks removed in advance.
        If you don’t wish to bother with this, or don’t need to see the visuals because you plan to listen while driving in your car or something, then just use the telephone connection.  By telephone it can’t be any simpler . . . just dial the number, put in the access code, and you’re in.  No software to download.   All the details are repeated below.  See you on the webinar! 


    Trust Questions and Answers    
Q:             I heard that if the Trust pays the taxes on the profits earned, then when it is dispersed, it is not taxed again.  Is this true? We don’t want any issues with the IRS.
 A:           Ah well, this indicates that you have not read the trust eBook.  The seriousness, sincerity, and thoroughness of your questions show that you are determined to create a perfect arrangement . . . and so if you are that dedicated and that determined, you should at least take a few hours and read the eBook.  It is available in the trust section of the website for download as a pdf. 
            You will not have any issues with the IRS (and for clients in other countries, this applies to your tax agencies too) if you understand the Natural Law Trust (NLT) correctly and if you set it up and operate it correctly.  One of the biggest mistakes you could make is to get a Natural Law Trust and engage even in one communication with the IRS about it.  The only exception is the application for the EIN, which is for banking purposes only. So the IRS will know of the existence of the name, and one or two facts, but nothing more.  Most of the information about who the officers are, what the assets are, and what is being done with them, is unavailable to the IRS and is never disclosed to them. 
            So whatever you have heard, did not apply to the NLT.  It must have been some other trust you were referring to.  The NLT has no paying or filing requirements, as clearly explained in the eBook.  “The only rights you have, are the rights you know you have.”  Let that sink in until it is crystal clear. 
            If you were to file a return for an NLT and pay, even once, then you are stuck with that relationship for the rest of the life of the trust.  Observe this truth and guide your actions accordingly. 
           Again, read the eBook, and especially read the tax section and the FAQs. Then hopefully both your confusion and your worries will completely evaporate. We’ve been involved with these trusts since the 1980s, so we have over three decades of proven experience, with thousands of clients.  Not one single problem with the IRS has occurred, ever, with any of these trusts – – but again, on the condition that the client using and operating the trust understands the trust’s right to privacy – – and operates it accordingly.  The good news is, “operating it accordingly” is actually about 100 times easier than operating it in compliance with the overwhelming myriad of statutory regulations and tax rules. 

If you have not read it already,
Click here to read the Trust eBook

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Our BIC invite link is: bic-q.com


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For Americans


~ Examples of Successes ~
Liberty Debt Elimination System

For Americans
• Why did my score change?
• Why is it different with each credit bureau?
• Why is it different online, at the car dealership,
and the mortgage lender?
• What is my TRUE credit score?!?!
(picture below is for example) 
More and more, people are being told how important it is to “protect your credit score,” “improve your credit score,” and “find out your credit score for free!” — and by all accounts this growing chorus is making the average person more keenly interested than ever before in their credit score and how it works.

There’s just one problem with this new focus on the “almighty” credit score: in reality, we don’t have just one credit score. On the contrary, each of us actually has over 40 different credit scores!

Yes, you heard me right! And I agree with you, it’s RIDICULOUS & confusing!!!

So remember, I’m just the messenger, but I will try to explain the best I can how this system works. There are two components of this system, Scoring Models and Credit Scores.

Scoring Models

First of all, there is a different scoring formula applied to the information on your credit report based on who wants to know your credit score.

For instance, if a potential employer wants to know your credit score, a different formula will be used than if a mortgage banker wants to know your credit score.

This is because the mortgage broker cares much more about your history on mortgage payments than a potential employer, who wants a more general picture of your financial trustworthiness.

So, this “different scoring formula” also applies to:

• security clearances
• tenant screening
• auto loans
• furniture loans
• and so on…

And, it is different between ALL 3 credit bureaus as well.

Here’s an exact quote from Equifax:

“The Equifax Risk Score [a Consumer score] and the credit file on which it was based may be different than the credit file and credit scoring model that may be used by lenders.”

Insurers may also look at your credit history, but typically not your numeric score, since they’re assessing risk, not creditworthiness. Insurance underwriters use the data that’s found in a credit history with one of the three bureaus to determine a consumer’s likelihood to file a claim.

And another thing that will affect your credit score is that not all creditors report to ALL 3 bureaus. Just so you know, there isn’t a law that says they have to.

While there are many different scoring models, the same principlesfor improving your credit score apply across the board.  What is far more important than the number itself is understanding what you need to do to make that number better. The scores may be different, but risk factors tend to be very consistent from one credit score to the next. So focusing on what’s in your reports could help you build your credit overall.

And don’t think you’re okay just because your online credit score comes in over 700. You still want to take the steps necessary to ensure that there is NO negative information on your credit report so you can make sure your credit scores are the best they can be.

Because there are hundreds of credit scores that measure many different probabilities, consumers generally do not need to be overly concerned with the type of score or even their number. It’s also important to note that your credit score is a variable which can change every time your credit report changes. Removing derogatory remarks alone will not increase your credit score – it’s making sure you’re following the steps below.

Credit Scores

A credit score is a three-digit number used by financial institutions to evaluate your creditworthiness, or the likelihood that you’ll pay back your debts. When a consumer applies for a credit card, mortgage, student loan, auto loan or other line of credit, a lender usually pulls a credit score to help the lender decide whether or not to extend credit.

There are six key credit-influencing factors that are commonly used in calculating your credit score, although the actual credit score number may differ depending on which credit bureau (Equifax, Experian or TransUnion) pulls the information and what kind of credit score model is used.

1. Open Credit Card Utilization: Your open credit card utilization rate is your available credit compared with how much you’re using at any given time. It can be calculated by taking your total open credit card balances and dividing that number by your total open credit card limits. The resulting percentage is your utilization rate. It’s important to note that your credit card utilization rate is not calculated by looking at the balance you carry over from month to month. It is calculated using the balance you have at the time that your credit card issuer reports to the credit bureau. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry over a balance from month to month. You could maintain a healthy credit card utilization through regular credit card use and paying off your balance every month. So, for the best scores, never use more than 25% of your limit ever!

2. Percent of On-Time Payments: Your percentage of on-time payments represents how often you make payments on time. It’s often a heavily weighted factor in calculating a credit score, so just one or two late payments could significantly affect your score. Paying creditors on time is one of the best ways to keep up good credit health; it shows lenders and creditors that you’re reliable and will pay back your debts.

3. Number of Derogatory Marks: These include accounts in collections, bankruptcies, foreclosures, and liens. A derogatory remark on your credit report will severely impact your credit score in a negative way. Derogatory marks typically take seven to ten years to clear from credit history on their own. A derogatory mark could have a huge impact on your chances of getting approved for credit; it indicates to a lender that you may have significantly mismanaged credit in the past.

4. Average Age of Open Credit Lines: This factor averages the ages of your open credit cards, mortgages, auto loans, student loans and other lines of credit on your credit report. If your credit history is lengthy, lenders have more information to accurately assess creditworthiness. It’s also frequently an indication that you have been able to successfully manage your credit. For this reason, closing your oldest credit card account is typically ill-advised. It will shorten the average length of your open credit lines and reduce your available credit, possibly increasing your credit utilization rate. Think carefully about when you may want to close an old credit card account, and when you may want to avoid doing so.

5. Total Number of Accounts: This credit score factor totals up your number of credit cards, auto and student loans, mortgages and other lines of credit. Consumers with a higher number of credit accounts generally have better credit scores, since they’ve been approved for credit by more lenders. Also, having various types of credit–both revolving and installment–on your profile can positively contribute to your creditworthiness. However, it’s typically not recommended to open several new lines of credit simply to increase your total number of credit accounts. This factor of your credit score is usually weighed less heavily than the rest. If you are in the market to apply for new credit, make sure you first read reviews and research which product is right for you.

6. Total Hard Credit Inquiries: The final factor commonly used in your credit score is your total number of hard credit inquiries. Hard inquiries occur when a financial institution, such as a lender or credit card issuer, checks your credit in order to decide whether to approve you for a loan or credit card. A hard inquiry may occur when you apply for any of the following:

• Auto loan
• Student loan
• Business loan
• Personal loan
• Credit card
• Mortgage

One hard inquiry could negatively affect your credit score by a few points, but the effect typically will begin to lessen after a couple of months. Multiple hard inquiries generally will more significantly impact your credit score, and can communicate to lenders that you are desperate for credit or are unable to qualify for credit. For this reason, it’s a good idea to avoid applying for several lines of credit at once.

Conclusion: It’s important to know that while some of these factors are weighted more heavily than others, no one factor works independently of the others. Each one can contribute to your overall credit scores.

Finally, to answer the questions at the top:
• Why did my score change? 
For any number of reasons listed above.
• Why is it different with each credit bureau?
Any number of reasons, including whether creditors report to each bureau.
• Why is it different online, at the car dealership, and the mortgage lender?
Different scoring models, different risk assessment, etc. – see above.
• What is my TRUE credit score?!?!
There is no true credit score!!

Remember, we offer a two-tiered approach:

1. Credit Education: To educate you about what you have to do to increase and maintain an excellent credit profile and scores.

2. Credit Restoration: To dispute and try and remove as many derogatory remarks as possible.

If you implement our recommendations, your score WILL improve over time.
For more information or to verify what I’m telling you, just get online and spend some time researching this topic.

Disclaimer: All information above was accurate at the time of its initial publication. Efforts have been made to keep the content up-to-date and accurate. However, A.C.E. does not make any guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of the information provided.

Then do yourself a favor and request your:
FREE 15 minute Phone Consultation today

It won’t cost you a penny to talk to them, but it could cost you $$THOUSANDS$$ if you don’t.

Also, click HERE to check out Client Reviews and some of their results.



Here are some salient quotes from Benjamin Fulford’s 9-27-18 newsletter that reflect our own predictions of what is coming on Earth:  The Swiss branch of the Rothschild family, the BIS, and the Elders of Zion sent a representative last week [Sep 17-21] to Japan to negotiate surrender with the White Dragon Society (WDS). . . .  the banking families are willing to surrender . . . they acknowledge their current system of printing money out of nothing and distributing it via connected insiders is becoming dysfunctional and headed for a catastrophic collapse.
The WDS reiterated its position that a jubilee is the only answer.  In particular, a global financial reset would need to include a one-time write-off of all debt, public and private, and a redistribution of assets illegally obtained through fiat finance.  The end result would be to ensure that everyone on earth owned their own home and had no debt.
The WDS also proposed setting up a future planning agency to help coordinate a multi-trillion-dollar campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and responsibly release suppressed technology—in particular, technology that would make immortality possible for those who wish it.
The BIS representative was supportive of these proposals and promised to take them to “the people in Zug, Switzerland.”  [from 
From Scott Mowry’s 9-3018 newsletter Get ready; it is about to escalate into a very wild, crazy and chaotic scene as the systemic takedown of the Deep begins to accelerate toward a spectacular climax. Numerous October surprises are just waiting to be revealed.  
The entire confirmation process of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has turned into nothing less than a Shakespearian drama. 
Really, what is actually going on is the White Hats are with the process of taking back control of the Supreme Court so our Constitutional Republic can be restored, 51,000 (and counting) sealed indictments can be opened and the long overdue arrests of the Deep State cabal can commence. 
In addition, the US Congress is about to be returned back to the people at the Midterm Elections on November 6 while the Deep State criminals have been exposed by these latest developments. The upcoming Midterms will be the most important in US history. 
And “Q” has provided us with amazing details from the behind the scenes of many of the events over this past week.   [www.miraclesandinspiration.com]

YouTube Playback Links for the Last Trust Webinars

International Natural Law Trusts

How to properly set up and operate a trust to maximize your asset protection

Click on the playback that you want:

September 5, 2018 ~ 1 hour 42 minutes – Understanding the trust manual

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April 11, 2018 – 1 hour 33 minutes remedies for breach of trust by trustees

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January 17 webinar – 1 hour 59 minutes – understanding the role of the trustee

December 5 Webinar – 1 hour 38 minutes – general overview


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