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September 17, 2018
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  • Replaces many other supplements – cost = $0.00
  • Breakthrough: Somaderm is Wowing People
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Radiant <<First Name>>, 


      Somaderm is Wowing people!  My good friend Derek Wiersma, the southern California magnate in Germany’s Karatbars Gold who has the world’s largest organization of gold investors in Karatbars, called me up on September 14 and informed me about Somaderm.

This is very rare for him.  He normally avoids 99.9% of all MLMs.  He is a former banker.  But fortunately, he tried Somaderm, and it has started to blow his mind, just as it has thousands of others.

<<First Name>>, Derek has proven his integrity to everyone who knows him over the years.  He is NOT a salesman.  He doesn’t hype things.  He tells it straight.  If there is something negative about a company or a product, he will tell you.

His life mission is to help people.  First, to help them acquire gold and create financial independence.  And now, to help people gain reversal of aging, restored youthfulness, eradication of ailments and diseases, and unprecedented wellness.

He has always demonstrated humility, accessibility, and an in-service here-for-you attitude.  He says “no question is insignificant”.  If you have a question, whether about Karatbars or Somaderm, whatever, he is happy to answer.

While he is wealthy, he has no ego about it and is not class-conscious.  He helps the poorest people as thoroughly and sincerely as he does the VIPs and tycoons.  He answers his phone seven days a week.  If I get his voicemail, he calls me back.

Thus we are very fortunate to have one of the greatest Fountain of Youth products in the world to be shared with us by someone as kind, giving, and generous as Derek.  Take a look below. 

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

Benefitting You and Your Family and Referrals

Thus it can replace many other
supplements and medicines. 

If so, the net cost = $0.00.
Maybe even put money (savings) in your pocket. 

Powerful, Fast, and Safe
Breakthrough: Somaderm is Wowing People
Homeopathic Transdermic Skin Gel
Stimulates the Pituitary Gland to Resume Producing Youthful Levels of the Body’s Own Natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
Plant-based  | | |  Vegan   | | |   Organic   | | |   Natural   | | |  No side effects
Spreading Explosively Due to Results

History: The traditional injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been taken by athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and other wealthy people for decades, to quickly lose fat, gain muscle mass, increase energy, and “miraculously” become  younger.  It has been one of the most powerful and effective Fountain of Youth elixirs.  See the book “Grow Young with HGH: The Amazing Medically Proven Plan to Reverse Aging“, by Ronald Klatz. 

Problem:  The traditional injectable Human Growth Hormone (HGH) has been expensive and risky, ridden with side effects.  Google “HGH side effects”, and you will see about 6,760,000 results come up! And, typical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can cost upwards of $7,000 per month.

Breakthrough Solution:  New U Life, founded by Alex Goldstein, has  come out with Somaderm – – the only transdermal, FDA registered product, containing Homeopathic human growth hormone.
It is transdermal – – rubbed on to the skin – – rather than ingested, because ingesting it gets destroyed by the saliva and digestive system, and very little of it reaches the body.  By putting it on the skin, it is quickly absorbed directly into the bloodstream. 

Results:  No side effects, except for a mild headache experienced by a minority of users, only in the first couple of days.  Otherwise, most people report no side effects at all – – only side benefits. The FDA studied it for seven years, and approved it due to no side effects. 
• Better mood
• Reduced wrinkles
• Heightened natural energy levels
• Healthier hair, skin, & nails
• Restoration of hair growth
• Increased joint mobility
• Fat loss
(especially around waist)
• Greater muscle tone
• Enhanced Muscle Mass
• Improved Sleep
• Increase in strength
• Improved memory
• Increased bone density
• Enhanced libido
• Lengthened telomeres
• Faster recovery time
• Alleviation of joint pain
• Etc. etc. etc. 

For the last 25 years, Dr. Frederick Sabido has been one of NYC’s leading oncological surgeons. He also owns one of the busiest hormone treatment clinics in the tri-state area.
I can tell you one thing, I would never endorse any fly-by-night drug that’s over the counter. I’ve used this Somaderm myself. I’ve seen the benefits. I see 500 patients (female and male) per week in my hormone practice. I put this on my shelf and my staff hands out literature for all of them to use to better themselves. I’ve made myself the guinea pig. I’m ecstatic with the results. My patients are raving about it. I don’t know what else I can possibly say as a surgeon. It’s going to make you a better and healthier person all around.” – – Dr. Frederick Sabido, MD

Does It Make Cancer Cells Grow? 
One of the problems some people experienced with the expensive intravenous HGH was that if they had any cancer cells in their body, it would sometimes reactivate them and make them grow.  Fourteen years of testing New U Life’s homeopathic transdermal gel Somaderm version has proven conclusively that this problem does not happen with Somaderm.  The reason appears to be that it is an adaptogen, in that it merely gives the pituitary gland what it needs to replenish the body’s own internally generated HGH, just as it did in one’s late teens and early 20s.  This natural restoration of intrinsic HGH strengthens the immune system and goes first to where it is most needed to destroy invaders and shield itself against destructive influences. 

E X P L O S I V E  G R O W T H !
     For 14 years, Dr. Goldstein shared the formula privately with patients.  During the last 7 years, it was going through the FDA approval process.  Then in December 2017, he did a soft launch with friends, family, and a few others, and created the California company, New U Life.  By January 2018, there were over 400 customers and distributors.

The company was deluged with orders, and ran out of products.  For four months, nobody could get any products, while a new manufacturing facility was quickly established in Iowa.  During that time, by mid-2018, the number of customers and distributors had mushroomed to over 50,000.  The growth rate is only increasing.  It could easily get to 500,000 within a few more months from now.  Hence the management asks – – if you experience any hold times on the phone to customer service, or any glitches in the website, or delays in receiving products, please be patient!  The company is working as hard as it can to accommodate the explosive growth.

Over that entire past 14-year period, it was discovered that there is approximately a 93% customer retention rate.  With so many thousands of choices on the market and so many new things coming out all the time, it is quite rare to find a product that has experienced that kind of loyalty and long-term stability.  That is another testimony to both its short-term and its long-term benefits.


How to Order 
The cost is $59.00 to register (annual fee) and you may chose either 1 bottle enrollment pack ($161.24, includes tax and shipping; tax is only charged if you reside in CA) or a 4 bottle enrollment pack ($491.49).   You are also set up with an auto ship for 1 bottle per month (or you can choose a max of 2) when you register.  That can be canceled at anytime if you choose as well.

(It shouldn’t ask you for the Rep ID, but if it does, put 153749)


Thus it can replace many other
supplements and medicines.

If so, the net cost = $0.00.
Maybe even put money (savings) in your pocket. 

For Those Who Wish to Market It

     A distributor position comes automatically with the $59 registration.  You are given your own replicate website, and a back office with full marketing resources. 

     If you have a Natural Law Trust, you can have the commissions paid to it.  If you would like your individual personal name shown on your replicated website, then fill in your individual personal name in the first name and last name fields.  If you would like your business or trust name displayed on your replicate website, then enter that business name in the first and last name fields.  If your business name has three words in it, for example, you could put the first two words in the first name field, and the third word in the last name field.  There is also a field for the company name, but they will display what you put in the first name and last name fields.  Then in the SSN / EIN field, put the EIN of the trust. 

    When you have completed the first two or three pages of registration, then it will bring you to the product ordering section.  Please note that if you wish to get commissions on those you refer, you must be on autoship.  If you wait until later to go on autoship, and if you refer people who purchase, the commissions will go upline until such time as you go on autoship of at least one bottle per month. 

    To understand the compensation system, open and export to pdf the “Compensation Plan Booklet” and other marketing documents in the “Resources” section of your back office, once you have registered. 

Go to: https://newulife.com/brillianceincommerce

(It shouldn’t ask you for the Rep ID, but if it does, put 153749)

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