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June 29, 2016
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Judge Anna von Reitz

The Story of Judge Anna von Reitz – – in her own words

Karatbars is Exploding! Climb Aboard this Spaceship Now and Ascend with Us!

An Unprecedented Opportunity:
Millionaire Mentoring for You

Royal Solomon – – our Introductory Speaker

The Spiritual Significance of Gold

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Humor of the Day

~ 200% of Life ~
Gifts Overflowing from La Verite

Dear <<First Name>>,

We are very appreciative for the praise and complimentary comments from readers about the quality of these newsletters! Your comments are always welcome. As you are enjoying your warm summer in the northern hemisphere, or a cool winter if you are in the southern hemisphere, consider that our birthright and destiny is 200% of life . . . 100% inner fullness and 100% outer fullness. This means outer third density physical health, wealth, happiness, beauty, and perfection; and inwardly, purification of all the subtle bodies, removal of all higher dimensional clouds of ignorance, opening to the vast expanses of cosmic consciousness, awakening to universal oneness, realization of the personal self as the Universal Self, enlightenment pouring in from the absolute unmanifest great central sun, and irreversible awareness of the already-existing timeless eternity of immortality.

The dark age on Earth is ending, and our commitment has been to help raise world consciousness and usher in the Age of Enlightenment, which has included helping people get out of financial trauma . . . such as the slavery of debts and taxes. This is why our Liberty debt elimination system has been offered since 2002, and is the best in America to our knowledge. Likewise this is why our House of Freedom trusts have been protecting people’s assets, privacy, and freedom worldwide, flawlessly for three decades.

Do you donate food or clothing to the homeless? Do you contribute to charities, churches, humanitarian projects, or environmental causes? Why not donate a Liberty debt elimination system to someone, to relieve them of tens of thousands of dollars of debt slavery, and put an exponentially greater amount of prosperity in that family’s hands for years to come? If you haven’t already, go to debt-elimination.net and learn all about it.

Why not give a House of Freedom trust to a family member as the finest legacy of givingness ever? As an estate planning tool, no finer gift could be considered. The tax exemption and the other protections and freedom it affords are priceless. Those in possession of the undervalued foreign currencies in expectation of the revaluation (RV) are now being required by the Chinese-controlled exchange centers to have a non-statutory trust, and our House of Freedom trust is the best non-statutory trust there is. More info is at house-of-freedom-trust.com.

Then on the positive side of wealth creation, the greatest excitement and response lately to anything we have offered has been around the Karatbars Gold. That program is absolutely exploding! See more information about that later in this newsletter.

Experiences of Higher Consciousness Spreading

Humanity is finally awakening from its cosmic amnesia, slowly but surely. This awakening is gathering speed and momentum with every day that passes. Many people are horrified at the outer conditions they find around them upon first waking up, but this is a good thing, because it is the first step towards correcting them. And the bright side of it is that awakening by its very definition carries with it a permanent higher baseline level of happiness. Regardless of the discovery of how low mankind has sunk in ethics and management of inner and outer conditions, the fact that consciousness is rising is in itself the flowering of the nourishing divine juice that empowers new virtues and brings the beginnings of an ever-rising eternal bliss. It reveals the wisdom of that thing called universal love, unconditional love, which is finally understood, experientially, for the first time.


Three Weeks until Next Newsletter and Radio Show
Many people are taking their vacations this time of year, and so please enjoy with us some rest and recreation as we do some traveling and allow a fabulous amount of new positive developments to unfold before we publish the next La Vérité Newsletter in mid-July and broadcast the next Brilliance in Commerce Blog Talk Radio show on Wednesday July 20. There will be no show on June 29, July 6, or July 13. But on July 20, we plan to have a major new attraction for you . . .

Judge Anna von Reitz

Brilliance in Commerce Radio Show
Next Radio Show – Wednesday July 20


Brilliance in Commerce – Episode 12

Wednesday, July 20 – – 4:00 PM Pacific Time / 7:00 PM Eastern Time USA

Guest Speaker Judge Anna von Reitz speaks on gold, her new bank, mortgage cancellation, individual sovereignty, the restoration of the American Republic, and more.
Anna has over 11,000,000 readers and listeners . . . find out why!

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Participate via Internet: http://tobtr.com/9047611

Questions can be asked via the call-in number by pressing 1, and also via the online chat room.


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You can access all the links to our previous radio shows on our newly developing Brilliance in Commerce website at https://brillianceincommerce.com/radio-show .


The Story of Judge Anna von Reitz – – in her own words

I am just a Great-Grandma from Big Lake, Alaska. Whoopee, right? There is nothing so stellar, so unusual or special about my life. I was born and raised in a little country market town in the Midwest, Black River Falls, Wisconsin . . . .

The Midwest is a good place to grow up. If nothing else, the weather teaches you to accept challenges and have faith. If there is too much rain, it floods. If there isn’t enough rain, it dries up and blows away. Either way, you have no control over anything, so you learn early on to trust God and watch the weather forecast.

I was probably waiting to catch the weather report one afternoon when I just happened to catch C-Span’s coverage of Nelson Rockefeller’s confirmation hearings as Gerry Ford’s VP: what else is there to do on a Tuesday afternoon in Black River Falls, Wisconsin? This was all part of Fate dealing me a hand . . . . and the question was asked, “How much money did you make last year, Mr. Rockefeller?”

And the reply was something obscene like, 480 million . . . ..

And then, the question came, “And how much federal income tax did you pay last year?”

And the defiant answer, “None.”

Just that, none.

I knew right then and there that I was on the short end of the stick and that something was desperately wrong in Adams Township. I blinked, I scratched my head, I went on . . . .. but that was a pivotal moment.

The seeds of skepticism were well and firmly planted. In the years that followed I went to college, rambled around the world, fell in love, fell out of love, had all sorts of jobs—- but always, I kept picking up on discordant little bits and pieces of information that just did not fit the standard propaganda.

How, I wondered, is it possible to be “free” —-and face jail time for failure to fork over 40% of your income to the government—- nbsp; at the same time?

How can you be “free” if you have to sign paperwork and fork over another 7% of your income just to have a job in your own country?

How, I wondered, is it possible to have a “mortgage contract” when you are the only one who signs anything at the closing table?

Why, I wondered, do certain government documents and certain kinds of bills always come addressed to MY NAME in all capital letters?

Everything and I do mean everything that has followed has been the result of this kind of inveterate, involuntary, nagging process of questioning things that didn’t seem quite right, didn’t agree with logic, or didn’t agree with what I was being told by everyone around me.

Somewhere in there I came to Alaska, fell in love for real, ran businesses, had kids, survived a wildfire, lost my house, was adopted by numerous cats and dogs, rebuilt my home, and continued to observe government. And most of what I observed was crooked, or bizarre, or both.

I might have quietly simmered my life away, except that after the wildfire I received (courtesy “the government”) a U.S. Small Business Administration Disaster Loan.

Well, it wasn’t a loan, and the “U.S. Small Business Administration” wasn’t the “U.S. Small Business Administration” either, but that’s another story.

Then I had to restructure my business as a result of the wildfire that ate my home, which required yet another consultation with the Internal Revenue Service.

I went to their office, asked them a series of questions, wrote down their answers, and asked them to sign off on what they had directly told me moments before. And the nice lady sitting behind the desk blinked at me and said—- and I quote—– “I couldn’t possibly do that!”

This is equivalent to asking when Moose Season begins, being told, “August 15th”, and then having the expert who just said it, refuse to confirm it. Once again, there was that little shock of cold water, that tingling sensation, the “Scam Alert!” going off inside my head.

Now, I want you to know that I did NOT want to believe that the Internal Revenue Service was a confidence scheme operation, or that my government was involved in peonage and debt slavery, or that well-known government agency would lie to me about the biggest purchase of my lifetime. Like most people, I much preferred to believe in Mom, Apple Pie, Good Faith, Good Government, and the American Dream, but what I could see was plain enough—–and I could only conclude that the dream was becoming a nightmare.

So I started digging—- relentlessly digging through hundreds of thousands of pages of gobbledygook legalese—the entire Internal Revenue Code was just for starters.

By 2008, I had painstakingly deduced the structure of the world based on public records. That doesn’t mean I liked it. It doesn’t mean I agreed with it. It means that I knew, and in knowing, I became responsible.

Ever known about a crime? I mean, flat-out, no-doubt-about-it, have you witnessed a crime?

What I witnessed in the process of reviewing all those many, many, many documents, is a crime of mind-numbing proportions.

So after complaining to the Pope, I settled in and wondered—- what next? And the sense of urgency festered. When you know that a crime has been committed, your first duty to society is to report it to those responsible for the administration of justice. So I reported. And reported. And reported. But the problem was, and to a large extent still is, that those entrusted with the administration of justice are part of the problem.

The FBI? I wrote them at least a half dozen full reports detailing interstate banking fraud, probate fraud, foreclosure fraud—— and they did what? Nothing. The Coast Guard which is supposed to protect us from inland piracy and press-ganging? —-Nothing. The US Marshals? —–Nothing. State Troopers? After considerable bewildered butt scratching, one Trooper finally said, “Well, Ma’am, that’s considerably above my pay grade!”

I felt like saying, “Mine, too!”

My bio? You want my biography? Well, this is it. I started out wondering how I could be enslaved and “free” at the same time. I found out.

The rest of the story is up to you and Amy and Joe next door and Phyllis down the street and Connie at the Motor Lodge and Bernie walking the beat and Bruce down at the bar and George keeping the books, because in truth and in fact, this is not and never was about me. It’s about you. It’s about all of us.


Anna von Reitz is Now in Our La Vérité Karatbars Gold Group!

Learn about Anna’s Newly Forming Bank on the July 20 Radio Show (details earlier herein)

Karatbars is Exploding! Climb Aboard this Spaceship Now and Ascend with Us!

An Unprecedented Opportunity: Millionaire Mentoring for You

To “super-charge” your financial portfolio, we ask that you consider joining all of us at La Vérité and other high-level patriot freedom-fighters in our quest to establish great Health & Happiness, Long-life, Pro$perity & Abundance, & great Wealth . . .

We want you on-board our “A-Team”, the “Ascension Team” ~ we feel that you can become a major player, not so much for us, yet for yourself. You’ve already expressed to your Divine Within that you are more than ready to step-up and out of “poverty mentality” and into “wealth consciousness” . . .

You deserve riche$ today, <<First Name>> . . . God knows that you’ve worked for it ~ that you’ve put in these many years of sweat-equity !! You’ve worked hard and long by doing good work and by helping others to be in as least pain & suffering as possible . . .

It is now time for you to help yourself and we are here to support you in this new paradigm. Go on your romantic travels to exotic places, for as long as you feel like. Attend seminars, rejuvenate in the finest spas, fly First Class, drive the nicest cars, live in the finest real estate, and enjoy being a philanthropist and giving to worthy causes. Go into deep meditation in holy sanctuaries, revel in new planes of spiritual bliss, and bless everyone around you with generous gifts. Take charge, and control, of your circumstances and of the very rich financial climate that is here on Earth. A climate, a market, that you have been cultivating for all these lifetimes.

It is now time for you to harvest these “Fields of Gold” that you have been planting, watering, and cultivating . . .

Please go to:
https://brillianceincommerce.com/karatbars and read all about this Stuttgart, Germany based group and its brilliant founder, Harald Seiz. Watch the 3-minute video narrated by Harald.

Then please go to this link:
Take copious notes, as you do, and should you have any questions, our personal mentoring team can intelligently answer them for you . . .

We share our genuine caring for your welfare and all that is unfolding to improve your life, allow you to pay it forward to those around you, and reward you for spreading this same vision. Celebrate!

Royal Solomon – – Our Introductory Speaker


Royal Solomon, based in Honolulu, Hawaii, is a Bringer of the Golden Age. He has been a giver of freedom and liberty to many thousands of people. He has taught a Forgiveness Method that goes far beyond Ho’oponopono. Those who are experienced in higher consciousness and well educated in the galactic perspective of what is really happening on this planet, can understand well how important it is that such Creators of the Dawn arise now in the history of Earth ascension.

Royal is at once a master of inner and outer . . . of physical and spiritual . . . of health and wealth . . . of worldly and divine . . . of temporal manifestation and eternal realization. He has read hundreds of the most profound spiritual and scientific books in the world, and has eclipsed them all with cosmic cognitions of his own, from the clear inner light. He conceived knowledge from within the Universal Akasha via deep meditation that transcended all the knowledge in all the books. He saw clearly where the information in the books was correct and where it was incorrect. Various mental powers arose in him from deep meditation, and from his practice of the Forgiveness Method, many miracles of transformation have happened in people around him.

Those close to him have seen many synchronicities and fully complete and divinely guided miracles already happening around Royal, proving that the third density equivalent of his enlightened words are faithfully materializing and authenticating the genuineness of what he is saying. These miracles include recent dramatic healings of people in his presence and the appearance of economic resources resulting from his works.

Thus Royal likewise has knowledge of how to bridge the monetary and economic paradigm of the ending dark age with the dawning Golden Age, so as to deliver the Sacramental Waters of Life in direct harmony with the Ascended Masters and the Divine Will. He has also cognized the super advanced technology to create unlimited, 100% ultra-green free electricity, super advanced garbage vaporization technologies which would eliminate the landfill issues that currently plague society, as well as other super advanced technologies (i.e. water desalinization, waste water, et al) which as you know are the other true foundations of universal prosperity for the masses. He has several humanitarian projects already underway, in major genres, to manifest these ground level technologies for all of mankind.

The Spiritual Significance of Gold

Tune in with us July 20 on our Brilliance in Commerce radio show, and hear Royal Solomon provide amazing original knowledge that you have not heard or read anywhere else. This is confidential because it is intended only for beings of Light like yourself. The time has come for it to be taken out of the hands of those who have used it for enslavement rather than liberation. The dark elite have hoarded gold throughout history because of its unsurpassed physical third density properties, but they haven’t understood the laws of karma, the true sources and uses of gold, and how it can be raised in frequency to become spiritualized 4D gold. It is time now for the Light Beings to take over the gold on planet Earth, and the first step in that process is to get educated and gain a proper understanding of what gold really is . . . to appreciate its divine sources and its heavenly applications.
Now that the dark age is winding down and the Golden Age is dawning, it is Time for everyone to get educated about gold. The dark age, known in Sanskrit as Kali Yuga, was characterized in the Greek tradition as the Iron Age. Heavy metal. Iron has been in the physiology, making us heavy, making us controllable by magnetic fields, and making us susceptible to oxidizing – rust – and aging.

Sat Yuga, on the other hand, the Golden Age, is endowed with the awakening to the higher energies, the higher frequencies, to celestial subtle matter, and to the unbounded ocean of pure bliss consciousness at the source of everything in the unified field. Gold is the metal which resonates with all this, and accordingly, it does not rust. It does not oxidize or decay. The gods, the masters, the superhumans, the angels, the celestials, and the ascended ones . . . have spiritualized gold in their bodies, rather than the heavier corrosive metals.

An Unprecedented Opportunity:
Millionaire Mentoring for You

Is it any wonder or coincidence, then, that Royal recommends that all of us join Karatbars, the company based in Germany that we talked about in our radio show episodes 10 and 11? Karatbars is the first and most prominent and well organized international business opportunity in which the average person can fulfill the teaching of Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad” recommendation to “build up your asset column” by putting aside a portion of your income every month in gold and other good investments and savings instruments. But it is much more than this, because it sports such a dynamic and ingenious infinite binary network marketing structure that average people putting in small to average purchases and referring others to do the same can end up making $10,000 to $50,000 USD per month without much effort in Karatbars.

This opportunity is global and is available to everyone anywhere in any country in the world.

This is made much more realistic and possible with Royal Solomon’s team of partners who provide a concierge of first-class VIP services for everyone who joins. This means you. This includes us at La Vérité, such that if you join in our La Vérité group, you are automatically in Royal Solomon’s group, because La Vérité is a key part of his group. This means you will have direct access to him and his team for assistance. These services cost a one-time fee of $20 and consist of your own website that is much better designed than the corporate website (that you also receive), 500 business cards, and a series of trainings by telephone and computer to mentor you into a mastery of the international gold business and an ever-growing passive residual monthly income that can free one from jobs and other work, make one financially independent, and eventually make one rich.
Some of these team members make six and seven figures per month, and actually, really, genuinely care about helping you. These high-income associates of Royal Solomon and La Vérité are at your service, to help you, guide you, mentor you, and show you the way from wherever you are now, income-wise, to those high rarified levels of lifelong prosperity and multi-generation wealth destiny. Karatbars itself has a winning series of strategies for all affiliates in its website back office, but Royal Solomon and his powerful partners provide even greater guidance specially available only for those who join us in our La Vérité group.

Join link for OneCoin – https://www.onecoin.eu/signup/GoldenAge108

Join link for Swisscoin

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Humor of the Day

Can you read this? I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdgnieg Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh?
Recently someone phoned the astronomical observatory at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and informed them of an unusually bright light in the sky.
“What is that bright light?” the caller asked.
“It’s Sirius”, answered the scientist.
The caller exclaimed, “Really? Oh my God! How serious is it?”
Heaven is where the police are British, the chefs are French, the mechanics are German, the lovers are Italian, and it is all organized by the Swiss.
Hell is where the police are German, the chefs British, the mechanics French, the lovers Swiss, and it is all organized by the Italians.
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