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June 17, 2017
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  • Le Chateau de Liberte and the Enlightened Importance of Freedom


  • What Greater Gift Can You Give to Help People Than the Ability to Create Freedom?


  • New Debt Elimination eBook Available


  • Recent Improvements in the Liberty System


  • Lawsuits and Challenges to Credit Scores Have Been Increasing


  • Many Have Asked – – about the Trust

  • Did you read the last BIC Newsletter?


  • Other News


  • Important Resources to Save


  • Humor of the Day

Dear <<First Name>>,
               Heartfelt greetings to you with the most sincere of wishes for your well being and happiness.  Our small team at Brilliance in Commerce, our various strategic alliances, our thousands of subscribers, and our many hundreds of affiliates, represent a bright light on the horizon of the rise of world consciousness.  If you have shared the benefits of freedom from debts and taxes with anyone, the universe sends its gratitude and blessings.  If you are on the front lines or at least have access to the news from those who are, you know that the world is indeed rolling back the corruption slowly but surely, and the improvement in collective ethics is gaining momentum.  Please enjoy the news herein.
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

Le Chateau de Liberte and the Enlightened Importance of Freedom

               Throughout history, liberty has been honored as the sign of a mature society.  A free society is one where its population has graduated from the lessons taught by bondage.  It is seasoned in the varieties of enslavement and limitation, having outgrown them, and is now enjoying the higher, more rarified atmosphere of mutual love, respect, and liberty.  Once this consciousness is stabilized, it is permanent.  It is invincible and cannot be reversed or removed by any circumstance.  It is eternal.
               In the south of France on the river Rhone is a focus of the flame of liberty and the retreat presided over by Ascended Master Paul the Venetian, chohan of the third ray.  Paul’s retreat is primarily on the etheric plane, but it has a corresponding symbol in a third density physical castle now owned and maintained by a private French family.  Students of the Paul the Venetian come to study art and culture and the true concepts of liberty.  Paul considers the flame of liberty to be enshrined in every human heart.


               Every religion and spiritual tradition has honored freedom as the essence of love and the highest value.  Not only liberation from undesirable outer circumstances, but ultimately permanent liberation from all suffering and the very mind itself is considered to be the beginning of enlightenment.
               At the Le Chateau de Liberte there is an auditorium known as the Flame Room.  The threefold flame of liberty is in the center of the room, focused within a golden chalice.  Within the base of the chalice is a concentration of the crystal fire mist, the white light out of which the threefold flame proceeds.  The focus of the flame of liberty was brought by the Goddess of Liberty from the Temple of the Sun.
               Throughout the world there are statues, memorials, and sanctuaries dedicated to freedom and liberty in their various expressions.  Poems, songs, books, films, and epics have been made in devotion to freedom.  Giving a person freedom is greatness, but greater still is giving that person the ability to create freedom for himself or herself.  That’s what the Liberty Debt Elimination System and the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust do.  They empower their users to learn and master the art of freedom in their own lives, so they are never again dependent on anyone else to give it to them.


What Greater Gift Can You Give to Help People Than the Ability to Create Freedom?

               The purpose of creation is the infinite expansion of happiness, and the purpose of human incarnation on Earth is to expand happiness through service to others.  Brilliance in Commerce (BIC)  provides one of the world’s best asset protection instruments for freeing people from many of the dangers and enslaving influences of the global financial system – appropriately called the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust; and BIC provides America’s best unsecured debt cancellation system, also appropriately called “Liberty”.
               Hence by offering and sharing these two powerful tools, what greater gift can you share with people?  Freedom is the highest value in life . . . it is the essence of Love, the only reason to live at all.  As the “
How to Be an Ambassador of Freedom” document says at
https://brillianceincommerce.com/affiliates, the benefits of being a BIC Affiliate include:
Work smart, not hard
•             Specialize in making VIP introductions to organizations with big audiences
•             Allow us to be the experts and do all the explaining
•             Very little training needed
•             Leaves most of your time free
•             Our information liberates people from many debts and taxes
•             Our debt elimination system has had a 100% success rate since 2002
•             Our tax exempt trust has had a 100% success rate since the 1980s
•             Enhances your reputation and that of your referrals
•             Be part of one of Earth’s greatest humanitarian social services
•             Gain the satisfaction and peace of mind of spreading freedom to millions

New Debt Elimination eBook Available

               In 2016 we produced the trust eBook, as you may know – – entitled “The Natural Law Trust – – State of the Art Asset Protection for Peaceful People”.  You should have already received that in previous emails or download from the website.  Now finally after many contributions, updates, and revisions, our debt elimination eBook has been finished.  It is entitled “How to Outright Cancel 100% of Your Unsecured Debt”.  It is available to be distributed with your affiliate link in it.  Here is an example of one of the pictures from it:

             Contact the Affiliate who referred you, to get a copy of either eBook.  If you don’t know who your affiliate is, Click here to email Taansen to have the eBooks sent to you.

Recent Improvements in the Liberty System

               Changes were recently made to our Liberty Debt Elimination System, as we do every year.  It is always an ever-evolving program.  This year we corrected various typos, changed the way customers send the dispute letter from Certified Mail to Registered Mail, added the head of the lender’s legal counsel to the key parties to whom the correspondence should be addressed, improved various other things in the Instructions, added a section about commencing a lawsuit if erroneous entries are made to one’s credit report, added more information about suing as plaintiff, and more.
               We have also received an additional arsenal of legal tactics and techniques which we are evaluating for further strengthening the Liberty system and making a great program even better.  If you think you know of a better, easier, or more effective debt cancellation program, LET US KNOW!  We are always open-minded and willing to cooperate with any better strategy.  Thus far, we do not know of any program that is better than our Liberty system for canceling debts in America, but if you believe you may have found one, by all means, we welcome the information.  We have incorporated the best techniques from every source we could find thus far, since 2002 . . . so we’re definitely right up there with the best; and know of none that are better.  Nevertheless, we always endeavor to keep on improving.
               Any Liberty customers who are still currently using the system and acquired it prior to May 8, 2017, should
submit a ticket here to request the newly revised version.  If you write, kindly remind us the date (or at least the month) when you purchased the Liberty system.  If you acquired it after May 8, 2017, then you already have the new version.

Lawsuits and Challenges to Credit Scores Have Been Increasing

               All Liberty customers should be aware that over the past couple of years, we have had to raise our estimate from 0.5% to about 2% of our customers as the estimated percentage who have been getting sued by the pretender lenders or their agents after having implemented the Liberty system.  In a way, this is good news . . . because it means that our victories have been increasing accordingly!  And this is having a positive effect on the court system and the collective consciousness.  In addition, a few Liberty customers have initiated the suits as plaintiff as well. 
               In these debt elimination lawsuit cases, we have a 100% success rate — no failures — but only if the client follows our lawyer’s instructions to the “T”, uses the documents he provides exclusively, does not deviate from them, and does not give up.  That’s the formula.  And he only charges from $150 to $250 per court filing.  Usually the cases can be finished in one or two filings.
               Therefore, if you are a Liberty customer, and if you end up in that 2%, be reminded that the Liberty system has not failed.  The success of the Liberty program is defined by the end of the journey; not by what happens along the way.  Just because the cartel’s robotic legal machine has been foolish enough to challenge some Liberty users, does not mean anything is lacking in the Liberty program.  It just means they’re asking to be defeated soundly and finally in a court due to their arrogance, ignorance, and naïveté.  The Liberty allegations are invincible and they have no defense to them.
               There is truth in saying it is “lucky” to be sued, because after your victory, you will be the stronger for it.  In addition, you will have sent a message to the entire court system and society in general to not mess with you . . . or The Truth.  You are performing a valuable service in this way for the benefit of all mankind.  Think of the service fees you will be paying our lawyer as your humanitarian project — your charity donation for the welfare of humanity.


               The increase in lawsuits is an indication of the growing desperation of the cabal’s minions.  Even though they have had massive money, that is now declining, and they are desperate for a restoration of being “king of the hill” and a genuine credibility they can never have.  Their empire is crumbling from all sides, and they’re unsuccessfully trying to hold it together.  Their ship is springing leaks everywhere and it is sinking.  So, instinctively they ramp up lawsuits, but it doesn’t do any good.  In fact, it is recoiling on them, because we’re beating them every time.  It is backfiring on them because their arrogant aggressiveness is being rewarded with defeat after defeat.  “Foiled again!”
               The other thing that is happening is an increase in the number of erroneous entries on customer credit reports.  That is one of the reasons the Liberty system was revised again this year, so as to get stronger in its warnings to lenders and credit agencies that they will be sued for violation of various laws if they blemish someone’s credit because of using the Liberty system.
               Hence if you are in the middle of your debt elimination process and have noticed any derogatory entries on your credit report resulting from the debt elimination process – i.e. their designating it as a “late payment” or “default” instead of a legitimate dispute, which is what it is – then consider suing them as plaintiff.  Victories from suing as plaintiff come even more quickly and easily than being sued as defendant.  Have you thoroughly read the
https://brillianceincommerce.com/la-verite-legal-team section of our website?  If not, do that first.  That is where the Legal Resources Form is.  Fill that form out and submit it if you wish to proceed.

Many Have Asked – – about the Trust

               It is interesting to observe that 100% of the litigation associated with BIC products has been around the Liberty Debt Elimination System.  None of it has pertained to the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust.  The trusts just go on operating quietly and peacefully in the background without problems.  They are smiling in the sunshine.  Here are some of the frequent questions that have come in about them:
Q:           Can I put my IRA [retirement pension] into the trust without triggering a taxable event?
A:           If you take an IRA out of your name, it will trigger a taxable event, even though the trust may be tax exempt. So, the taxes would occur before you can put the assets into the trust.  A better way would be for you to make the trust the beneficiary of the IRA. Then, that would be a non-taxable event. It would be an exchange for beneficial interest in the trust.  So, you can name the trust as beneficiary of the IRA, and use the trust to hold other assets as well.

Q:           Since we are not able to meet the trust writer in person and his proven records of successful practice are private, how can we be sure that our assets, properties and a business would be safe in the trust that he designs?
A:           Meeting the trust writer in person is indeed possible, so saying it isn’t possible is incorrect.  However, meeting him would not guarantee that the trust he sets up for you would protect you.  If our trust writer disclosed his records of success, those too could be misleading, as many documents are.  It is not the meeting or the documents that give credibility.  The trust will protect you.  To understand how, consider the following important points.
               One, no government anywhere has any right to prevent you from entrusting your assets to anyone else, including a trust.
               Two, if you transfer ownership of your assets to another entity, you no longer own them.  If you no longer own them, no one can take them from you.
               Three, the trust that a good Natural Law Trust writer sets up for you is written in plain, simple, easy-to-understand English.  It is not complicated and it does not require a law-school-educated attorney to understand.  You can understand it yourself, just by reading it.  In reading it, you can see very plainly that it protects you, it protects your assets, it gives you control, removes liability, and allows for nearly infinite flexibility.
               Four, this flexibility allows you to structure it and operate it just about any way you want to . . . as long as you aren’t violating the rights of anyone else.  This means that you are in the driver’s seat . . . and you won’t need to trust the trust writer, or anyone else.  If you can trust yourself, you will see in the trust document that it will give you whatever arrangements you want.

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Important Resources to Save


Humor of the Day
          Actual Classified Ads
** 3-year-old teacher needed for preschool. Experience preferred.
** Wanted. Man to take care of cow that does not smoke or drink.
** Vacation special: Have your house exterminated.
** Dinner Specials: Turkey $3.25; Chicken or Beef $2.75; Children $2.00.
** Illiterate? Write today for free help.
** Auto Repair Service. Free pickup and delivery. Try us once, you’ll never go anywhere again.
** Dog for sale: eats anything and is fond of children.
** Our experienced Mom will care for your child. Fenced yard, meals, and smacks included.
** Stock up and save. Limit: one.
** Man wanted to work in dynamite factory. Must be willing to travel.
** Semi-Annual after Christmas Sale.
** For sale: antique desk suitable for lady with thick legs and large drawers.
** Now is your chance to have your ears pierced and get an extra pair to take home, too.
** We do not tear your clothing with machinery. We do it carefully by hand.
** Used Cars: Why go elsewhere to be cheated. Come here first.
** Free puppies: 1/2 cocker spaniel 1/2 sneaky neighbor’s  dog.
** Free puppies… Part German shepherd, part stupid dog.
** German shepherd 85 lbs. Neutered. Speaks German. Free. 
** 1 man, 7 woman hot tub  $850/offer
** Snow blower for sale… Only used on snowy days.
** Cows, calves never bred… Also 1 gay bull for sale.
** Nordic track $300 hardly used, call chubby.
** Hummers largest selection ever “if it’s in stock, we have it!”
** Georgia peaches, California grown 89 cents lb.
** Nice parachute: never opened; used once.
** Tired of working for only $9.75 per hour? We offer profit sharing and flexible hours. Starting pay: $7 – $9 per hour.
** Exercise equipment: queen size mattress & box springs  $175.
** Joining nudist colony! Must sell washer & dryer $300.
** Alzheimer’s center prepares for an affair to remember.
** Open house: body shapers toning salon. Free coffee & donuts.
** For sale by owner: Complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica. 45 volumes. Excellent condition. $1,000.00 or best offer. No longer needed. Got married last month. Wife knows everything.



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