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April 15, 2017
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 Time is Increasingly Supporting These Ideas
We have much to share!  First, we apologize for the long delay in sending a newsletter to you.  We haven’t sent one since last Thanksgiving.  At Brilliance in Commerce we have been so busy with servicing customers, conducting research and development, improving our systems, adding new affiliates, managing outsourcing, speaking to audiences, and a hundred and one other things, that we have not had the time to put it all out in newsletters.  And yet SO MUCH is happening, as you know.Major news continues to break on a weekly basis, most of which is virtually ignored by the fake stream media.  What we are witnessing is nothing less than the total free fall of the Deep State, as all of its dirty little secrets are spewing out from every crack and crevice imaginable.

That is why humanitarian missions of compassion like our Liberty Debt Elimination System are in tune with the times.  The more time advances, the more passé the whole concept of debt becomes.  Time is on our side.

Of course, the mainstream media gatekeepers and Washington, DC political establishment desperately want you to believe it is Russia and Vladimir Putin who are America’s mortal enemies as they attempt to stave off their inventible demise with a constant diatribe of phony Russian hacking and threatened impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Worldwide spiritual consciousness continues rising, transcending and transforming all religious paths.  From the center of supreme enlightenment in the Unified Field, the vertical energies are precipitating increasingly on Earth.

Despite the fact we have yet to see the arrests of high level pedophiles in the Washington, DC political establishment as has been rumored for weeks, there has been yet another major development to expose the global human trafficking rings in order to drain the swamp.

It was none other than daytime talk show host Dr. Phil who conducted an extensive interview with a human trafficking victim named “Kendall” on March 21st. This was a huge leap forward!

This Dr. Phil show is the beginning of the exposure of the pedophile networks to the American people which are linked to Hollywood, professional sports franchises, multi-$billion corporations, and of course, Washington, DC politicians. Once the human trafficking/pedophile rings are fully exposed, it will trigger a total collapse of global control by the cabal, New World Order and Artificial Intelligence agenda.

Many, many sources (including Clif High, Alex Jones, David Wilcock, Corey Goode, FBI, DHS & Pentagon insiders, etc.) have been reporting of a huge event which is coming perhaps sometime this Spring which will devastate the Deep State as never before.

Never before has an instrument like our House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust available at Brilliance in Commerce been more timely and appropriate for every family to set up and manage its affairs.  It has been such a joy to see the growing number of peaceful and happy clients using these trusts quietly with no problem, free from the constraints, restrictions, and burdens imposed by other types of entities.

Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

More News – – for the Context in Which You Can Prosper with Us

Here at Brilliance in Commerce we are not political.  We don’t bother with voting, and we are not involved in taking sides about presidents or any other politics.  What we DO pay attention to is the reality of what is really going on.  We have many inside sources of information that reveal facts and truths not usually transmitted in the lamestream media.

For example, what is happening now with the Trump administration behind the scenes and with our positive military forces is nothing short of spectacular!  This is not an endorsement of Trump or any kind of naïveté that he is some great saint.  But a dramatically increasing flood of inside intel sources are showing amazing things not revealed widely elsewhere.  Some of them did surface in certain news outlets.  For example:

Restored Republic Becomes a Reality with the Inauguration of President Donald Trump –

Symbolism and codes shown in the Inauguration — color choices, the extended meaning of the words —

Trump Promises End of Chemtrails –

President Trump ‘Vaccine Hero’ – to expose the harm that vaccines do – 

President Trump Orders FBI to Conduct Massive Raid on CDC Headquarters – Within hours of being inaugurated, Trump is going after one of the cornerstones of the cabal: big pharma – 

Trump Warns Flu Shots Are the Greatest ‘Scam’ In Medical History – The flu shot is the greatest scam in medical history, created by Big Pharma to make money off vulnerable people and make them sick, warns President Donald Trump. –

Astrology of Donald Trump by Salvador Russo – indicates “victories” — “heroic qualities” — “this is a great sign for the USA and for the world”. Facebook link:
https://www.facebook.com/146572055376427/posts/1411323745567912; Author’s home page: http://www.starseedastrology.com

. . . and much, much more.  Those are just the tip of the iceberg.  Much is going on in Antarctica involving UFOs, ancient ET bases, and more.  Dr. Horace Drew is an expert in decoding crop circles, and he refers to this world-wide phenomenon as “star knowledge” from benevolent “time traveler extraterrestrials”.

A number of rumors are swirling several high profile arrests of Washington, DC politicians have been made, although granted, none have been made public as of yet. Yet, signs of the cabal’s defeat are emerging even on the cover of Time magazine, of all places.

Many, many significant events are moving very rapidly this month. After a high profile meeting with Prime Minister of Iraq on March 20th, President Donald Trump welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping for a state visit at Mar-a-Lago on April 6 & 7th.  You can bet one of the main topics of conversation between the leaders of the two largest economies in the world was the implementation of the impending Global Reset.

Many are likely quite shocked and dismayed about the recent events with the missile strikes in Syria, yet there is a very an important back story which needs to be understood.  All the major developments we are seeing in the world at this time are related to the takedown of the international cabal which has now reached a very critical stage.

The intel we have accumulated thus far regarding Syria, North Korea, the Russians, the Chinese and Donald Trump all indicate a masterfully complex process being orchestrated to checkmate the dark elite.  There is other major news from the Clintons, the mayor of Seattle, Pedogate, arrests, and much, much more.  Do not be dismayed by any of this!

Do You Know Anyone in Media with Big Followings?

All of us at Brilliance in Commerce consider this much more than a business.  There are much easier ways to make money.  We are in this because people are suffering, and we have solutions.  Our debt elimination system has delivered countless thousands of people from the burden of debts, and our trust has raised countless families into higher levels of freedom and asset protection.  Many people have said these solutions have been the answer to their prayers.  This is a movement and a humanitarian project.  It is a cause worth supporting.  It is in tune with the times, more and more so with every day that passes.  It is helping to bring truth into banking, commerce, and law.  It is helping to bring economic justice, fairness, honesty, and compassion.

Do you know of any radio shows, conference calls, or written publications with large audiences that are focused on freedom-oriented topics such as solutions to debts and taxes, or even types of harmoniously compatible topics, that might like to have me speak or contribute material?

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Global Abundance is Coming


Excerpts from comments by One Who Believes ~ April 12, 2017

Let Go of Fear

F.E.A.R. = False Evidence Appearing Real

First and foremost, we need to get rid of fear, as it is the only power the cabal have over you.  No Fear.
The only weapon the bad guys have now, is to make you fear. That is why they create the fake attacks around the world just to make you worry.  The only impact bad news information has is fear. Fear is a weapon you use against yourself.  But you have to be conned into it.  If they can get you to worry, you will use your own God Given Manifesting power against yourself and against the divine blessings. In contrast, it is in your interest to NOT WORRY.  Expect the best outcome in this new benevolent world.

The designers of the global reset want to FLOOD the world with money to the point where it will no longer be coveted by design. It weans us off the cabal control system. Frankly, you are going to run out of things to buy sooner than you will run out of money.

We worry about how much money is being poured into the world, but did you ever consider it will have had the purpose of making it obsolete? Money is the last cabal control system. Frankly if my personal garden is producing huge amounts of food, I am not going to sell it to my neighbor because A) I don’t need the money, and B) giving it to them is so much more satisfying in this new Love based world.

That abundance is the now the nature of the world. Do not fear, for whatever is not a match to abundance, is not true. It is a cabal lie meant to hold on to control they no longer have. Be strong. Be confident. Have Faith – that it is all working out and will be way better than you ever imagined.
May we all be worthy of the task ahead of us.
May we stand firm against those who mean us harm.
May we be good stewards of these fountains of abundance.
May they flow freely and unendingly, until the world is whole again.
May we all get everything we want and live the lives of our dreams.

– – Signed: One Who Believes

More Business News and Tips

We accept Bitcoin.  This means customers could buy our products with many other crypto currencies as well, because many of them are convertible to Bitcoin.

If you are an Unactivated Trust client (10% down), when you want to upgrade to 100%, all you need to do is go back to the Trust product page on the BIC website and then select the “Balance Payment” option.

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Note:  Many of our topics include helpful Power Point Presentations.  If you do not have these tools, please click here for a free download of PowerPoint 2003 Viewer, or here for a free download of Adobe® Reader®.

At Brilliance in Commerce, we are helping to shift the world permanently away from debts, debt-based currencies, taxes, and oppression, and towards assets, asset-based currencies, charitable benevolence, and universal freedom and prosperity.  A world of peace and abundance.

Yours, for World Enlightenment, Taansen Fairmont and Management Team

Brilliance in Commerce

Other  News
Bolivia announces complete ban on Rothschild owned banks – click here
ENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal, by David Wilcock – http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1208-endgame-pt-1
Collective Evolution CE News – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8qUBzDrO6k
Sustainable investments surged by third to $8.7 trillion in 2016.  Money managers worked to accommodate U.S. institutions’ demand for assets that meet environmental, social and corporate-governance goals.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-14/sustainable-investments-surged-by-third-to-8-7-trillion-in-2016

Enlightened Real Estate www.enlightenedrealestate.com
We are presently in the midst of one of the greatest transformations in the history of human culture. The simultaneous rise of technological breakthroughs and world consciousness is unprecedented. Old ways of thinking are being swept away. Power structures that dominated for decades are crumbling. New opportunities are arising. People everywhere are questioning how to navigate this new paradigm.

As consciousness rises, a new lifestyle will emerge and real estate will regain its traditional role as a stabilizing structure in society. Rising interest in walkable zones, alternative energy, meditation, yoga, and organic food are the first signs of this transformation that is revolutionizing the way we live.

Our buildings and communities need to resonate with this emerging lifestyle and reflect a higher goal for our society. A new asset class, the Ideal Village, is a holistic, practical blueprint for buildings and communities that support this stress-free, enlightened approach to life.

Important Resources to Save


Humor of the Day
President Trump invited the Pope for lunch on his mega yacht, the Pope accepted and during lunch, a puff of wind blew the Pontiff’s hat off, right into the water. It floated off about 50 feet, then the wind died down and it just floated in place. The crew and the secret service were scrambling to launch a boat to go get it, when Trump waved them off, saying “Never mind, boys, I’ll get it.”The Donald climbed over the side of the yacht, walked on the water to the hat, picked it up, walked back on the water, climbed onto the yacht, and handed the Pope his hat. The crew was speechless. The security team and the Pope’s entourage were speechless. No one knew what to say, not even the Pope. But that afternoon, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN all knew how to cover the story. Their banner headlines read, “TRUMP CAN’T SWIM!”


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