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April 5, 2018
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    The Fascinating Art of Sovereign Trusts

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Esteemed <<First Name>>, 
      Herein today we have the fascinating story of Prince as an example of how not everyone who has a net worth of $100 million or more knows about Natural Law Trusts.  In fact, while more of the “elite” know about them than the average person, the truth is that you are more fortunate than most people on Earth . . . of ANY economic level . . . in that you are reading this newsletter . . . and you either already have a Natural Law Trust, or at least you have us to provide one to you when you are ready. 
      Along with this, we provide the education on how to use it so as to rise into a rarified level of joy and freedom of which most people only dream.  It’s like a sixteen year-old gets a new Rolls Royce or a Tesla car and then the lessons on how to drive it, where most people in his neighborhood only have camels, mules, donkeys, or horses for transportation.
      Join us on April 11 for the monthly Brilliance in Commerce Trust Webinar.  Details below. 

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

and the Wisdom of Acting NOW
Do you care enough for yourself and your loved ones to take a little time away from games, TV, and leisure, to obtain an International Natural Law Trust and learn how to use it to establish wealth and freedom most people only dream of? 
The founder of Lighthouse Law Club Mark Emery wrote: “
Unfortunately, many people don’t listen, don’t follow through and just simply don’t ‘work’ at it and they end up with the same problems as always. If you don’t take the time to work at this and do little more than skim some of the material we’ll be presenting to you before moving on to the next thing on your agenda, let me give you a little glimpse into the future.  This is what will happen and I can guarantee it based on many years of personal experience; 

1… You’ll say ‘yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever…I don’t need that now’ and you will not follow the instructions or recommendations. 
2…. some time will go by.  You’ll be sailing along smoothly, and all of a sudden a problem will come up.  They ALWAYS do! 
3… Then you’ll say ‘Mark, Mark, Help me!’ 
4…And I’ll say, ‘did you do x, y and z when we told you to?
5…And you’ll say ‘no I didn’t because (insert any excuse here)’
6…And I’ll say ‘Why would you expect someone else to help you when you weren’t willing to help yourself when you had the chance?  Why do you wait until it’s raining to bring in the hay when you’ve had 3 months of pure sunshine and you never lifted a finger? 

OK.  You get my point.  From this point forward it’s up to you to protect and preserve your peace, your personal power, your prosperity and your future.  It’s on you and nobody else!  Use your time wisely
So Mr. Emery’s comments apply to readers of this newsletter as well.  We are very proud of those who have taken action, have utilized our debt elimination and trust systems, have protected themselves, helped others as well by spreading the word, and advanced their prosperity and their protection.  We are very happy for them and grateful for their wise decisions.  But for those who are hemming and hawing and postponing and procrastinating, the above warnings from Mr. Emery apply. 
Comedian Swami Beyondananda gave the perfect cure for procrastination.  He said, “Whenever you get the urge to procrastinate, just put it off until later.”
Global asset protection and estate engineering expert Mark Nestmann wrote: “
In the 30 years I’ve been involved with wealth preservation, I’ve encountered a recurring belief in immortality among many of my clients. They don’t literally believe that they will live forever. But they act as if they will.
“This takes many forms. For instance, one poor widow who contacted me after her husband’s sudden death told me he had handled all the finances, and she couldn’t even log into his online accounts to pay utility bills. The untimely death of another client led to his longtime partner being completely disinherited by his children.
“A textbook example of poor estate planning is now before a probate court in Minnesota. The court is charged with the task of dividing up the estate of Prince, the pop star who died in 2016 without a will.
“Under Minnesota law, as with most states, if you die without a will, complex rules determine who gets what. In Prince’s case, his parents and grandparents are dead, as are two of his half-siblings. He was married and divorced twice and had one son, but the child died soon after his birth. So, Prince’s estate will be divided between his sister and all of his living half-siblings, who are treated like full siblings in Minnesota.
“Prince’s estate is reportedly worth $100 to $300 million. And sorting out all the claims and counter-claims is time-consuming, not to mention expensive. It’s become so costly that three of Prince’s beneficiaries recently filed a lawsuit against the law firm hired by Comerica Bank & Trust. The courts appointed Comerica Bank & Trust to administrate Prince’s estate. The lawsuit claims that Comerica and its lawyers have extracted nearly $6 million from the estate so far, plus another $125,000 in monthly fees.

 “And once the estate is finally settled, the IRS will get 40% of it, less the $5.45 million exemption for 2016. If there’s $200 million left once the legal vultures have had their fill, the IRS will get nearly $78 million.
“Prince’s poor planning recently came up in a conversation I had with a client I’ll call Susan. I told Susan I found it unbelievable that someone as wealthy and seemingly sophisticated as Prince hadn’t put together a full-fledged estate plan that includes a will, trust, and strategies to reduce the value of his estate.
“For instance, Prince was reportedly very religious, yet the church he attended won’t receive anything from his estate. Every dollar he contributed to the church would have reduced his beneficiaries’ estate tax by 40 cents.
“Prince was also supportive of aspiring musicians. He could have set up a foundation to benefit promising young musicians. The foundation could have purchased musical instruments, helped finance musical education, etc. Again, any money he conveyed to the foundation would have left his estate permanently. At his death, control of the foundation would have passed to whoever he designated to run it.
“But the biggest tragedy in the lack of an estate plan is that Prince has no say in who will control his musical legacy. And it’s not just his famous recordings that are at stake. Another 2,000 unreleased songs are reportedly held in a vault.
“What my client said in response to my comments about Prince was typical. ‘I’m not nearly as wealthy as Prince,’ she told me. ‘Plus, I’ve heard that because of the Trump tax plan [that Congress enacted at the end of 2017], there’s no need for anyone except the super-rich to worry about estate planning.’
“Unfortunately, this is a common attitude. It’s also very shortsighted.
“No matter how wealthy you are, you should have at the very least three basic estate planning documents prepared:
“1.       A living will, which describes the type of care you desire if you become permanently incapacitated or terminally ill. For instance, it will address the circumstances under which you wish to receive treatment that will prolong your life.
“2.       A durable power of attorney for health care, which is a formal appointment of someone you trust to be your health care agent. This person will make the necessary care decisions for you if you are unable to do so.

            And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the useful portion of Mr. Nestmann’s comments.  He goes on to recommend a “regular will” and a “living trust”, which are very poor and inferior substitutes for a Brilliance in Commerce House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust.  Even Mr. Nestmann admits, “a living trust provides little if any asset protection”.  Therefore – – you can guess what the real number three should be:

3.         A Brilliance in Commerce House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust would be a supreme estate planning choice for most people in most countries.   For more information, click on the link of the affiliate who referred you. 


The Fascinating Art of Sovereign Trusts

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