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January 16, 2019
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  • From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained
  • YouTube Replay – Webinar on January 9
  • A New Dawn in Private Placement Platform News
  • What Big Numbers Look Like
  • New Wealth from Leasing Your Credit
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From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained
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Master <<First Name>>, 

         Since the ancient Golden Ages, the need to measure and count arose only when tapping the unlimited was lost.  When one can tap the unlimited, one has no need to require payment for that which one gives . . . one simply gives freely, and the more one gives, the more one receives.  This was, and still is, the intended way for human beings to live.  Then you not only don’t charge for your goods and services, but you are also grateful for someone to receive from you as well, because it increases what you can receive.

One of the many talents of this lost ability to manifest was the power to attune the consciousness to the nature spirits, known down through the ages by many names, including fairies, devas, angels, and so on.  These Friends of Man brought forth the manifestation of much wealth in a way far more gentle and harmonious — and therefore more effective and abundant — than the means dominating the dark age now coming to an end, such as forceful mining, dynamiting, oil rigs, atom smashers, nuclear plants, chemical farming, military force, hired labor, and such. 

       When this ability was first lost collectively by humanity, we were still far more advanced than our present level.  Before falling entirely into amnesia and unconsciousness, we had an enlightened government who was sincerely trusted by the entire population to evaluate fairly the abundance due to each citizen. At the peaks of some ancient civilizations, this government consisted of an Enlightened Council who were genuinely deserving of such trust, and they were unanimously loved and revered by everyone.

      Although the power to materialize from universal free energy had diminished, it was still present to some extent.  The means of creating goods was still highly evolved, and the medium of exchange was still more ideal than that used in the presently ending dark ages.  People were paid in a credit system according to their contributions of knowledge, services, or goods to the welfare of society.  Even the least affluent of people would be comparable to our millionaires of today, and everyone’s standard of living was so high that amassing wealth was not necessarily a sign of status or an aim of most people. 

        Money came into use only later when there was no longer an authority considered trustworthy enough to distribute the wealth fairly.  Money is a last resort . . . it is by no means an ideal system, for as everyone knows, it has had numerous problems down through history.  Sayings such as “the love of money is the root of all evil” have resulted from its susceptibility to crime and its inadequacies in making people economically happy.  Lotteries, sweepstakes, and gambling are some of its many signs of ignorance, rewarding people by accident and chance, due to the loss of the ability to reward according to the intuition of natural law and the cosmic deservingness of people. Everyone should have all that they need, and no one should be denied, and the extra resources should go to the geniuses who are loving and of pure intentions.  This is indeed what will happen in the coming Golden Age.

Yet, despite money’s disadvantages, all efforts to improve upon it in the past have failed.  They will continue to fail until the transformation of consciousness has gone worldwide.  Fortunately, now is the time when that is beginning to happen.  A planetary awakening has begun which is unprecedented in history, and it will not stop until it has culminated in the greatest Age of Enlightenment the Earth has ever known . . . surpassing all the peaks of the previous Golden Ages. 

       Thus, not surprisingly, changes in the world economy have been appearing.  The major means of this happening before the present monetary system becomes obsolete, is its mode of distribution.  Improvements in distribution will ensure a bridge of smooth transition into a superior arrangement.  There will be no collapse of the banking industry, as some have wrongly predicted. But there will be profound changes sweeping it in the next couple of decades.  Meanwhile, signs of world evolution and awakening are beginning to appear in refinements in the ways wealth is distributed within the remaining monetary system. 

        The articles below describe present examples of this. 

In Fellowship and Cosmic Communion,
Yours, Taansen Fairmont
Founder, Brilliance in Commerce

YouTube Replay

Trust Webinar 12:  January 9, 2019


Ascending Evolution of Trust Knowledge
The Global Consciousness Reset and Revaluation of Currencies ~
Superior Advantages of the Natural Law Trust for Wealth Management


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A New Dawn in Private Placement Platform News

Now investors with only $1M can have it stay in their account and never be blocked

         If you read that subtitle correctly, you should be astounded and very, very excited.  If you’re not, let me explain.   First, if you don’t have $1 million USD or EUD to invest, then the secret of success here is, forget the idea that “I don’t know anyone with that kind of money to introduce“.

Instead, think “I am now in possession of something extremely interesting, very rare, greatly attractive, and highly valuable for millionaires, almost impossible to find anywhere else – – and they are now being irresistibly magnetized to get in touch with me.”  Or “I am now suddenly remembering so-and-so whom I should contact about this.

Generous finder fees are paid out of the returns to all introducing intermediaries.

Remember the universal principle: the person you are looking for is also looking for you (or is looking for what you have to offer).

Very high returns, paid weekly, are being given to the investors, with zero risk.  This zero risk the investor can see plainly in advance before joining the program. It consists of staying in full control of his or her funds, in his or her own account, under his or her own full signatory power, at all times.  S/he never turns over ownership or control of the money to anyone else at any time. Further, no block is placed on the funds that the client has committed to the program.

The information just given to you in the above paragraph is the absolute proof that there is no possibility of this being a scam.  Anyone with common sense can see this right now, in advance, before ever having to think about “risk”.

         Do you realize how rare this is?  In the 27 years that I have known about these programs, since 1992, this is the first time I have ever heard of that level of safety and security being given to funds less than $10 million or $100 million.  Normally the “reserve account”, especially with no block, is only available at the $100M+ level.  To bring it all the way down to $1M is unheard of.  This is unprecedented and historic. 

         This is powerful information.  It means anyone with $1M, $5M, any amount under $100M, can see plainly before signing on the dotted line that there is no possibility under the sun of the program stealing or encumbering his or her funds. 

         If the investor were to enter the program and then move the funds in the middle of it, the consequence is merely the stopping of the flow of returns and the exit from the program.  That’s it.  Thus s/he doesn’t need to trust the traders or the program facilitators, the attorneys, the bank, or anyone.  The investor needs to trust no one except himself or herself. 

          Yes, I’m allowed to talk about returns in a private letter like this.  They’re in the 100% PLUS per month range.  The exact amount will be disclosed in the investor’s contract when it is determined exactly which program s/he enters.  Normally intermediaries are told “Keep the returns hush-hush and if you talk about them, generally you are seen by other professionals in the industry as being disconnected from a genuine source.”  That is not the case here.  The times are changing. 

         Further, the returns are paid weekly.  So an investor only has to wait one week to find out if the program is performing as promised.  Contrast that with many other PPPs where the client has to wait 26 or 30 days or more.  Let’s imagine it doesn’t perform, and s/he waits another week to see if the returns will show up late.  If there is still no performance, then s/he can remove the funds and exit the program. That is called the “opportunity cost”.  Performance does happen and is happening, but I’m just looking for any downside here.

This means the absolute worst that could happen is s/he will have lost two weeks of opportunity, due to not having been earning a return on investment anywhere else during that time.  That’s it.  S/he never turns over control of the funds to anyone else, so there was never any risk to principal capital.  The only risk was time – – the time to see if the performance occurs. 

         I can live with this.  You can live with this.  Investors can live with this.  We can sleep at night.

         This is what is called a “tear sheet only” program.  In the old days, banks would provide a “tear sheet” at the end of the day showing how much was in the account.  Today, computers and emails do it all, but the same name of the process still applies.  In this program, the client and the bank send an encrypted email once a week verifying that the client’s funds are still in his or her account.  That’s the “tear sheet”, and it is the only proof required to continue receiving the returns. 

         “Mirroring” is done, meaning a 1:1 mirror of the client’s capital is issued as a line of credit to the program facilitators, and that is the money that is actually used in the bank instruments trading.  But that mirroring process never places any block, lien, or encumbrance against the client’s funds.  That is why the traders do not need control or possession of the client’s funds to trade. 

         If you want to know the professional gold standard that evidences a genuine PPP that really is zero risk for the investor, read by clicking: “How to Protect Yourself In PPP, Managed Buy Sell Trades”.

For further information via email and several attached documents for examination, click here to send your request. 

Required Legal Disclaimer:  Admittance to these programs is by invitation only.  They are not open to the public.  This is not an offering of securities.  Brilliance in Commerce is not United States Securities Dealer, Broker, US Investment Adviser, Financial Planning Firm, Accounting Firm, or Law Firm and does not offer legal, tax, investment, or accounting recommendations. Nothing contained herein should be construed as legal, tax, investment, or accounting advice. We do not sell investments.  We do not and will not provide personalized investment advice.  We only offer research in wealth-enhancement ideas and financial education and publish opinionated information about finance and trading in which we believe our subscribers may be interested.

What Big Numbers Look Like

       Anyone who thinks that the net worths of billionaires and big corporations that are publicly reported, or the trillions in US federal debt, represent the largest amounts of money in the world, are uninitiated into the truth.   Those “public” figures are just the tip of the iceberg.  Much vaster amounts exist below the visible horizon, just in the ordinary world – – not counting the much vaster riches being etherically protected by the Ascended Masters until mankind is mature enough to become good stewards of it.

Walter Burien and others began revealing decades ago the two sets of books all governments and elite families have – – the public set and the private set. The private set consists of the “off ledger” balances secretly hidden and extracted systematically from the world economy over the past 150 years.  Much of this money has gone into their underground cities and secret space programs.  Google any of this and you can see it is all coming out.

10 – ten
100 – one hundred
1.000 – one thousand
1.000.000 – a million – a billion – a trillion – a quadrillion – a quintillion – a sextillion – a septillion – an octillion – a nonillion – a decallion – an endecallion – a dodecallion


New Wealth from Leasing Your Credit

Six Figures Free and Clear with No Repayment

         Anyone with a documented American-based cash flow of $80,000 a year or more, and an Experian credit score of 750 or higher, may qualify for $100,000 to $200,000 free and clear with no obligation for repayment. This is the credit leasing program that was announced in the November 15 BIC newsletter.  This program is working successfully and those who responded and qualified are already on their way to getting their funding.

 There is no cost, no risk, no fee, no investment, and no downside.  It is a win-win-win situation for everyone.   This is basically a self-liquidating loan.  Once the program is completed and the client has received all of his or her money, the client’s credit score will have gone even higher, and then s/he can enter the program again and receive even more funding all over again.

 In addition, those with qualifying corporations can do the same thing in the corporate name and receive seven figures. It is one thing for a corporation to borrow capital and be able to use it profitably for good investments.  But if the capital has to be repaid in full plus interest, it doesn’t hold a candle to this program.  In this credit leasing program, no repayment is ever required.

 Thus if you missed reading the November 15 newsletter, go back and read it.  It contains the full explanation and the invitation for response for those who are interested.  If you subscribed to this newsletter after Nov 15 and thus never received it, then click here to be taken to the archives of back issues. Then click on the Nov 15 issue to open it.  The subject of the newsletter was “Due Diligence Done: New Wealth from Leasing Your Credit“.


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