Disclosure:  Brilliance in Commerce does not sell bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.  The below is just information about it only.  The programs offered below are from other companies.  Brilliance in Commerce is only referring you to them.  Also, even those companies do not sell bitcoin or any cryptocurrency.  Neither do they ask for anyThey are not investments.  They are simply cryptocurrency distribution opportunities. 

Bitcoin Explained And Made Simple

Free 24/7 Bitcoin mining income

– No investment – No work –

Simple concept. You download this ‘Crypto-Tab’ browser onto your computer. Whenever the browser is open, the system uses excess computing capacity in your computer to do mining of BTC.  Start earning BTC within the first hour of using the browser.  Just one more way to start earning Bitcoin in a way that is 100% passive!What a wonderful reason to stop using Google’s Chrome and stop supporting tyrannical globalism!  Instead, support your own independence!  Earn Bitcoin just by using a fast FREE new Internet browser.  It is even faster than Google Chrome!  It automatically mines Bitcoin for you 24 hours a day.   Just plug and play.

You accumulate Bitcoin just by using the Internet, but it goes faster when people sign up under you, as you earn a commission from all their activity and the people they recruit also, et al.

Get more information and sign up for free at: http://miningmachine.site

              - Initiative Q -
Free Crypto Currency
– No Cost - Get Yours –
- Could Grow Big -
Initiative Q is building a new payment network and giving away significant sums of their future currency to early adopters.  The long-term viability of a crypto currency is based upon its utility and its universality. We think 
that this project has done a good job of solving this puzzle. The website gives an explanation of how and why they think that the weaknesses of crypto have been overcome.  It’s by invite only.  BIC has a limited number of invites.

Our BIC invite link is: bic-q.com


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