An All-Encompassing List of the Speaking Topics of Taansen Fairmont

> The Dawn of the Heavenly Cosmic Arts Super-Renaissance

> The Benefits of Sri Vidya Raja Yoga

> The Unmanifest Absolute: The Nonchanging Axis of Existence

> The Wonder of Deep Meditation

> The Personal and Impersonal Aspects of God

> Golden Threads Running through All Major Religions

> The Lives and Miracles of Great Avatars, Enlightened Masters, and Saints

> The Dawn of the Golden Age of Enlightenment

> How Sri Vidya Raja Yoga (Raja Meditation) Brings the Essential Ideals of All Religions to Fulfillment

> Love as the Supreme Value in All Religions and How Sri Vidya Raja Yoga Fills the Heart with Love

> Heaven as the Goal of Western Religions and Enlightenment as the Goal of

Eastern Religions; How Sri Vidya Raja Yoga Fulfills Them Both

> The Significance of the Balance between Religious and Spiritual Knowledge

through Words and Knowing the Divine through Direct Experience

> How the Development of Consciousness is the Primary Prerequisite to the

Success of Human Behavior to Fulfill Religious Precepts and Commandments

> “Blessed are the Peacemakers” -- the Nature and Means of Development of

Individual Peace and World Peace

> The Quantum Superradiance of Group Meditations and How They Can Create

National Invincibility

> The Core Cause of Crime and Problems and How Sri Vidya Raja Yoga Removes This Cause

> The Seven States of Consciousness and How God Consciousness is the Goal of

All Religions

> Religious Virtues and Divine Qualities Blossoming in Spiritual Consciousness

> How Supreme Wisdom Solves the Problem of Addictions and Pleasure Cravings

> Causes of Spiritual Development from Worldly Happiness to Divine Happiness

> The Identity of the Holy Spirit in the Nonchanging Absolute Being, Around Which Revolves the Changing Relative Creation

> The Gradual Awakening of Science to God via Quantum Physics and Einstein’s

Unified Field Theory

> The Relationship between the Biblical Verse “Be Still and Know That I Am God”

and the Vedic Principle of “Be Here Now”

> Resolutions in Apparently Opposite Teachings in Different Religions into Oneness

> Dawn of the Enlightened World Arts Metamorphosis

> The Secret of Love


> Sovereignty Consciousness - - subtopics:

The Royal Gateway

The What, Why, and How of Sovereignty Consciousness

The World Citizen Ideas of Garry Davis

A Consciousness Success Story

Politics, Sovereignty, Citizenship, and the Free Nation of Cyberspace

Inner Consciousness and Outer Documents

The Absence of Retarded Emotions

The Fountainhead and Source of Sovereignty Consciousness

The Wisdom of Clarity, Boldness, and Decisiveness

The Dawn of Golden Age Prosperity

Transforming the World with Technologies of Universal Free Energy

Arrival of the New Man and the Creation of Heaven on Earth

A New Class of Professionals

The Isness of Peace

> Fountains of Freedom and Points of Infinite Light

> Heavenly Spiritual Paradises of the American West

> The Secret of Success for Intentional Communities

> Meaning of Om Namah Shivaya

> More on the Presently Dawning Golden Age

> Raising the World through the Arts

> Raising Your Food to the Plane of Ambrosia

> The Cosmic Significance of India

> The Dawn of the Reign of Love

> The Most Powerful Technology for World Peace

> The Secret of Love

> Higher Consciousness Virtues of the Laws of Prosperity

> Secrets from Ayurveda on Wellness and Longevity

> Life in Abundance Comes Only through Love

> Creating Affluence with the Full Approval of Heaven and Earth

> Real Happiness Distinguished From Illusory Pleasures

> America’s Role in Bringing the Golden Age

> The Nature of Saint Germain and NESARA

> The Spiritual Wisdom of Freedom from Income Tax

> The Supreme Consensus on Vegetarianism

> How to Relate to Enlightened Gurus, Saints, Masters, and Avatars

> The Value of Keeping One’s Word

> Some of the Supreme Modern Incarnations

> The Trinity of Utopian Arts Radiances

> A View from the Summit

> The Inner Work: Prayer and Visualization

> Visualizations

> Masculinity and Strength; Femininity and Wisdom

> The Isness of Bali, Indonesia

> Goddess Kali Significance

> More Flowers in the Garden

> Allow Your Attention to Be Charmed by the Divine

> A Vision of Heaven on Earth

> Infiltrating the Darkness with Light

> Seeing Behind the Wizard’s Curtain

> Starseeds of Victory

> From the Flame of Eternal Love

> Scenery on the Cosmic Journey

> From the Court of Mirages to the Heart of Reality

> St. Germain - Twilight of Conscious Music

> Recite These I Am Decrees and the Gayatri Mantra

> Warnings from the Sages to the Governments

> The Bliss of the Subtle Planes

> Personal Musings on the Summit Priority of Inner Enlightenment

> From My Heart to Yours

> Evidence of the Golden Age Dawning

> Ascension - the Physical Body Turning Into Light

> The Spiritual Advantage of the Dense Physical Plane

> Group Attention Miracles

> The Awakening to What Is Truly Holy - From F.E.A.R. to Love

> The Importance of Maharishi’s Global Transformation

> NESARA, ETs, Spiritual Light, and Global Transformation

> Eckhart Tolle (the wisdom of the Power of Now and spontaneous natural enlightenment)

> Love is both Changing and Nonchanging

> The Power Shift from Dark to Light

> From Buddha, Spoken in the Jetavana Grove

> Unusually High Healing Success Rates

> Infiltrating the Darkness with Light

> The Metamorphosis of the Cosmic Butterfly

> The True Meaning of Sovereignty Consciousness

> Disaster or Paradise -- Where Planet Earth Is Going

> Rising World Consciousness in the Aquarian Age

> Ascending the Physical Body into Light

> The Prerequisite of Realization Prior to Ascension

> The Secret . . . A Balanced Perspective

> Reasons to avoid caffeine

> Anastasia and Heaven on Earth Here Today

> Of Tragedies, Ecstasies, and Transformations

> Awakening Into Oneness by Arjuna Ardagh - Review by Taansen

> Sudarshan Kriya – the Miraculous Breathing Exercise

> The Sat Yuga Rainbow Worldview

> Healing Dance and Meditating Celebrities

> Freedom Success Comes From Transcendence

> Celestial Secrets Revealed by Dr Greer

> A New Keynote in the Music of the Spheres

> Are Current Events Fulfilling End Times Prophecy?

> The Tao of Being

> The Timeless Awakening

> The Wisdom of Inclusivity and Universality

> The Great Central Sun of All Questions

Taansen Fairmont Sumeru